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#1 2024-02-09 09:43:37

Windows 10Chrome 121.0


New Packet transmission has been rewritten to eliminate packet loss. Should also eliminate several crashes and make the game more stable.

New Puppet has been implemented for game designers--if you see one, don't panic!

New More NPCs (including the online help Samaritans in each town), more quests, more storyline, more real estate, more monster graphics.

New You can now lose a percentage of your items when you die.

New New character creation interface partially implemented.

Fix Page now works for receivers whose name has two words or more.

Fix Mouse problem partially fixed.

Fix Torches and lighting effect improved.

Fix Solved part of the "black screen" problem when entering the game.

Fix Oversized packets don't make the game crash anymore.

Fix Dead Monster Standing gone.

Fix Alt-Tab works better.

Fix Language.txt file now auto-patches properly.

Fix Auto-retaliation (ctrl-c) activates when PC is attacked.

Fix Double-clicking on the character at character select doesn't crash the client anymore.

Fix Exiting the game no longer generates a crash report for crash monitoring programs.

Fix Double-clicking on a spell in the spell book now casts that spell.

Fix The auto-patch system doesn't crash if a new manual happens to be in the T4C folder.

Fix Monster diagonal movement now looks better.

Fix Cavern entrances are now easier to enter. Blocking inside the caverns has also been improved.

Fix Server's user cap can now be bypassed by privileged users.

Fix Dialog windows now light up the screen when opened at night, to help users read or locate items in their backpack.

Fix Right-clicking on the ESC Option Box doesn't crash the client anymore.

Fix Level Up problem fixed.

Bug Odd items may litter the land and the dungeons.

Bug Thief & Priest are swapped at character creation.

Bug Teleport from brigand camp teleports into water.

Bug Bridges look like fragments of castle walls (don't ask).

Bug Character creation only has partial mouse support.


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