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v1.40 Official Release (May 30th, 2005)

New Chest released. Players can now mule items online. 

New Servers can now create a custom message that will be displayed to players when they run out of credits. 

New Servers can now setup a custom URL which will be opened automatically when players run out of credits. 

New Servers can setup custom startup and sanctuary positions to newly created players. 

New Servers can now configure teleport areas to make steps, caves and other things present on maps usable. 

New Servers can now use SetStat Effect on spells. 

New Servers can now use SysMsg Effect on spells. 

New Boostformulas can now access hour, minutes and seconds (game time) 

New Client now remembers last visited servers (not only the last one) 

Fix Client no longer crashes when another program is opened while its loading. 

Fix CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN now works even when the Chatter interface is not showing up. 

Fix Hitting ENTER when there is no text to send no longers add an empty entry to the history nor try to send the empty message to the server. 

Fix Players no longer appears invisible if they are seraph and dont move after login. 

Fix Players should no longer get black screen when connecting to the game. 

Fix Group no longers get disbanded when the leader leaves or crash. Instead, the leadership goes along to the next group member in the server's list.   

Fix Server wont start if the Server-Editor files are missing. This avoid players losing items when server bootups without the files by mistake. 

Fix When equipping/unequipping, the item being dragged should no longer disappear. 

Fix Screenshot (CTRL+H) fixed and macro'ed back.   

Fix Music was not being play when after a teleport 

Fix Black screen when on full screen and under a menu interface (CTRL+S/L/I/O..) after an ALT-TAB to other application. 

Fix Menu not showing up after an ALT-TAB while loggin in on full screen mode. 

Fix Screenshot (CTRL+H) when in windowed was taking screenshot of the whole desktop.


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