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#1 2024-02-09 09:26:41

Windows 10Chrome 121.0


Note This version has no spells or skills (except some combat skills).

Note No auto-patch feature yet.

Note No music has been implemented yet.

Note No ranged weapons yet.

Note No puppets yet.

Note No shadows yet.

Note No macros yet.

Bug Chests/doors can be picked up.

Bug Green dialog boxes are hard to read, especially at night.

Bug Multiple chest messages sometimes overlap.

Bug Multiple clicking on chests yields additional items, even before respawn.

Bug Potions of mana heal HP instead of magic points since magic is not available yet.

Bug Purchasing bulk items can cause the client to crash, but still performs the transaction.

Bug Rapid clicking on chickens and other foods can result in complete healing of a character.

Bug Selecting objects behind NPCs is sometimes difficult.

Bug Several computers can experience crashes upon startup.

Bug Shouting works, paging doesn't.

Bug Some dead monsters remain standing (incomplete death animation sequence).

Bug Some monsters appear to zoom to attack players.

Bug Some torches have not been put on dungeon walls.

Bug Stutter bug flashes text and flips character randomly in some situations.

Bug The <J>oke command is still there, but has no jokes to tell.

Bug The alt-tab command is defective on all platforms.

Bug The client is prone to random crashes.

Bug The dragon is cut by a vertical green line when selected and partially out of the screen (left).

Bug The mouse does not work on some computers.

Bug The movement of player characters is sometimes excessive; the character can move for several seconds before stopping, even if the user does nothing.

Bug The positions of items in backpack are not saved.

Bug There are problems with boosted stats; removing Item A modifies stats as if Items A and B had been removed.

Bug There are some blocking problems in the dungeons and around cave entrances.

Bug When clicking on a corpse near an empty chest, the message "The corpse is empty" appears.


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