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#1 2024-02-09 10:02:42

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v0.45 (Internal release only)

New Movement system for monsters is better synchronized with the server.

New Monsters don't zoom, but they can charge (attack while running toward the victim).

New Added alpha-testing credits for highly dedicated testers (thanks!)

New Created many additional items/monsters/quests/NPCs for Raven's Dust (NOT AVAILABLE YET).

New On Arakas, new NPC created (Lance Silversmith).

New Arakas has a few new quests.

New Overarcing storyline completed on Arakas.

New Lighthaven is now completely no-PVP.

Fix Poison spell no longer crashes the client.

Fix Crashes shortly after entering the game are gone.

Fix "Staples" in caverns & Jarko's dungeon are gone.

Fix New torch graphics for dungeon walls.

Fix Chest in cavern walls have been fixed.

Fix Spells/Skills requirements are now totally ACCURATE!!!

Fix Targetting for spells has been improved.

Fix Spam/shouting problem has been fixed.

Fix When creating and cancelling a character, it no longer messes up the screen. (Beholder Bug)

Fix Proxy now supported.

Fix Distance attacks are fixed.

Fix Dead monster standing fixed (again)

Fix Help screen no longer crashes when exiting the game.

Fix Some objects hard to pick have been fixed. If you encounter objects that still have this problem, report them to bugs@the4thcoming.com

Fix The puppet should no longer be naked after teleporting.

Fix Music decompression no longer crashes the client if it can't be done properly, and gives an error message.

Fix Map bugs (smoothing, blocks in the way, etc.) fixed.

Bug When you have all the requirements for a spell or skill but not the skill points to buy it, the answer from the trainer is "okay, let's go."

Bug Cavern corners are still potentially messed up.

Design Notes

  • Character edits in NPCs (Jean):

    • Kalastor

    • Edgar

  • Fixes (ITC)

    • Orc Guardian's clan has been fixed.

    • Magical Snake's clan has been fixed.

    • Spells on Illusion Weaver added.

    • Reynen's chest (Rusted Key -> Rusted key)

    • Doom Guard Pod now pops monsters.

    • Theodore's brothers can not longer be attacked by other monsters

    • in the area. They will also defend themselves normally if threatened.

  • Character edits in Raven's Dust (ITC)

    • PM Theisser

    • Rondy

    • Brother #12 (had wrong coordinates)

  • Character edits in Lighthaven (ITC)

    • Geena

    • Murmuntag

    • Kalastor

  • Created a items that were missing in the server for compilation (ITC)

    • Potion of Ether

    • Cuthana Herb

  • Character edits in Arakas (Francis):

    • Dunikus Hornwind

    • Yrian Earthsong

  • Character edits in Lighthaven (Francis):

    • Araknor

    • Kilhiam

    • Lothan

    • Moonrock

    • Uranos

    • Twin Shovanis

    • Iraltok

  • Character edits in Windhowl (Francis):

    • Liurn Clar

    • Marsac Cred

  • Character edits in Raven's Dust (Francis):

    • Belagan

    • Nafuhr Bloodhammer

  • Converted Spell Teacher code for internationalization (Francis)

  • Updated NPC Trainer Info Sheet. (Francis)

  • Officially entered the Twelve Dead Princes (Brother1-12).

Note TOUGH puzzle (I hope). (Jean)

  • Quest for the Stolen Cutlass is completed. (ITC)
      NB: Pirate's Cutlass is an item that CANNOT be equiped and should stay that way.

  • Character Edits in Raven's Dust (ITC):

    • Captain Ironleg (quest)

    • Baldric Silverknife (quest)

  • Created additional flag (ITC):




  • The Three planes have been compiled into the Database. (ITC) 02/09/99

    • Temples are all Safe Havens.

    • The entire Town of LightHaven is a Safe Haven.

  • Created Jean's items. (ITC)

    • Royal Key 2

    • Royal Key 3

    • Royal Key 4

    • Royal Key 5

    • Royal Key 6

    • Letter to Jamar

    • Letter to Kalir

    • Book of Warfare

  • Mostly finished Royal Key #6 Quest (need "magic well" NPC) (Jean)

  • Character Edits in Raven's Dust (Jean):

    • Tobias

    • Celestina Waterbreeze

    • Mordrick Warstone

  • Reduced the amount of Pods around Zhakar's Tower and removed the Kraanian Workers from the 1st Level because of the monster lag it created. (ITC)

  • Created additional flag (Jean):



  • Monster Pods have been distributed in areas where they were missing. Middle section of Ravenwood, Prison under the Castle of Theodore XIII, Forest in front of Cave of Fear and Northern section of Ravenwood. (ITC)

  • 10 Chest Groups have been created (one locked with stone key) and have been distributed on all 3 planes. (ITC)

  • Monsters and NPC Bosses on Raven's Dust now drop items. (ITC)

  • Created new items: Skull cap, BloodThirst, Scarab of Protection, Stone Key, Orcish shield, Emerald Ring. (ITC)

  • The Dungeon under the Castle of King Theodore XIII has been modified into a small prison. Correctly linked to the world. (ITC)

  • Finished Royal Key #5 quest (Jean)

  • Character Edits in Raven's Dust (Francis):

    • Taliron (pasted price list)

    • Kiadus (pasted price list)

    • Rhodar Heatforge (pasted price list)

Fix the Scroll of Windhowl and Scroll of Silversky (Francis)

  • Finished Royal Key #4 quest (Jean)

  • Character Edits in Raven's Dust (Jean):

    • Thea

    • Bane Blackblood

    • Kalir

    • Jamar

    • Morindin Arrowmist

  • Character Edits in Arakas (Jean):

    • Liurn Clar

    • Moonrock

  • 38 faulty chests have been relocated. (supposed to be all fixed now) (ITC)

  • Completed the mob filling of the Lost Dungeon. (ITC)

Fix two cavern entrance, fixed a faulty teleport that prevented (ITC) users from coming back from Jarko's cave, Brownbark's cave no longer in the middle of the sea.

  • Filled Lord Bane's dungeon with monsters. (ITC) (Nightblade, Rogue Mages, Blackguards)

  • Filled the Crypt of the Specters (3 Levels) (ITC) (Flesh Eater, Wererat, Bandaged Horror, Skeleton Warlock, Shieking Horror)

  • Filled the Cave of Fear with monsters. (ITC) (Wererat, Vampire Bat, Death Chosen, Broken One)

  • Added the (cheap) smoothing fix on Raven's Dust. (ITC)

  • Spells have been distributed on the monsters and NPCs. (ITC + Francis)

  • Filled Cave of Illusions (ITC) (Illusion Weaver, Nightblade, Nightbreed)
      NB: Illusion Weaver summons 'fake' Illusion Weavers and Griroeshs)

  • Created a test NPC named PM for both lottery games. (ITC)

  • Added Goblin Quest (Invasion+Fever)

  • Character edits in Arakas (ITC):

    • Halam

    • Geena

    • Kalastor

    • Mushn

    • Murmuntag

    • The Lurker

    • (Dorken Rotsmell is the NPC monster)

  • New monsters: Bandaged Horror, Skeleton Warlock, Death Chosen, (ITC) Broken One, Vampire Bat, Illusion Weaver.

  • Finished Royal Key #3 quest (Jean)

  • Added file "NPC Trainer Info Sheet" in Designer Notes folder (Francis)

  • Character edits in Raven's Dust (Jean):

    • Terwin

    • Chamberlain Thomar

    • Elysana Blackrose

    • Zhakar

  • Created following flag(s) today (Jean):


  • Finished Royal Key #2 Quest (Jean)

  • Finished Royal Key #1 Quest (Jean)

  • Created following flags since 0.42b (Jean):












  • Character Edits/Creations in Lighthaven (Jean):

    • Lance Silversmith (new NPC)

    • Dragon

  • Character Edits/Creations in Raven's Dust (Jean):

    • Princess Delilah (new NPC)

    • Chamberlain Thomar (new NPC)

    • Twelve Dead Princes (12 new NPCs) Reynen Aspicdart (new NPC)
      Edits: Celydia + Adrelle + Belagan + Terwin

  • New Items (Jean):

    • Dagger of Wizardry

    • Cape of Protection

    • Scarab of Arcania

    • Blade of Sharpness

    • Reynen Chest

    • Reynen Key


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