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#1 2024-02-09 12:36:18

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v1.81.4 Official Release (February 2nd, 2021)

Add You can now double-click an item to move it from your inventory to your personal, guild and family chest, or the other way around

Add Added shift-click on all actions to prevent unintended movement

Add Double-clicking an equipped item will unequip it

Mod Stun Blow's chances of success are now tied to a linear correlation between your level and your target's level, instead of a hard

Mod You can now double click directly on the gold display to withdraw it

Mod Shift-clicking to melee attack will prevent you from moving if the target moves

Mod Increased max gold (int 64bits)

Mod Useless items like chairs won't appear on the minimap anymore

Mod XP percentage now displays 2 decimals

Mod Group members have a lower priority, and cannot be targetted if combat mode (ctrl-c) is activated

Fix Fixed the horizontal resize cursor for the chat log window

Fix Fixed damage over time to not deal damage in safe haven

Fix Fixed spells on ground with ctrl held (now repeat cast as intended)

Fix Fixed crash at the end of the loading screen

Fix Fixed list chests gold update when withdrawing all the gold

Del Removed blue markers on the minimap for spells and arrows

Del Removed some useless stuff that was bloating the client size


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