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v0.52 (March 12th, 1999)

Fix A player can no longer get another player (problem in v49).

Fix Targetting improvement. If the PC has locked on a monster and a player is on top of the monster, the PC still attacks the monster, even if the PC is highlighted.

Fix When casting using the Ctrl key in melee, the PC now casts the last spell.

Fix Backpack is now centered upon popping up.

Fix People no longer appear naked when someone teleports in their area.

Fix If ISP.PCX file is missing or corrupted, the client no longer crashes.

Fix When attacking and holding the mouse button, the character no longer moves unless you release the button or move the cursor over a new opponent.

Design Notes

  • Most teleportation spots have been fixed on Raven's Dust.

Note The cavern entrance at 862,1864,0 appears to be an error. It has been removed on our map but it hasn't been updated.

  • Giant Wasp and Death Stinger now drops "wasp's wax" used in a Quest on Raven's Dust.

  • You can now visit the preliminary design of Volkara's town at (190,715,0) The NPCs have not been included yet, though. 

  • Numerous Quests have been added to Raven's Dust.

  • NPCs have been added to Raven's Dust.

    • King Theodore

    • (dead king) Theopold

    • Reynen Aspicdart

    • Bishop Crowbanner

Fix Bug that prevented some NPCs to deliver damages when attacking.

  • Numerous map bugs have been fixed in all three planes. Notably, the labyrinth in the 1st island has been fixed.

  • Caverns in Raven's Dust have been reviewed to remove most of the map bugs. Vircom's Alpha Testers are currently working on finding the remaining bugs.

  • Faulty chests on Raven's Dust have been re-located.

  • All the areas within Raven's Dust have been filled with monsters and mini-bosses.

  • NPC Corsair Magere has been renamed to Corsair Theowald in Raven's Dust.

  • Monsters' difficulty in Raven's Dust have been reviewed.

    • Delwobble now has a PF of 35

    • Death Chosen now has a PF of 40

    • Broken One now has a PF of 41

    • Vampire Bat now has a PF of 38

    • Acid Slime now has a PF of 36

    • Dead Bolt now has a PF of 55

    • Death Jester now has a PF of 39

    • Nightbreed now has a PF of 24

    • Demon Tree now has a PF (power factor) of 22

    • Blackguard now has a PF of 23

    • Flesh Eater now has a PF of 29

    • Sandworm now has a PF of 28

    • Rogue mage has a PF of 23

  • Added some minor mini-bosses in the 1st island such as Count Hemogoblin (goblin vampire), T-Bone the skeleton, etc..

  • The invasion of goblins in the 1st island relies on NPCs instead of normal monsters so they do not disappear immediately after being summoned. The quest's difficulty has also been slightly increased.

  • Monster pods have been removed near the main bosses in both islands to prevent lag.

  • The wall in the Castle of the King on Raven's Dust has been removed and allows access to the Castle's left wing.


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