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v1.80 Official Release (June 20th, 2020)

Add Added taunt spell that makes monsters focus on you

Add Added fear spell effect that makes monster around you go away

Add Added pacify spell effect that sets monsters' agressivity back to normal (after using a taunt spell

Add Added parry, dodge and stun messages (overhead text like damage)

Add Added critical hit to the game for physical damage and spell effects. A critical blow will appear with "DAMAGE!!". A normal blow will be unchanged : "DAMAGE"

Add It's now possible to use heal over time spells (HoT) that will be influenced by caster stats

Add Added a guild permission that prevents players from leaving their guild

Add Added a group chat (.GROUP or .G ). The channel will be created automatically. If you type .GROUP, you will see a list of all group relative commands

Add Added new group commands : .INVITE (to invite someone to the group without clicking on him), .DISBAND (to disband the group), .KICK (to kicker a player out of the group), .LEAD (to set someone else as group leader)

Add Added .DPS / .DPSRESET commands showing your damage per second. Il also shows your number of hits, and the number of hits dodged and blocked by your target

Add Added a command to see the amount of gold obtained since last reset and the gold/hour rate : .GOLDSTAT / .GOLDRESET

Add Added commands similar to .DPS / .DPSRESET to see the amount of damage you took since last reset, with the number of hits and the number dodged / blocked hits :.TANK/.TANKRESET

Add Added .HEAL / .HEALRESET commands to see statistics on your healing. It shows the heal done on yourself and on the rest of your group separately

Add Added !AH commandallowing you to see Auction House wherever you are, in a safe area

Add Added .WEB, .SHOP, .SUPPORT commands that open corresponding t4c.com web pages

Add Added .DISCORD command to join T4C Next's official Discord

Add New button on CTRL+O window : Changelog. Click on it to see T4C Next's last changelog. You can also use .CHANGELOG command

Add When you add someone on your ignore list, he won't be able to use the new .INVITE command with you

Add You can now click on "?" keyword in order to answer a question from a NPC. Left click will say YES and right click will say NO

Add You can now refresh buffs from on-use items (such as Gleaming Bluestone gem) by clicking on the spell icon in your active buffs list

Add Added many sprites created by T4CDEV and never added to the client, such as mountains and monsters/items skins

Add Added new network encryption

Add Added functions allowing developer to easily add daily quests

Add Added a function for developers to be able to rename players automatically with the help of a NPC

Add Added a function to automatically create guild with the help of a NPC by calling the GuildMaster::CreateNewGuild function

Add Added a GM command to teleport a whole group on him and bring it back : .GETGROUP / .RETURNGROUP)

Add Added a command for GM to automatically create a group, inviting the 8 closest players : .AUTOGROUP

Add Added an option to add up to 4 randomized values for items between min and max values

Add WDA objects will have 4 new flags : CannotMule, CannotMuleGuild, CannotMuleFamily and AlwaysDrop

Add Added a function to cast spells at a target location (_CastSpellAt)

Add Added the spell id, element type and damage type in the ATTACK_STRUCTURE struct when the hit comes from a spell

Add Added two functions for units ( CanChangeAttackTargetand SetChangeAttackTarget) to control if a creature can change its target when it takes damage or when it bumps into another unit

Add Added a type mask to the GetLocalUnit function

Add Added Character :: AddCC to add the player to the chatter channel (and create the CC if it doesn't already exist)

Add NPCstructure now has 4 callback functions (OnPlayerConnection, OnPlayerDisconnection, OnPlayerDeath and OnPlayerResurrection)

Add Added global.year, global.month, global.week, global.death, global.isday, global.isnight, global.ismorning, global.isafternoon, global.isevening, global.issleeptime functions to formulas

Add Added all sysmsg color (not only light blue !) on WDA NPC and spells sysmsg effects

Add Added a function for servers to see if the blow is a powerful blow (OnHit, OnAttackHit, OnDeath)

Mod New party XP formula. Calculation of the range has been modified. If you're within 5 levels or 20% of the highest level in group, you'll gain 100% XP. If you're below 60% of the highest level, you'll gain 20% of their XP. And anything in between is a linear progression between 20% and 100%, depending on your level difference with the highest in group. Therefore there won't be any huge gap in XP gain between group members like in the past

Mod When using DoT spells on monsters, you will now get XP for each tick

Mod Autowalk activation now uses INSER key to be enabled/disabled. NUM LOCK must be off in order to use num pad to move

Mod Modified .HELP command to add new commands and update the old ones

Mod When you stop speaking with a NPC for a few minutes without saying bye, the discussion will be automatically stopped instead of starting back as soon as you send something in local chat

Mod Indirect talk messages (like Skraugs' messages or Neerya's new instanced dungeon) won't be logged in the chat box anymore

Mod Now, when you sell something using the auction house, gold will be sent to your personal chest instead of your inventory

Mod Modified the login and loading screen background images. Removed old T4CDEV images

Mod Improved global server stability (crash & deadlocks)

Mod Improved server security (protections against SQL injections)

Fix It's now possible to see poison damage on an enemy (poison's tick damage). If you kill someone with a DoT spell, killer will be correctly displayed in the graveyard (no suicide anymore)

Fix DoT spells damage will now be influenced by caster's stats

Fix If you now kill a monster which is not your target (with your Seraph aura, with the AOE of a spell, with a reflect spell (armlet of flames, shield of fire, etc) or because it was between you and your target, your character will continue to attack your target

Fix Now spells wont hit twice if AOE box is checked on WDA Spells. In v1.74, when using meteor you saw 2 damage messages flying above your target. On v1.80, you will see only one. We also disabled the AOE effect on the target (and for group heal spells too)

Fix Fixed archer's bug making them shoot at themselves after their target's death

Fix Fixed the door collision bug. Now all doors should always close after 10 seconds and any player standing on it will be moved out of the way

Fix Fixed trade through walls (trading is now cancelled if there is no line of sight between the two players)

Fix Fixed error in encumbrance calculation when buying items

Fix Fixed the bug making monster attack the furthest target in the top-left direction. They will now attack the closest target as intended

Fix Fixed .ROLL command to display results in the 1-100 range instead of 0-99

Fix You can now click on multiline keywords instead of writing them when speaking to a NPC

Fix Fixed the bug where a spell triggered by "on equiped" action on an item would be inactive after logging off

Fix After a full server reboot (usually known as "everybody logs back on at their sanctuary, naked"), buffing spells won't be erroneously displayed as still active anymore

Fix Fixed some errors in texts and typos

Fix Players can no longer use special characters to name their pets. It was causing crashes

Fix XP log issue at high level is fixed

Fix Fixed sysmsg error problem when cast in an area

Fix Fixed PrivateTalk bugs

Del The feature allowing to target next monster using TAB has been removed

Del PVP system from NMS on CTRL+O window has been removed


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