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v1.08 (January 12th, 2000)


Fix Blocking PvP did not work properly when there were too many users at the same coordinate.

Fix Attacking in no-PvP areas no longer spams your screen.

Fix Improved Dead Monster Standing problems (i.e. fewer double-monster deaths, fewer double-gold rewards for only one kill, etc.).

Fix Solved many problems related to video accelerator card.

Fix Release Notes window was no longer popping automatically at logon.

Fix Client wouldn't resolve the IP address at login and would force you to re-click on Enter a second time to finally connect to the server.

Fix Hardware requirements for High Graphics now specified upon selecting that mode at startup.

Fix Skills menu no longer appears after equipping an item that boosts a skill.

Fix Due to popular demand, the XP bar in High Graphics mode is now blood red.

Fix Combat mode icon (sword) once more appears when you toggle Ctrl-C.

Fix If you entered your username & password prior to WebPatch patching some new files, you had to re-enter it once more after (it didn't "remember" what you had entered).




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