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#1 2024-02-09 12:35:34

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v1.81.2 Official Release (October 3rd, 2020)

Add The on screen group UI now displays if a member is in range or not and has a different color for the leader

Add After a character reset, players will now have access to a .goback command (only once / reset) to return to where they were before the reset (flag is cleared on reborn)

Add You can now choose horizontal bar for your buff

Add All items will now display their speed and DPS

Add You can unlock your current target by clicking anywhere else on the screen (this to avoid spellcasters auto-attacking mobs)

Add You can now also click on your target's plate to attack it (melee or ranged)

Mod Updated .invite (or .inv) to fix an issue occuring when players had a very similar name

Fix Fixed click to move

Fix Fixed CPU overuse

Fix Fixed chat scrolling

Fix Fixed shift-click to attack on ranged that bypassed the pvp check

Fix Prevented players to use the new "stick to target" system to perma-follow another player

Fix Fixed issue with spells like invisibility when resetting the players (naked at the temple)

Fix Items with triggered effects shouldn't auto-equip if you double click their effects (ex: berserker ring, cloak of renewal, etc...)

Fix Fixed last character bug from NPC with a title on channels


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