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v1.02 (August 12th, 1999)


Fix Various graphics problems (walls, smoothing, monsters, etc) at various coordinates.

Fix Message "unnamed object" when clicking on an empty chest.

Fix Zhakar's speech.

Fix Turn Undead spell now does progressive damage.

Fix Backpack full (when receiving quest items).

Fix Hardened leather armor was still dropping as random loot item.

Fix Double-clicking difficulties.

Fix Errors in attributes when characters created at location 0,0,0.

Fix MOTD word wrap problems.

Fix Leather Belt of Survival could not be equipped.

Fix Ring of the Initiate could not be equipped.

Fix Hitting the mouse button was faster than holding it when attacking.

Fix Monsters did not turn around when casting spells.

Fix Head bobbing with ringmail helmet.


New Two servers can now share the same database.

New Idle move on Wasp and Kraanian Flyer.

Fix Various NPC speech problems.

Fix Chests will now give gold.

Fix Equipped non-droppable objects should no longer be dropped when dying.

Fix Radial spell effects should no longer pierce walls.

Fix Zhakar's creature wasn't being summoned properly.

Fix Removed remnants of Baldric's shop.

Fix Well now located in correct cave.

Fix Organic Wastes on third level of first dungeon.

Fix Dorken Rotsmell spawned more than once.

Fix Bishop Crowbanner said he was ill, but wasn't.

Fix Could not talk with King Theodore properly.

Fix Hard to get Feather, Vial of Spider Venom & Sword of Fury.

Fix Could not get Scroll of Enchantment from Marsac Cred.

Fix No Gleaming Shard in the game.

Fix General update of server documentation.

Fix Haden NPC spawned in more than 1 location.

Fix Reduced amount of monster pods.

Fix Picking locks on locked chests did not give gold.

Fix Shadeen did not properly acknowledge when the player had poisoned Crowbanner.

Fix Theodore did not acknowledge that the user went through the audience quest.


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