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v0.21b (November 26th, 1998)

Fix Highlighted text can now be recognized at night.

Fix Looping at patch 19 to 20 resolved.

Fix The "cancel" button of the "connect box" has been fixed.

Fix The "double-volume" error in the escape box has been corrected.

Fix The effect of "self" spells now works.

Fix Spells that appeared out of nowhere have now been fixed.

Fix Pages when multiple similar names exist now works fine. The syntax is now /"first name" <text>. The normal syntax applies as before for single names.

Fix The client now checks for sufficient hard disk space before performing operations.

Bug Monsters seem to attack from a distance. Also, There is still a zooming monster problem.

Bug Some freezing may occur after character death (naked, no movement, can exit game).

Bug The client freezes during the game from time to time.

Bug The client may freeze during the "Please wait while loading" screen at the beginning.


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