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v1.23 (September 17th, 2001)


New Due to popular demand: the Colosseum has had a complete makeover.

  • Here are the changes:

    • The layout of the Colosseum has been modified to accomodate spectators (players).

    • To prevent abuse, the Colosseum monsters NO LONGER give experience points.

    • It is possible for a GM to temporarily remove the ability of the Colosseum Clerk to summon new monsters.

    • A new battlefield has been added: the Battleground. This place has NO monsters, only players willing to fight.

    • The Battleground, like the Colosseum, can also accomodate spectators.

New A new NPC named Evelyn has been added to the game.

New A local map can be displayed by pressing CTRL-A and a world map by pressing CTRL-W.

New There is now a tutorial to lower the learning curve for new players. To disable it, type 'help off' and to re-enable it, type 'help on'.

New New, more useful F1 help screens have been implemented.

Fix Madrigan's mad house locked door problem has been corrected.

Fix Archibald no longer talks to the character that he just teleported away.

Fix Glaenshenmilandira no longer cuts the conversation when she talks about her Purifiers.

Fix Using the bonesword of the berserker & the screaming helm of Ogrimar no longer reduces the skill level below 0.

Fix The scroll of barrier now has a spell effect associated with its usage.

Fix The crazed nurses now give experience points when hit.

Fix The drum and the royal key in Reynen's chest should spawn more often.

Fix The ring of the forester should spawn less often.

Fix The cedar longbow has been added on the Lord of the Shops.

Fix The ring of the Seraph is now set to be destroyed at Seraph. We apologize for the inconvenience but it was meant this way.

Fix Using a raindrop with a macro now works properly.

Fix Corrected the minor exploit concerning the Red-Eyed Centaurs and the mind control talismans.

Fix Idas' wager game has been removed but it might return in the future someday.

Fix A slew of typos have been corrected.

Fix A bunch of graphical & blocking errors in the mapping have been corrected.


New The "Session-Timeout" in the RADIUS authentication response is now officially supported by the T4C server.

New The NAS IP address is included in the RADIUS authentication request.

Fix A potential server crash involving Zhakar and the sweepers has been resolved.

Fix The teleportation (client) crash for GMs should be resolved.

Fix The memory leak that plagued the VOPCom vof the T4C Server has been resolved.


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