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v1.03a (September 7th, 1999)


New Weapon speed is affected by the character's AGI (Agility).

Fix Damage cause by monsters' spell has been slightly reduced.

Fix AC spells now use Int & Wis, so they should increase slightly for mages.

Fix Selling did not work properly for certain item types.


New Server documentation now includes a short summary of the storyline for each island.

New Karma modifications are logged in PCEDIT.LOG.

New Game-op command REMOVE/RESTORE <user>'S PAGES (documented). If a user's pages are revoked, his shouts will also be off.

New Game-op command REMOVE SPELL <spell> FROM <user> (documented).

New VIEW <user>'S AC (documented).

New SUMMON ITEM <item> [AT x, y, world] (documented) now allows game-ops to summon items at a specified location rather than inside their own backpacks.

Fix The Jade ring of sorcery was actually boosting the player's water resistance instead of water power.

Fix All Armor boost spells (Protection, Barrier and Stone Skin) now use a stat-based formula instead of a level-based formula to determine the value of boosts. This may reduce the AC of warriors by a few points, but it is more fair to the mages.

Fix All the monster spells were too strong they have been lowered a little (125% of their original strength instead of 150%).

Fix Increased odds of monsters dropping flask of goblin blood.

Fix Karma "caps" per island revised to simplify the code and ensure that the island limitations (-100 to +100 on Arakas, -200 to +200 on Raven's Dust, etc.) are enforced.

Fix Numerous glitches fixed in Black Market quest. Should be transparent for users who have already done the quest.

Fix User-specified realm now overridden by the realm specified in the server control panel (RADIUS feature).

Fix Some server crashes have been fixed.

Fix High INT requirement (INT >= 35 through Marsac Cred NPC) has been removed so that characters doing the Evil Quest may access Raven's Dust fairly compared to the characters doing the Good Quest.

Fix Zhakar's Quest was defective (too easy). A ">=" was replaced by a ">" sign, thus restoring the proper sequence of the quest.

Fix T4CDBUPD.EXE unequipped the characters but did not remove the boosts on the characters (resulting in double bonuses and penalties), forcing the characters to equip, unequip and re-equip their equipment. This has been resolved.

Fix T4CDBUPD.EXE couldn't remove columns on SQL servers. The ODBC commands to remove these columns did not work on SQL servers, possibly due to authentication difficulties the new T4CDBUPD.EXE now asks for the name and password of the database each time it is run.

Fix NPC Malaar did not respond to "guidance" (highlighted word). Word "donation" while talking about Theodore now highlighted.

Fix Monsignore Damien required a token to prove that the player had killed Shadeen, but that token was non-existant in the game (now it is).

Fix The mini-boss Dead Bolt used to drop some pieces of plate mail armor. This was a mistake. We've modified Dead Bolt and he will NO LONGER drop all these plate items. (However, there is still a slight chance that he will drop some plate boots).


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