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v1.11 (June 6th, 2000)


Fix Corrected numerous typos on Raven's Dust NPCs.

Fix Corrected some visual bugs in the new interface.

Fix Client now loads graphics much faster at the beginning and during the game.

Fix Poison & Poison Arrow effect icon was shown on the caster, not on the target who was taking the damage.

Fix Casting on a creature, then clicking on an NPC caused involuntary casting on the NPC.

Fix You can no longer kill sundials.

Fix Right-clicking on gold (on the ground or in the backpack) now displays the amount of gold pieces.

Fix Portals & sundials can no longer be targeted by attack spells.

Fix Boosted stats are displayed in a different color in the character sheet.

Fix Upon entering the game, the client sometimes (erroneously) displayed "Level Up!"

Fix Lothan is a mage of *water*, not *air*, and now responds accordingly.

Fix Agility now has a direct impact on hitting and dodging in combat. When the Archery skill & ranged weapons are implemented, it will also be key attribute for archers.


Fix Windhowl's coordinates for the default "Teleport to LOC Windhowl" were incorrect (near the edge of the world) and have been corrected (v1.10a).

Fix Starting gold can now be customized through the T4C Server Setup control panel.

Fix Gold lost now logged in death.log.

Fix Corrected Lothan's speech, who said he was a mage of Air but was teaching water spells.


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