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v1.60 Official Release (October 16th, 2006)


New Resolutions from 640x480 up to 1024x768

New Transparency in the interface & game (can be switched off)

New Atmospheric effects

New Floors, walls, trees, flowers..

New Areas, Ice Cavern, Goblin camp, Main cities reworked

New interface

New Monster skin: Yeti

New Items: Flowers, Hammers, Swords, Staffs, Ham, Hats...

New Realtime Minimap

New Realtime Auto-discovering Map

New Beginners' welcoming tutorial

New Game Launcher is now more configurable, can set different servers/accounts prefs

New Deleted characters can now be restored.

New Measures added to prevent long time warps if a character fails to save to the database.

New Better server thread registering, tracking, and logging.


New Enable/Disable effect when hide gets uncovered

New Enable/disable Rob while walking

New Enable/Disable Rob while being attacked

New Option to enable/disable XP logging on every hit (as it used to be)

New Possibility to change CC colors and main game macros (spellbook, inventory..)

Fix some items skins: Goblin mask

Fix some memory leaks that made the client crashing

Fix letters are now readable

Fix Quest for Willowisp Ring (npc: Evelyn RD)

Fix Oracle Invis Laby bypass

Fix Chamber of speed exploit

Fix Doppelganger portal

Fix Caledbolg's Shrine entrance NPC

Fix Newbie Bug fixed

Fix Memory leaks in server fixed.

Fix Put a limit of summoning monsters by quantity (limit 200 at a time).

Fix Line of Sight problem where A could target B but B couldn't target back.

Fix Infinite spells no longer wears off when logging off and their icons no longer disappears from client screen while its still running.

Fix legacy code where players were not allowed to get full XP (on-hit xp) when over level 199.

Fix NPC shouting on channels now logs to shouts log.


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