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v1.15 (July 20th, 2000)



New In-game speech now has a black outline to make it more legible over pale backgrounds.

New The chat interface channel now displays the number of users in any channel (and the Main Channel displays the number of users currently online).

Fix Corrected graphical bugs.

Fix Corrected numerous typos on NPCs.

Fix Corrected some blocking issues.

Fix Resolved "invalid pointer" problem.

Fix NPC Gwen no longer babbles (she was repeating herself).

Fix Spells in auto-combat stop working if the target goes invisible or hides successfully.

Fix Resolved one occurrence of the Dead Player Standing problem.

Fix There is now a system message explaining that you can't drop an item (when the item is no-drop in the database).

Fix Prevented the cheat that allowed permanent spell effects.

Fix It's no longer necessary to activate combat mode (ctrl-c) to fight Jarko.

Fix Brother Harforr said he would charge you X GPs for heals, but failed to take the gold (he takes it, now).

Fix The safe in Silversky can no longer be attacked.

Fix These items can now be sold to any vendor in the game (they couldn't before): Jade Ring of Sorcery, Ethereal Amulet, Tower Shield and Nature's Garb.

Fix Re-casting a spell or reusing an item from the effect icon (top left of the screen) now works perfectly.

Fix Integrated club weapon appearance into the game.

Fix Jarko's Spellbook (item) is now non-droppable.

Fix NPC Gwel used to sell all ringmail items except ringmail girdle.

Fix The game no longer says "Level Up" when you enter the game.

Fix Liurn Clar now charges 100 GP * your level to teleport you to Raven's Dust instead of the old flat fee of 10,000 GPs.

Fix Some monster (demon, atrocity) names were displayed too low and overlapped on the monster's graphics.

Fix You can now click on an item effect (i.e. torch) to re-use that item (if there's still one in your backpack). You also get a message telling you how many you have left in your inventory.

Fix Properly implemented AGI requirements within the game (you'll get error messages if you don't have enough AGI to equip/use an item).

Fix Spell "Plague" now has a description (right-click).

Fix Removed halo around shop signs.

Fix Turn Undead now more powerful if the character has spent over 2 pts of WIS per level (on average).

Fix If a file is missing, an improved error message asks you to run the Safe Mode.

Fix Untrapped a Taunting Horror that spawned in a mountain.

Fix A bug prevented WebDownload.DLL from properly copying SETUP.EXE in Win98.

Fix Rondy no longer becomes invisible after attacking you.

Fix Improved the link to the players' manual on the website (there was a problem when upgrading/switching versions).

Fix There is no more silence between two different music zones.

Fix It's no longer possible to cast the Poison spell from within a no-PvP area.

Fix The Poison spell (water element) wasn't doing as much damage as it should have against certain water-vulnerable creatures.

Fix Acknowledgement message now confirms you've really learned the spell you were trying to learn.

Fix The rules for experience loss due to character death have been modified. The penalty is now applied ONLY to the XP acquired since you last went up a level.

Fix Modified opening hours of some NPCs. Now open 24 hours a day: Boreas, Mithrand & Greyar Eedy. Now only asleep a 1/3 of the time (instead of half the time): Celydia, Rhodar, Taliron and Kiadus.

Fix Modified the red cape to use the new cape graphic.

Fix Monsignor Damien now responds properly to you when swearing allegiance to OgriMarch,

Fix It is no longer possible to put gold as a macro.

Fix The inn sign has been adjusted so that it's still "readable" when flipped.


Fix The error mailer has a popup message box while it is sending an email to (so you know something's happening and the system hasn't crashed).

Fix Resolved Zhakar XP bug (v1.11b) by preventing him from casting his regeneration spell.

Fix The SET USER'S NAME command now only accepts names between 2 & 15 characters.

Fix Vaporize spell once more works on dynamic objects, but requires the GOD_CAN_SLAY_USER flag to do so.

Fix Elder Fire Drake monster removed. Arch Drake, Greater Drake & Lesser Drake now all give 0 XPs.

Fix Persistence of spell effects can be resolved using T4CDBUPD -remove_boosts. Documented in server docs.

Fix The !RUN script command now requires the GOD_CAN_RUN_CLIENT_SCRIPTS game-op flag.

Fix A problem in the Cuthana Quest (from Balork to Princess Delilah) caused the users to be stuck (but no more).

Fix Included & documented Emulate Monster command.

Fix Documented (server manual) procedure to follow to remove an item from a user's backpack.

Bug SHOUT command on GM Assistant does not work.


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