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#1 2024-02-09 11:16:34

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v0.46 (Internal release only)

New God command "QUERY user'S POS" for querying a user's position

New Debugging information when a user casts a spell.

New Added performance counters for specific packet types and general networking.

New Non-self targetting type.

New Updated VOPSEC to implement RADIUS accounting (not tested yet)

Fix Quest items now given even if backpack full.

Fix Monster bosses shouldn't dissappear anymore when moving too far from their hive.

Fix Cannot equip two items of same type at same time.

Fix Better messages when not meeting reqs equipping an item.

Fix NPCs no longer leave their houses in Lighthaven.

Fix Targetting improved for attack spells (only attack monsters, unless you use Ctrl-C to be in PvP).

Fix Improved monster synchronization (less monster zooming).

Fix Monsters no longer become invisible.

Fix PCs can no longer inadvertently attack other PCs Ctrl-C is mandatory to attack other players.

Fix Monsters/NPCs with "gray mage" appearances can now be attacked.

Fix Dragon's outline has been fixed.

Fix Non-projectile spells (such as healing) no longer require line of sight.

Fix When the client crashes, the server should receive a message from the client to disconnect the character and avoid death by ghosting.

Fix All music decompression bugs have been fixed.

Tst Movement packet have been cut in half.


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