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v1.10 (May 5th, 2000)


New Added Nightbreed, Demon Trees & Wererats in Anrak's formerly deserted basement (Raven's Dust).

New New interface is implemented. It now supports group play, chat channels and macros. Check the Players' Manual for details.

New Updated all healers and added visual effects for healing & sanctuary spells, & private system message when healed.

New When a spell is cast and ready to go (i.e. you must select a target), the icon now has a special shape to indicate that you must select your target.

New Road and shop signs now help you find your way on Arakas & Raven's Dust.

New Added a Safe Mode to the client that solves ALL installation problems automatically.

New Updated all healers and added visual effects for healing & sanctuary spells, & private system message when healed.

Fix Corrected typos, various graphical glitches & unreachable items.

Fix Gave the correct appearances to items that were different on the ground and in the backpack.

Fix Shift-attack is back. Use the Shift key to prevent your character from moving while attacking.

Fix Music volume issues resolved.

Fix Some NPCs' speech were incorrect (wrong gender references).

Fix Zhakar is no longer occasionally immune to spells.

Fix Some crashes could occur during Alt-F4.

Fix Auto-combat (auto spell casting) didn't stop when the target left the screen.

Fix Resolved PK problem in haven areas.

Fix Rain of Fire has a visual effect.

Fix List of online users now appears faster.

Fix Some barely visible item was blocking some spells, giving the impression they were "exploding" without reasons.

Fix Crash in loading puppet while quitting the game.

Fix Leana (Drardos's wive) would spawn in Rondy's house. She has now returned to her husband's home.

Fix Help screens not synchro with the game. While in F1 help screens, the client accumulated data packets, then everything/everyone would zoom on the screen.

Fix Improved WebPatch's resume functions.

Fix The sound FX weren't substantially affected by the sound FX slider in the Options menu.

Fix The button that would set transparency on/off in the Options menu didn't work consistently.

Fix Character name is now validated *BEFORE* answering all the character creation questions, not *AFTER*.

Fix Smoothing path-to-floor improved throughout the game.

Fix Switching spells during auto-spell-combat required you to open your spellbook twice.

Fix There were sometimes too many weapon sound FX per attack (1 attack, 2-4 sounds).

Fix Problems with sound FX of Earthquake spells have been resolved.

Fix Problems with the appearance of the steel-reinforced warhammer have been resolved.

Fix Wall graphic bug fixed. Characters were visible through "black holes" when walking alongside the wall.

Fix Upon startup, if a non-game sound was using the audio hardware (such as an MP3 playing), the T4C client couldn't detect the sound hardware and music couldn't be initialized.

Fix Earthen Strength (spell) is now INT/WIS-based, not level-based.

Fix If you press Ctrl-C from combat mode, the sword icon went away, but you sometimes stayed in combat mode.

Fix Lesser Drain spell cast on invulnerable NPCs was reversed and could hurt the caster (not anymore).

Fix Doors animations & sounds are better synchronized.

Fix Rhodar Heatforge and Nahfur Bloodhammer now spawn in different buildings (unlike previously).

Fix Liurn Clar now sends you to Raven's Dust using the keyword "SEND" once, then you must use "TELEPORT" and pay 10,000 gold pieces every time.

Fix When using a skill, after selecting the target, the latter disappeared in a puff of smoke similar to what it did when there was a dead monster standing problem.

Fix Metanas (inn bouncer) was being spawned outside the inn he now spawns inside.

Fix Made some adjustments in the F1 help screens to cover new interface features & commands.

Fix On portals, the text displayed by right-clicking on it was too low.

Fix Lord Sunrock will no longer take all the diamonds from your inventory (under specific circumstances), only one.

Fix Major update of the players' manual.

Fix Mana Burst (spell) could hurt invincible NPCs.

Fix ALT-TAB is BACK but doesn't work perfectly! Use at your own risks.

Bug Windows 2000 is not supported and the game will not install on that platform (for now).


New Added non-PVP Stonehenge-like teleportation rings for future use with Stoneheim. Spells will eventually allow players to teleport to these rings.

New Game-op macros !RUN and !SLEEP facilitate creating and managing online scenarios. (Available since v1.08.)

New WebPatchSetup now documented in server manual.

New A more detailed description of the T4C.MDB (players database) has been added to the server documentation see Advanced Concepts for details, under The T4C.MDB Database.

New Portals can now be programmed to reward players who use them. Documented in server manual see Appendix J for details, under v1.10.

New Included list of Boost ID-to-Attribute in a server manual appendix ("Boosts").

New Starting gold can now be set through the server control panel.

New Skills and spells can now be given and removed by names IDs are no longer necessary.

Fix In the T4C Server Setup control panel, under the Patch Server tab, a check is now made when the image file path is entered to verify if the file really is there.

Fix At shutdown, a database-saving bug would allow users to duplicate items at will.

Fix Removed HELP feature from GM Assistant (was unsupported). The Assistant now refers to the T4C Server Manual.

Fix Set XP to zero for the following test monsters: Lesser Drake, Arch Drake, Greater Drake and Elder Fire Drake.

Fix Rhodar no longer calls everyone a "guy." He now calls you "friend."

Fix New PvP setting: % Gold Loss. Can be set through the T4C Server Setup control panel.

Fix GM Assistant was very slow to self-destruct (no longer).

Fix Chamberlain Thomar once more mentions a player must be Champion of Light to finish the Royal Keys Quest.

Fix The Guardman in Lighthaven had a multi-part statement that was interrupted by a BREAK statement in the code he now fully says his speech.

Fix Brother Kirian asked for 100 for healing players, but the actual price could vary.

Fix The drunk would take 15000 GPs, say he'd show his wares, and did nothing.

Fix Iroual Knowall had a multi-part statement that was interrupted by a BREAK statement in the code he now fully says his speech.

Fix Removed useless conversation thread about "Goblins" from NPC Eraka.

Fix T4CDBUPD.EXE upgrade: all users whose flag 30156 (a number which karma must be reached before a quest can be done) exceeds 200 have that flag reduced to 200.

Fix Resolved some PK problems in Lighthaven (PK was possible even though it shouldn't have been).

Fix Removed "Evil" highlight in Miram Laky's speech (useless conversation thread).

Fix EasyMail authentication difficulty prevented admins from receiving a warning when ODBC connection was lost.

Fix Updated list of legal & illegal items to summon in the game. Summoning illegal items requires GOD_DEVELOPPER FLAG. Documented in server manual see Appendix D for details.

Fix Re-arraged tabulation function between the various fields of the connect/login box.

Fix Server shutdown now sends a command packet to all clients so they terminate immediately rather than wait to time out.

Fix Rhodar Heatforge is now located at 1495, 2422, 0.

Fix Added "server crash" protection code in Chamberlain Thomar to unblock Royal Key #2 Quest when asking for the key for a second time, a third time, etc. (It could take weeks before he'd do it, before this fix.)

Fix Gina now responds to "traveler," not "traveller."

Fix The new debug code (magical number) is 7929.

Fix The attribute limitations for training skills (such as Agility restrictions to learn Dodge) have been removed. This simplified coding for traininers with the new interface. The gameplay impact should be minimal.

Fix If the server somehow stops saving characters, run the latest vof T4CDBUPD.EXE to update the database and ensure it complies with the latest server specifications.

Fix Upgraded the QUERY ITEM <itemID> DESCRIPTION game-op command.

Fix When the GM Assistant was used to summon 4 monster types, there were problems with the 4th monster in the list (not quite supported properly).

Fix New game-op commands: TELEPORT TO NPC, COUNT NPC, TELEPORT TO LOC. Documented in server manual.

Fix Spell teachers have been modified to support the new interface.

Fix There wasn't enough karma to be gained to finish the (good) quests on Raven's Dust more karma can now be gained from the same NPCs as before on both Arakas & Raven's Dust, based on the user's __QUEST_ISLAND_ACCESS flag (30143). Explained in server manual, Appendix K.

Bug If you try to give yourself a spell you already have, an "Invalid ID" error will be generated. This bug will most likely not be fixed.


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