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v0.56rc (April 14th, 1999)

New Page system now prevents page flooding.

New Added thread boosting gameop commands (for GOD_DEVELOPPERs).

New Sending and receiving sockets can now bind on different IP/ports.

New Possibility to select a 'Remote' and 'Local' WG key.

New There's a license agreement, please read it.

Fix The Bank in LightHaven (on NPC Mithrand) is now fully operational.

Fix The Old Hermit's "bye" keyword now works properly.

Fix Some quest bugs have been fixed.

Fix A few typos have been fixed and some out-of-context text strings have been removed (or modified) for clarity's sake.

Fix Set player name now thouroughly verifies name syntax and duplicate names.

Fix Server should no longer crash when receiving a one byte packet.

Fix Crash in monster spells.

Fix Deadlock in AsyncRQFUNC_PutPlayerInGame \w UseDeathLock.

Fix Crash in Players::LoadAccount()

Fix The weapon on your character won't disappear when attacking left or right.

Fix Better packet system (uses less bandwith).

Fix You can now get objects without receiving the "invalid object" message.

Fix You can now press ''' repeadetly without fearing your character will moonwalk or cause your computer to crash.

Fix When attacking a monster while someone else casts a spell on him, you no longer attack in a random direction.

Fix You can no longer make a monster invisible by casting on him.

Fix Better handling and message for the Dead Monster Standing bug.


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