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v1.24 (March 25th, 2002)


Fix The give karma has been removed from Mordrick Warstone.

Fix Malaar should no longer give free karma if you dropped the gold before confirming the donation.

Fix The on-screen macros should no longer disappear if the user is teleported elsewhere.

Fix The F12 screenshot key has been moved to CTRL-H instead.

Fix There has been some work done on how the font is displayed at the screen. You should not see much difference but if you encounter a problem, please report it.


New It is now possible to set whether the Colosseum monsters will give experience points. This option can be set in the T4C Control Panel. However, before enabling this option, be sure that you understand the impacts of the Colosseum on your server's balance.

Fix The group bug exploit in the XP Colosseum has been resolved.

Fix A while back, a fix has been made for the Blade of Ruin quest. However, the fix did not correct players who had already lost it. An attempt has been made to allow these characters to return to NPC Kiadus and request a new blade of ruin.

Fix A RADIUS modification to send VOP Service parameters with accounting packets and handling of VOP/T4C access keys.

Fix A user ghosting issue introduced with the RADIUS modification has been resolved.

Fix The "World Objects.dll", "SpellEffects.dll" and "Skills.dll" are not longer required because they have been merged with the server executable.

Fix A monster death flag INT overflow in the character database has been resolved.

Fix [TRANSLATION] Evelyn and the Exit Portal can now be translated.

Fix [TRANSLATION] Korean characters are now supported properly.

Fix [TRANSLATION] The Korean font should no longer cause client lag under Windows XP.


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