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#1 2024-02-09 09:42:38

Windows 10Chrome 121.0


New Additional quests.

New Downward version compatibility, so that clients that are of a later version than the server can retrograde to an earlier, more compatible version.

New Spells added: Fire Dart, Flaming Arrow, Fire Bolt, Fireball, Poison, Ice Shard, Poison Arrow, Ice Bolt, Dust Devil, Lightning Bolt, Word of Recall, Call Lightning, Heal Light, Heal Serious, Heal Critical and Stone Shard).

New Some NPCs can now teach spells to players.

New Mana can be regenerated.

Fix Auto-patch feature further improved.

Bug Negative XP bar does not show on the display.

Bug When in negative XP, a character no longer receives XPs when hitting a monster. They only get XPs from killing the monster.

Bug Monsters do not make noise when attacked.

Bug The buttons in the spellbook do not work

Bug The +/- buttons in the buy/sell dialog boxes do not do anything yet.

Bug The health/mana/experience bars are not always refreshed properly; use ctrl-s frequently to ensure that they are.

Bug The outline of monsters hit by spells is not updated when they take magical damage; hit them manually to artificially update it.


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