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Follow the development of T4C, an exciting online game by Dialsoft. Stay updated on the latest updates, features, and events related to T4C.

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v0.50 (March 5th, 1999 - Internal release only)

Fix With modem play, doors now appear at the right place.

Fix Monster sliding has been fixed.

Fix Healing using the <ctrl> key works better.

Fix Fewer explosions.

Fix Pages and shouts no longer crash the client.

Fix HP display crash-related bug fixed.

Fix You can now get items which are under other units.

Fix Improved item fetching and usage.

Fix Stacked items now updated when PC moving away.

Bug When using Ctrl key to cast at short range, the PC attacks in melee instead of casting a spell.

Bug When someone enters an area, other people appear as naked until they move or micro-lag stops.


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