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Follow the development of T4C, an exciting online game by Dialsoft. Stay updated on the latest updates, features, and events related to T4C.

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#1 2024-02-09 09:43:21

Windows 10Chrome 121.0


Fix Now that torches work properly, darkness in the dungeons has been reduced to reflect a more realistic environment.

Fix Monsters scream again when wounded

Fix Outline of monsters properly updated when they are hurt.

Fix Healing spells now work properly.

Fix Page now functions properly.

Fix The game must start with T4C.EXE. GAME.EXE no longer starts the client alone. PATCH.EXE no longer does it either.

Fix "Macro" button in spellbook no longer crashes the client.

Fix Right-clicking in a box doesn't crash/eject the client

Fix In a dark dungeon, the brightness returns to normal when a dialog box is open (such as the inventory). This is a temporary fix.

Fix Maximum brightness has been reduced to 7; higher values messed up the color palette.

Fix The "Save password" feature doesn't bug anymore. This requires a reset of some of the users's passwords.

Fix MOTD no longer contains garbage at the end of the text.

Fix Stats mix-up has been corrected.

Bug Page doesn't work for receivers with two-word names (ex: "Lord X").

Bug Double-clicking on the character at character select screen causes client to crash.

Bug Exiting the game generated a crash report for crash monitoring software (First Aid, for instance).

Bug Double-clicking on a spell in the spell book doesn't cast that spell.

Bug Downloading a new manual from the web and installing it in the T4C directory causes the auto-patch to crash.

Bug The software doesn't always tell the user when he's gone up a level.


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