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v0.53 (March 29th, 1999 - Internal release only)

New The following actions have been set to single-clicking instead of double-clicking: picking up objects, talking to NPCs and using objects (doors, chests, etc.). This does not include objects inside the backpack.

New Targetting lock-on is now optional (off by default). Option may be toggled in the escape menu.

Fix Monsters explosion problem partially fixed.

Fix Doors should no longer disappear for no apparent reason.

Fix Text should always appear atop a character's head when typed.

Fix Increased packet security for the "use" packet. This should fix several problems such as doors not opening, potions not drinking on command, etc..

Fix Players should no longer stay frozen after dying or teleporting.

Fix Invisible attacking monsters and players should no longer occur.

Fix Players are easier to target with healing spells.

Fix Increased targetting stability while holding CTRL to target a unit with spells.

Fix Changed shout message color for improved visibility.

Fix Initial quest letter no longer appears whenever a player teleports with 0 experience points.

Fix After killing a monster, starting to walk is now correct.

Fix Paging another user with a long line of text without any spaces no longer causes the client to crash.

Fix Moving and "farting" monsters/players are now fixed.

Fix Problem that would cause series of explosions when entering the game or teleporting.

Fix Dragging the mouse from a monster to another player no longer causes the player to attack him while not being in combat mode.

Fix improved PVP check for spell-casting. Some problems remain, but there should be considerably less.

Fix Changing the brightness in the escape menu instantly updates the screen with the new settings instead of 20-30 seconds later.

Fix Player characters should no longer start walking toward a monster when attempting to flee or cast a spell.

Fix Clicking on a door to open it from afar should now always work.

Fix Escape menu will now only open when no other box is active in the screen. If the escape key is pressed and another box remains active, it will be closed.

Fix "Creating character, please wait..." message now added in place of a black screen in the character creation process.

Fix Players can no longer make monsters explode from a distance.

Fix Players and monsters fighting each other no longer move to and from one tile adjacent to their fighting position.

Fix The spellbook now supports more than 4 pages of spells.

Fix Changed the visual effect for missing or out-of-sync objects due to confusion with spell effects.

Bug Skeleton's name appears under its feet.

Bug When paging someone with no text, it tells the target user "USER ID NOT FOUND."


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