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v1.81.1 Official Release (September 27th, 2020)

Add Right-clicking on an equiped item shows its stats. All items will now also display their weight

Add New equipment system! You can now equip your items by double clicking on them or drag-and-dropping them on the appropriate equipment slot (even if you already have an item equipped)

Add New targeting system

Add You can cast spells on yourself by targeting your character's plate (a.k.a. your character's icon, right next to your hp and mana bars)

Add You can cast spells on your group members by targeting their plate in the group UI

Add When combat mode is activated (ctrl-c), you cannot target your group members anymore (to facilitate mob targeting in group fights)

Add Melee : if you click to attack a monster, your character won't stop for no reason until it has reached your target. When attacking your target, your character will also follow it if it starts moving for any reason

Add Melee : if you have an active target and place yourself next to it using the keyboard, your character will attack it automatically

Add Ranged : while holding SHIFT, if you click on a target, you'll attack it. Otherwise you'll get the same behavior as the current one (to prevent your character from moving when you're just trying to attack -- similar to what exists in Diablo)

Add Spells: you can also hold CTRL and the left mouse button on someone's plate to keep casting now (for example : if you want to heal continuously)

Add "Max" button in the quantity input window (e.g.: merchants, trade, drop, delete...)

Add New built-in GM commands: inactivity time before kick, group xp mode, monster respawn on timer, global monster respawn rate, monster respawn rate per player, monster respawn max inactivity, multiple sessions allowed

Add Fixed text color interleaving

Add Fixed text colors being lost on line breaks in the chat window

Mod Targeted AOE spells got the AOE visual on the main target back (was removed on 1.80 release due to an unexpected bug)

Fix Client will now only save your account(s) info when you successfully logged on with it

Fix Removing a saved account should work properly now

Fix Fixed .dpsstat command to avoid some damage being counted twice

Fix Servers can now create their own commands or edit the baseline ones

Fix Servers can now also choose between using "old school, movement-based respawn", "v1.8 party XP", or "v1.81 timer-based respawn"

Fix When grouped, being inactive for more than 3 seconds will gradually diminish the XP you receive, down to 0 in the v1.8 & 1.81 party xp formulas ("shared")

Fix Fixed a bug that caused teleported players to not receive party AoE heals

Fix Fixed a bug that caused damage over time (DoT) effects to keep dealing damage in safe havens

Fix Fixed the "Sorry, I'm already busy" bug with portals

Fix Fixed the archery stat not being displayed correctly on items description in the auction house

Fix Monsters & NPCs no longer freeze if someone logs out while interacting with them

Fix Players now update nearby players when they are teleported, to avoid some cases where a player teleported near you but you couldn't see them


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