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#1 2024-02-09 09:43:06

Windows 10Chrome 121.0


Note To connect, make sure you select the right server in the connect box: demoserver.the4thcoming.com. Use your old account name and your old password.

Note The font " Be______.ttf" must be removed from your system prior to the installation of this software. Your operating system instruction manual should provide you with the appropriate command to remove this font.

New MOTD now active.

New Page/shout toggle now active in the <esc> option menu.

New Triangle in NPC texts now indicates that the text continues beyond what is currently displayed.

Fix Computer rejection no longer occurs if (after using alt-tab) user is busy for a long time outside the game.

Fix Error messages during connection have been improved.

Fix Mana bar now updates automatically. No longer requires ctrl-S

Fix Monsters now make their sound effect when they are attacked.

Fix More error messages available in the game (connection with server lost, etc.).

Fix Negative XP black bar now displays.

Fix No more client crash with zap

Fix No more doubling of the frame rate in some cases

Fix NPC speeches that are longer than 3 lines now end with a small triangle to indicate that the text continues.

Fix One of the multiple random crashes has been resolved.

Fix Page bug fixed.

Fix Players in negative XPs (below the XPs required for the level they're at) can now gain XPs from hitting monsters.

Fix Shout can no longer be done if shout toggle is at off. Gives error message to the user. Same thing with page.

Fix Smoothing of the borders between shore and water done.

Fix The cast button now works in the spellbook.

Fix When holding ctrl, left-clicking casts the last spell without moving (formerly done by pressing simultaneously shift + F3).

Bug No sound when monsters are wounded.

Bug Brightness in high values messes up the color palette.

Bug Some passwords are not properly saved with the "Save password" feature.

Bug The darkness in dungeons prevents users from searching their backpack to find the torch that will give them the light they need.

Bug Four stats have been inverted between the creation menu and the Ctrl-S panel in the game.

Bug Users who downloaded version 5.04b cannot see the triangle (mentioned below) in the NPC texts.

Bug Healing spells make surrounding clients crash (but not the client itself).

Bug Right-clicking in a box can make the client crash or terminate unexpectedly.

Bug Page doesn't work as planned.

Bug "Macro" button in the spellbook makes the client crash if the spellbook is empty.

Bug MOTD contains some garbage at the end of the text.

Bug Users can start the game with the file GAME.EXE, which bypasses the auto-patch feature.


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