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#1 2024-02-09 12:36:52

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v1.81.4.309 Dev Release (January 15th, 2024)

Add Addition of a new display function for loading messages. Now, it has a parameter that allows displaying the desired message

Add Addition of a new FPS management, which calculates movements, speeds based on the display time (no longer hardcoded values)

Add Introduction of separation of display threads, not everything is drawn on the screen based on a single thread

Mod Update of HDC management, the new functions are: DXDGetDC(&hdc) and DXDReleaseDC, there is no longer a need to specify an identifier during their use

Mod Update of the client version, now it includes the start year "2009" and the current year in the copyright

Mod Update of variable types using the "auto" keyword, providing better code visibility

Mod Update of movement management and their speeds

Fix Correction of an old bug in movements dating back to the Vircom era, causing mini-teleportations of monsters/characters

Fix Correction of movements, spell speeds, animations, etc. (When adding the 32 FPS option, NightMare had simply multiplied/divided values by two without considering floating-point numbers or display time)

Del Removal of numerous unused lines of code

Del Removal of a foolish command allowing flooding in the discussion channel

Del Removal of residual code related to the Pac-Man mini-game reserved for GMs

Del Removal of the display management of loading messages, there were several identical codes

Del Removal of the unused nmdraw class


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