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v1.07 (December 14th, 1999)


New Introduction of limited 65,000 colors capability. High & Low Quality available (High Quality requires PII 266) High Quality can be selected by checking the box in the connect screen. Documented in Players Manual.

New Introduction of the webpatch, a new & improved patching system that should eliminate all looping (proxy supported).

New Anti-aliasing of the font now makes reading easier in the game.

New Auto-combat is now available. Documented in T4C Players Manual.

Fix Corrected clickable areas of all potions.

Fix High Metal Hand Axe +2 now boosts the attack skill.

Fix Music would go up when you moved into another music zone in the game.

Fix When casting Rain of Fire (spell) on no target, the PC turns south and cast once in the air.

Fix When a crash occurs at loading, an automatic email is sent to (you must answer a yes/no question first).

Fix NPC text would sometimes "flash" by too fast to be read.

Fix Ctrl-left click to re-cast the last spell did not work perfectly this is fixed.

Fix Map & graphics corrections.

Fix When purchasing an item which you can't afford, the inventory box no longer pops up automatically.

Fix When T4C crashed and tried to automatically send a bug report by email, there was a problem with internationalization & foreign (Korean) characters in the user's name. This is no longer a problem.

Fix Corrected minotaur graphic in combat.

Fix Hand cursor graphic glitch has been corrected.

Fix The server does not consider your character in-game until the client has finished entering the game and confirms to the server he is ready to play.

Fix Reduced duration of black screen after loading.

Fix When starting the game for the first time, while waiting to select a PC, music decompression delays could cause a disconnect from the server and create an "infinite" delay (i.e. "Please Wait" forever).

Fix Some bridge graphics problems have been resolved (where the railings were no longer visible).

Fix At character creation, the chosen name is checked immediately to see if it is taken (before, you had to answer several questions before being told that).

Fix When pressing F1 to get the help menu, the cursor and the palette were messed up.

Fix Rapid clicking on doors caused them to open and close too fast. You can no longer close doors. The server closes them automatically after 10 seconds.

Fix Keys now have charges (limited number of uses). Message "Your <item name> crumbles to dust" is displayed when the item "vanishes" from the backpack (i.e. when charges are all used up).

Fix Some NPCS (Halam, Iroual Knowall and Thorbin Wildheart) now respond to keyword "karma" and give you a general indication of your karma attribute.

Fix With 65,000 colors capabilities, menus can now have their own brightness that doesn't affect the surroundings (prior to this, opening a menu in a cave would light up the whole area).

Fix HP, MP and XP bars have been slightly improved in High Graphics mode (65,000 colors).

Fix The following NPCs have been puppetized: Fali, Geena, Kilhiam, Moonrock, Gwen, Mirak Nira, Annabelle, Lyria, Adriana, Amandra, Celestina Waterbreeze, Celydia, Elysana Blackrose, Leana, Princess Delilah and Thea.

Fix Some item boosts were broken/defective.

Fix If the game generates a GP file, a box pops up to ask if you want to send it to (please do send it, it's important to us to get that information.)

Fix File security.chk no longer necessary (or present) in T4C client directory (made useless with WebPatch feature).

Bug Alt-tab disabled (Windows problems prevent its complete & successful implementation).

Bug When equipping an item that boosts a skill, the skill box pops up. This is a temporary glitch that will remain until at least v1.08.

Bug On WinNT, after installing, patching and finally entering the game, it could happen that there was no text in the main menu. Rebooting will fix the problem.


New Added timezone information in global stats server packets.

New Added WebPatch configuration options in T4C Setup.

New Added new game-op commands: SET FULL PVP TO <user> and REMOVE FULL PVP FROM <user>.

New Replaced VIEW <user>'S BACKPACK/SKILLS/SPELLS/STATS by SET CONTEXT TO <user>. RESET CONTEXT returns to normal. Documented in Server Manual.

New Game-op DLL (see section 12.4 in the T4C Server manual).

New Added girdle of strength (Orc berserker) and girdle of protection (Nightblade & Doom Guard) in the game. (They were already in the DB but weren't used).

Fix GM Godly Potion of Healing can now be used correctly.

Fix When updating the server, T4CDBUPD would display the database password (instead of "*****").

Fix Removed Potion of Sudden Rage from server manual (has been gone from the game for a while).

Fix Renamed potion of agility into potion of nimbleness, potion of endurance into potion of fortitude, potion of strength into potion of fury and potion of wisdon into potion of tranquility.

Fix Losing equipped items while dying now removes associated boosts.

Fix SET user'S KARMA can no longer use +/- to offset the user's current karma value. It can only assign an absolute value to the attribute. (See server manual for details.)

Fix Violent Rage Potion no longer loops in the negative and gives 65k AC.

Fix If the /logs directory was missing after the server's installation (if it's been deleted, for instance), a problem with T4C Watch would prevent the server from starting again.

Fix Defective stairs in Raven's Dust's first crypt have been removed.

Fix Two monsters (Large Rat & Goblin Chieftain) were listed as Arakas monsters, but weren't found there.

Fix The value to activate the debug mode is 3034 (decimal). The method is the same as before.

Fix Running the game with the debug code will prevent webpatch from patching the client. Make sure your game-ops are aware of this.

Fix Following the removal of Willpower & Luck, the following items have been modified: Onyx Ring (reqs now lower), Platinum Ring (reqs now lower), Ring of the Initiate (WIS req upped by 1) and Sapphire bracelet.

Fix Removed Potion of Luck and Potion of Willpower from the manual.

Fix Setting a user's pseudoname doesn't affect the his name on the users listing. It never did. Server documentation adjusted accordingly.

Fix Some NPCs had been commented out in the goblin invasions. They are back now.

Fix Bishop Crowbanner's flip-flop between sickness and health now lasts on average a third of the time it was before.

Fix On-hit karma modifications for Balork, Edgar, Shadeen, Dorken Rotsmell, Jarko & Mhorgwloth have been removed because they were abusive. They now only give karma rewards/penalties upon dying.

Fix Proofread all NPCs & texts on Arakas.

Fix Weapon exhaust increased by 12.5% all across. The effect is not readily perceptible.

Fix When attempting to equip an item that cannot be equipped, the game now gives the message "You cannot equip such items."

Fix GM items removed from the normal items listing & teleportation scrolls have been incorporated in the game-op DLL section.

Fix Updated T4C Server Manual, section 14.4.3 on Stoneheim.

Fix Added section on Karma Levels (adjectives) under 14.5 in the T4C Server Manual.

Fix Dropping/popping an item near top and left map edges made server crash.

Fix A packet rarely sent by the server could make the character disappear and stop the mouse from working in the client.

Fix Willpower and Luck removed from database loading/saving.

Fix Removed all luck effects.

Fix When Xanth (NPC) takes the tightly wrapped scrolls in his backpack, he now takes all of them, not just one.

Fix Crash when exiting the game shortly after using First Aid.


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