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v1.71 Official Release (2011)


Add Increase FPS to 32 (remove move kick effect) (16 always avaiable in option)

Add In windowed mode set the display in 32 bits (no windows resolution or color table change)

Add New Spell Effect

Add New Monster

Add New Floor 100% new floor avaiable

Add New Wall set

Add Supported character on player name -äïëöüéèàùâîêôû

Add Add UAC message on startup

Add Music, light and ambiant map layer

Add 3 new worlds now have 8 worlds

Add Change GM Request to send request with GUI

Mod New help inside game

Mod GM Interface optimisation and new options

Mod Change the savegame file format

Fix Improve stability

Fix Many game bugs


Add Random blood effect on character hit


Add Server time synchronization every 15 minutes

Add New command to make fun effect on client on the 1rst april START1APRIL

Add Option to reset a player boust and teleported to safe zone

Add New GM command to help gm management

Add New Skill

Mod Change GM request to put in database and keep message on server startup

Mod Change the console and rebuild t4CShell.exe to work

Mod Accept character -äïëöüéèàùâîêôû on playername

Fix Improve stability

Fix Many game bugs

Fix Many game leack


Add Optimize map editor and add new feature to generate minimap and GM map in 1 click and many other feature

Add Editor for Client light, music and ambient sound map zone

Add Editor for profession

Add Editor for server event

Add Editor for podding monster on server


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