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v1.01 (July 26th, 1999)


New Sundials should tell time when you click on them. They will not work during the night for obvious reasons.

New Weapons can now deal exhaust.

New An exhaustion message is sent when a player is more than 2 seconds walking exhausted.

New New weapon system and new weapons have been created and implemented in the game. NPCs, chests and monsters have been updated accordingly.

New New armor (including shields) system and new armors have been created and implemented in the game. NPCs, chests and monsters have been updated accordingly.

New Female Puppet with sounds

Fix Only one backpack update is sent when buying multiple items.

Fix The Rob skill can no longer be used in a safe haven.

Fix Blackblood has a pod and will respawn a while after he is slain.

Fix Smoothing problems around houses and road in all islands.

Fix Selling type on Large shield.

Fix Scarab protector can be equipped.

Fix King Theodore XIII was not spawning due to blocking. He also no longer sleepwalks.

Fix Samuel now gives a Scarab Protector (waist position) instead of scarab of protection

Fix Modified Rhodar Heatforge's Goblin Slayer. He will now ask you to slay at least 500 goblins before he'll sell you the sword.

Fix Removed the Link between Brownbark and Anrak. Anrak is no longer Brownbark's son.

Fix Several graphics bugs fixed.

Fix Improved keywords responses on NPCs

Fix Monster magical resistance adjusted.

Fix Monster spells fixed.

Fix Spellbook problems fixed.

Fix Clickable area improved (when walking and attacking).

Fix Hard to drop items.

Fix Many typos fixed.

Fix Weight check added to "rob" command.

Fix Brightness (Black Screen) fixed.

Fix XP bar problem when over level 100.

Fix First aid is now self only.

Fix Dead mobs still attacking when dead.

Fix CTRL-C stays on (don't have to turn it off and on again).

Fix The pelt didn't have an appearance of pelt.

Fix Zhakar's creation should spawn correctly.

Fix Added check on Safe to prevent Gold and XP exploit

Fix The Orcish Arch Mage no longer has the appearance of an Atrocity.

Fix The Portal should no longer be attacked by Minotaurs.

Fix The kraanian milipede no longer drop the bugged chests.

Fix It is now possible to exit the Lost Dungeon by using the new Minotaur Portal.

Fix Temporarily removed ALL the signs in the map. New "talking" signs caused problems.

Fix All Goblin and Atrocity mini-bosses have a new appearance.

Fix Added all new item appearances in the database. 

Fix The Nature's Garb has been fixed.

Fix Brother Kiran, Fali and some other NPCs of the 1st island should no longer speak in gender specific-terms.

Fix NPCs that give XP should now trigger level up when needed.

Fix Dodge penalty on armor now works.

Fix Shops/trainers now allow >64k gold prices.

Fix NPC/Creature popping should now work correctly.

Fix All elemental resistances and powers should now work properly.

Fix Scarab Protector no longer has the appearance of necklace.

Fix Drunk in Windhowl no longer a vendor.

Fix Brownbark should be able to speak normally now that the Flag bug is fixed.

Fix The Plate Leggings can now be dropped on the ground.

Fix Highlight bug on Reynen Aspicdart.

Fix Menark will teleport you directly to the prison when he 'summons' the guards.

Fix Rondy is now able to fight without going into invisible mode.

Fix The box of jewels should look like a box now.

Fix Grimish's minor quest now gives a reward.

Fix Removed the old brown blocks in the grey dungeon.

Fix Added more intuitive keywords to lead users to Mordrick's quest.

Fix Map modifications:

  • The torches in the dungeon have been updated.

  • There is now an alternate bridge near Lighthaven.

  • All reported bugs should now be fixed.

Fix Modified Grimish and Doremas's quest so that it is more intuitive.

Fix Reduced the amount of monster pods in the Lost Dungeon, under the castle of Bane, in the Cave of Specters.

Fix All NPCs that weren't spawning due to blocking.

Fix The orcish arch mage quest should be fixed.

Fix Keep the patch server in memory when using a proxy server.

Fix The quest involving Zhakar should be fixed.

Fix The black market (WindHowl on NPC Ttayh Mark) has been re- designed.

Fix In MOTD, exceedingly long strings (40+ characters) could generate an error message.

Fix The price for the Book of Warfare has been increased to 15,000 gold pieces. This fixes the gold bug exploit where one user would buy a Book of Warfare, exchange it for a Blade of Sharpness and  sell it for a higher price.

Fix Giant wasp idle when attacking

Fix The Turn Undead spell has been revised. Power of spell now based on average WIS points purchased per level.

Fix Modified Adriana's speech so that her quest is more intuitive.

Fix Monster modifications:

  • The Silver Axe and Bludgeon weapons deal a little more damage against undead monsters.

  • The Goblin Slayer sword deals a little more damage against  goblins.- 

  • Removed the dead fishes on monsters.

  • We have done a huge clean-up in the monster listing.

  • Removed some kraanian pods near water and gave them the  poison arrow spell.

  • Added alot of mini-bosses. (see the mini-bosses listing)

  • Some monsters and NPCs now have the appearance of the old  player appearances.

Fix Skeleton warriors and skeleton guardians shouldn't fight between each other anymore.

Fix Removed cemetery fences and replaced them with wooden fences. This should take care of all the black squares.

Bug Gray Mage -- Cannot attack them without CTRL-C


New ID Goblin Bomberman. It can do a suicide-type explosion.

New Some GM Items have been added: These are for GM only. They shouldn't be given to players!

  • GM Barrel

  • GM Silver Ring of Engagement

  • GM Gold Ring of Engagement

  • GM Diamond Ring of Engagement

  • GM Collar of submission

  • GM Shimmering Orb of darkness

  • GM Chastity belt

  • GM Druss's briber of souls

  • GM Rognar's two-handed sword of gore

  • GM Necroscope's staff of impending death

  • GM Percival's Vorpal blade

  • GM Frostbane

  • GM Purrrblade

  • GM Fire camp

  • GM Vampire Axe

  • GM Godly potion of healing

  • GM Soulstealer

New Gameops can now set a 'pseudoname' which will only appear in game.

New T4C now authenticates against the OnlineUsers table in the character's database. This allows multiple servers to share the same database and makes sure an account is only logged on once per database.

New Added the teleportation scrolls on NPC Boreas (Silversky) and NPC Yolak (Windhowl).

New Added NoDrop/NoRob/NoGive on all Royal Keys and some important Quest items.

New Created new scrolls of teleportation that cannot be dropped.

New Created the following GameOp scrolls that can be dropped. **USE WITH CAUTION**-

  • GM Scroll of Lighthaven

  • GM Scroll of Windhowl

  • GM Scroll of Silversky

New SET <user>'S NAME now totally bound to server naming conventions (gameop or not). Look at the SET <user>'S PSEUDONAME command for unruled naming.

New A gameop can now remove a player's right to attack other players. See REMOVE <user>'S RIGHT TO PVP

New Gameop ONLY spell Vaporize (10210) allows removing objects or NPCs from the game. Its usage is logged in the Gameop log file.

New T4CShell app can now wipe accounts. USE WITH CAUTION.

New Gameops can now easily emulate monsters via the EMULATE MONSTER <mob> gameop command.

New SQLConnect errors/info now only logged with debug lvl2 enabled.

New GOD_NO_MONSTERS flag now prevents monsters from attacking a god.

New Players talking to NPCs now logged in the online text log.

New New NPCs have been added:

  • Xanth

  • Dafyd

  • Seban

  • Karahn

  • Rawlin

  • Haden

  • Well

  • Sundial

  • Safe

  • Cuthana Chest

  • Minotaur Portal-

New Monsters:

  • Name --> Appearance --> Power Factor

  • Graax --> Atrocity -->  -->   Level 12

  • Guurk -->  -->  Atrocity -->  Level 12

  • Scar-face Razek --> Brigand --> Level 13

  • Ruk the miner --> Goblin --> Level 15

  • Mrish Yellowblood --> Goblin --> Level 18

  • Trish Yellowblood --> Goblin --> Level 19

  • Fugar the smelly --> Goblin --> Level 20

  • Roshnak Tul --> Orc --> Level 23

  • Bugar Pouchsnatcher --> Blackguard --> Level 28

  • Eye-Patched Qardos --> Blackguard --> Level 30

  • Quelet Hon the thirsty --> Skeleton --> Level 35

  • Grudish Earchewer --> Orc --> Level 35

  • Liedric Throatcutter --> Nightblade --> Level 37

  • Blaarg Toemangler --> Orc --> Level 38

  • Bend Hayjes the rotten --> Mummy --> Level 38

  • Thadoss the moaner --> Zombie --> Level 39

  • Hurbag Nailripper --> Orc --> Level 42

  • Grott --> Troll --> Level 40

New SET <users>'S KARMA TO and VIEW <users>'S KARMA

New Additional minor/medium Quests have been added to both Raven's Dust and Stoneheim. The Evil and Good Storyline Quests are completed as well.

New Created the folllowing magical items

  • Ring of accuracy-

  • Minotaur's clan ring

  • Crude orcish necklace

  • Onyx ring 

  • Wristband of ogre strength

  • Bloodstone necklace

  • Moonstone ring

  • Bloodstone ring

  • Girdle of courage

  • Talisman of Prot. from Evil

  • Buckle of picklocks

  • Leather belt of survival

New Potions & scrolls have been implemented in the game. The chests, NPCs and monsters have been updated to support the new potions.

  • Potion of greater healing- -> Potion of healing- Potion of healing- -> Potion of light healing *

  • Light healing potion

  • Healing potion

  • Serious healing potion

  • Critical healing potion

  • Deific healing potion

  • Mana elixir

  • Manastone

  • Mana prism

  • Scroll of stone skin

  • Scroll of earthen strength

  • Scroll of sanctuary

Fix Characters name in alphabetical order when using SQL.

Fix Credits field deducted correctly.

Fix Remote user authentication key now fully supported

Fix Radius accounting packet now include a NAS port ID.

Fix Map modifications:

  • The torches in the dungeon have been updated.

  • There is now an alternate bridge near Lighthaven.

  • All reported bugs should now be fixed.

  • Added doors to Stoneheim.

Fix Vampire Bats now drop wings.

Fix Added keyword "Zzartgax" on Zhakar.

Fix VOPsec debug logs now activated with with checkbox (in control panel app).

Fix SET <user>'S NAME now updates the OnlineUsers table and name in shouts.

Fix VOPSec.LOG is now in the Logs paths.

Fix T4C now supports sending keys to Radius server that do not support WG keys.

Fix Gameops setting stats to 0 could provoke divide-by-zero exceptions.

Fix Gameop commands SET SKILL, GIVE SPELL and GIVE SKILL now correctly restricted to only those who have the rightful gameop flags.

Fix Monster death sometimes leaked dead monsters.

Fix Massive re-compile (07-21) to support all the modifications to the Object/Monster/Blocking map of all three Worlds.

Fix Level now sent with stat query packets.

Fix Spell backlash could cause infinite recursion loops (overflowing the stack).

Fix Map Bug fixing at hundreds of coordinates.

Fix The Elvenbane was actually healing Shadeen instead of killing her hence broking the Quest at that point.

Fix Text string too long in Shadeen's Begin because of a BREAK statement. Reduced the line's length.

Fix Items that have an asterisk (*) next to their name (see Server Manual Items Listing) are marked for destruction in a future release. Users are encouraged to sell or destroy these items. GMs must *NOT* distribute these items to anybody.

Fix Faulty GiveFlag on Haden that caused the Quest to be broken at this point.

Fix Bugs after the release of RD on the Alpha server. Did not keep track of all the MAP bugs we've fixed or did a touch-up.

Fix ALL defective coordinates reported.

Bug Using a summon chest in backpack crashes the server.

Bug There is NO Delay on the First Aid.

Bug If an SQL datasource shuts down while T4C is alive, or is down before T4C starts up, T4C will not be able to reconnect to it when the source becomes live again. (Not a problem with Access databases.)


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