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v0.57rc (April 16th, 1999 - Internal release only)

Fix Invisible god no longer becomes visible after attacking.

Fix Not logging debug information no longer makes the server crash.

Fix If ODBC server stops and restarts, T4C should now be able to reconnect normally.

Fix True attack/dodge now sent when training.

Fix True attack/dodge now displayed when using the view user's attack/dodge commands.

Fix Minor modification in the Old Hermit Quest: The users must first meet the Old Hermit before Mirak Nira will give you the Quest for the goblins. Also, the Old Hermit's bye now works properly.

Fix Quests of Sigfried and Rolph have a timer to indicate to the user roughly when the Quest will be available.

Fix Numerous typos and minor NPC glitches have been fixed. (highlight bugs, bank minor bug, etc..)

Fix Arrow keys should now work properly.

Fix <Ctrl> key to cast last spell works fine again.

Fix Should not longer receive multiple messages indicating that the monster does not have any gold (just one message).

Fix F2 & F3 now have a buffer so that multiple key hits eventually result in as many potions drank, even with lag.

Fix Extremely rare monster targetting bug resolved.

Bug Expect same old problems with alt-tab.

Bug Shouting and paging can be used to crash receiving clients.


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