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v0.27b (December 8th, 1998)

New You can now control the Sound FX volume.

New You now ear a beep when paged.

New Now you can choose a Server by is name and not is domaine name.

New Hp/Mana/Xp now change color when it's decreasing.

Fix Clicking on a box (backpack, status) can no longer make the box dissapear.

Fix The - in the ESC box wasn't saving the music volume status.

Fix New Dungeon and Castle Wall.

Fix Picking object on the ground is now easy.

Fix The targetting system has been improved.

Fix The ESC menu now always appears when ESC is pressed.

Fix Skill can now be use.

Fix It's now possible to attack another player while he is casting a spell on himself.

Fix No problems with the ImageHLP.dll

Fix T4C Now support Left-handed mouse.


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