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v1.05 (September 29th, 1999)


Fix Client lag fixed.

Fix <Shift> key no longer useful in combat (to attack without moving).

Fix Corrected music problem in Raven's Dust's crypt.

Fix Black tiles removed/corrected.

Fix Graphics smoothing corrected (wherever applicable).

Fix Clickable area of the safe in Silversky has been corrected.

Fix Double-clicking on an item in the sell box now properly sells the item before closing the box. The backpack no longer opens after a transaction.

Fix Entrance of caverns under Anrak Brownbark's house has been fixed.

Fix Fighting a new monster immediately after killing another one was sometimes not working right (it does now).

Fix When teleporting, if music was set to "0", it would start playing again anyway.

Fix There was an occasional and inadvertent swapping of the PAGES ON/OFF feature.


New SUMMON ITEM <item> ON <user>. Documented in server documentation.

New SET <user>'S SKILLPOINTS/STATPOINTS TO <value>. Documented in server manual.

New SET <user>'S <component> to [+/-] <value>. The optional [+/-] indicates an increase/decrease in points to be applied to the component. Also works for the shout delay. Documented in T4C Server docs.

Fix Added warning in T4C Server manual (Appendix on spells) regarding GMs who summon unsupported spells through their IDs. These spells can cause problems in the game and were not included in the list of valid spells for good reasons.

Fix Monsters fighting other monsters were not auto-deleted.

Fix Grudish Earchewer is no longer attacked by his fellow orcs.

Fix Celestina Waterbreeze's code now allows users with high karma to go through the Royal Key #6 quest without hinderance.

Fix Successful game-op commands confirmed by a "Done" system message.

Fix Paging doubled received and pageoff messages.


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