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v1.21 (May 18th, 2001)


New There is now a BUGS channel hard-coded into the server. Anyone can shout in it and the comments are recorded in the shout logs no one who is in that channel gets spammed by the various bug shouts (it's all private).

Fix Corrected several miscellaneous typos and other glitches in NPC speeches.

Fix The Tomb Raider quest (which can only be done once) now gives 5000 XPs.

Fix Keyword "Nightingale" wasn't working properly on Balork. It now does.

Fix Some quest items (Letter of Kalir, Letter of Jamar and Crown of Corruption) could be lost, hence breaking the quest for which they were devised. They can no longer be lost/dropped.

Fix Using multiple spaces in a name can no longer be used to usurp someone else's character name in the game.

Fix Items that can't be dropped or junk no longer have any weight.

Fix Malaar no longer mentions the Mato Forest.

Fix Some blocking errors have been fixed.

Fix Some graphic errors on the map have been fixed.

Fix A flaw in the paging system would allow you to page someone and force his account to be disconnected from the server. This has been corrected.

Fix King Theodore's letter of introduction (when you first connect to the game) is back.

Fix Torches didn't light up when you entered the game you had to use a second one for it to work.

Fix There is now a system message to let you know if you've failed to pick a lock.

Fix Monsignore Damien didn't acknowledge swearing allegiance to Ogrimar and kept taking 50k GPs over and over.

Fix Monsignore Damien can remove the Elvenbane from your backpack after you've taken care of Shadeen.

Fix Ctrl-A and Ctrl-W are once more available to bind keys.

Fix The Lesser Drain spell had no projectile graphic. It now does (it's a black ball).

Fix A fatal bug in the Blade of Ruins quest has been fixed. Amandra would improperly set a flag to a certain value regardless of your answer to a question she asked, which corrupted the quest.

Fix Objects that were no-drop and no-junk, and which aren't necessary to quests can now be junked.

Fix The dragon no longer disappears when it heals players (the spell effect was removed because it caused the error).


New A new section under Advanced Concepts now explains how encumbrance works (mathematically) for those who wish to use it in ASP pages to create an item storage system.

New A new section under Advanced Concepts --> Karma Attribute gives the formulas we use to affect the Karma attribute. Use with caution.

Fix A player who reaches level 200 would receive stat & skill points as if he were leveling up every time he'd hit a monster. That's never happened to a player, but it's been reported by a diligent game-op.

Fix We made Makrsh P'Tangh weaker (half the HPs).


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