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v0.44 (February 5th, 1999)

New T4C Watch now directly notified when server crashes.

New (Patch Server) Patches are logged inside patch server.

New Spell book has been centered

New Message displayed when fetching list of characters at logon

New New online help (on F1 key)

New Many new content (quests, NPCs & items) in Raven's dust

New Added a mini-jail at coord 2980,350,0 for nasty users

New Temple in Windhowl is now a safe haven free of pvp/pk

New Players can now choose which city they go to when they die (sanctuary)

Fix Specific spell targetting now active. (Target living, target object etc).

Fix T4C now supports accounts with quotes in their name.

Fix XP is updated when player dies.

Fix Music decompression with program like Norton Recycle Bin.

Fix Cloak & shield don't go through walls anymore

Fix CD music option can now differentiate between DATA and MUSIC CDs

Fix Torches on wall don't disappear anymore after a teleportation

Fix Doesn't crash while teleporting/switching dungeon

Fix Improved networking to recover from lost packets under load

Fix Darkfang, the dragon, was fixed

Fix Many NPCs & quest loop holes resolved

Fix Crashes should no longer occur during the 'Loading Please Wait' screen

Fix The AC bug that allowed users to cast (and re-cast) the protection spell on items is now fixed. (no more 400 AC bug)

Fix Small green spots in the houses have been fixed


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