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#1 2024-02-09 09:34:30

Windows 10Chrome 121.0


New Paging is available (syntax: /<name> <message>).

New Rudimentary auto-patch feature implemented.

New Some spells have been implemented visually, but cannot be used by players.

New Several new graphics have been implemented, such as water, but edges with shores haven't been smoothed yet.

Fix The corpse is empty" bug has been fixed.

Fix Multiple clicking on chests doesn't yield additional items anymore.

Fix Shouting now displays up to five successive lines of shouts/pages.

Fix Some new dialog boxes have been changed to a lighter color, making them more legible.

Fix Some of the client crashes have been fixed.

Fix System messages (chests and others) now appear at the bottom of the screen and scroll up, preventing the overlapping problem encountered previously.

Fix The alt-tab command works fine on Windows NT 4.0, but still has problems with other platforms.

Fix The gameplay has been improved to reduce excessive movement and to improve selection of items and enemies.

Fix The monsters's death animation is complete and uninterrupted.

Fix The status bars are now permanently displayed on the screen and there is no more need to press the spacebar to call them.

Fix The stutter bug has been partially resolved, although it still occurs occasionally.

Bug A discrepancy in the map causes blocking to occur in the middle of flat, open areas.

Bug A rare bug allows the same account to connect twice, and the shadow character follows the main one for a while before re-merging with it.

Bug Double-clicking on the spellbook sometimes causes crashes.

Bug Items in the backpack cannot display their names when clicked.

Bug Jarko's corpse needs to be retouched.

Bug Sell dialog box doesn't pop up when there are too many items in the backpack.

Bug The client crashes if the player is zapped by the server or by a game-op.

Bug The F4 key discharges a fireball effect.


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