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v1.03 (August 25th, 1999)


New Network & connectivity icons (lower right of screen) help debugging lag issues.

New System message appears when karma goes up or down (doesn't say how much, just that it does).

Fix Music could make the client crash.

Fix Some map bugs have been corrected.

Fix Some lag issues have been resolved.


New Users must now be at least level 25 to go to Raven's Dust (should not affect those who have access already legally).

New Server sends online user quantity to global server.

New GM speech system message color using SYSMSG command (documented).

New IP address shown in OnlineUsers table.

New Upon database connection failure, T4C will shutdown and send an email to the administrator contact email address.

New Server documentation updated (now includes an index!).

New QUERY ITEM DESCRIPTION game-op command (documented only works on items that have a description).

Fix Menark now gives hints to Theopold's riddles (for a price).

Fix Server will boot up twice faster than before.

Fix Removed useless columns from PlayingCharacters table in players database.

Fix Modified Black Market Quest (can't bring diamond to be forgiven guards attack when talked to).

Fix Cuthana herb can no longer be dropped/sold/etc.

Fix All monster spells have increased in strength by 50%.

Fix All monster resistances have increased by 25%.


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