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v0.54 (April 6th, 1999 - Internal release only)

New Internal communication module boosted up, performs much better.

New Secondary Radius IP/Port fallback (conforming to Radius RFC).

New Proxy & Firewall support (documented in Player's Manual).

Fix Incoming duplicated packets now junked approprietly.

Fix VOPSec deadlocks should not occur anymore.

Fix Crash with level > 200 in SimpleMonster::OnHit().

Fix Client no longer freezes when connection is lost during "Loading, please wait" screen.

Fix Upon crashing, a box now gives the reason for the crash.

Fix Name of skeleton now appears *ABOVE* its head.

Fix Paging someone with no text tells the target user "<name> paged you" instead of USER ID NOT FOUND.

Fix Using <shift> and <ctrl> when attacking a user no longer crashes the client.

Fix In the past, attacking non-moving monsters and killing them did not display the attack move it does now.

Fix Typing text with multiple quotation marks no longer indents the text.

Fix Starting a sentence with a semi-colon () no longer prevents the message from being displayed.

Fix No more double or quad packets.

Fix Shouting with a string of periods (.....) no longer crashes all the clients currently online.

Fix Upon entering the game, objects no longer appear and disappear in sequence.

Fix Brigthness adjustments now work better.

Fix No more dead-monster-moving-attacking-getting up.


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