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v1.20d (April 18th, 2001)


Fix Corrected several miscellaneous typos and other glitches in NPC speeches.

Fix The full charge of the Ring of the Forester and the Hammer of True Sight could be duplicated (but not anymore).

Fix Using the Hide skill could cause graphics problems (doors in the middle of nowhere, walls sheared off their buildings, etc.).

Fix An exploit with the Pick Lock skill has been resolved.

Fix Some NPCs addressed Seraphs as "humans." They no longer do so.

Fix Some NPCs in the game gave erroneous requirement for the Rob skill (which is actually Peek 25%).

Fix The Ring of Darkness generated light.

Fix It's no longer possible to exit the game to increase the difficulty level of the Colosseum without fighting the monsters in it.

Fix There is now an XP cap on the XPs that can be earned from a kill. This cap is equal to 5% of what a player needs to go from the beginning of his current level to the next.

Fix Some characters with the Rob skill and the Sanctuary spell could exploit the combination by making themselves invulnerable. They can no longer do so (Robbing can only be done if the character is *not* suffering from "attack exhaust," a condition that occurs during the Sanctuary spell).

Fix A bug allowed a hidden item to remain invisible permanently.

Fix Some "hooked" spells (such as Kingsnake Poison) could prevent you from talking properly to some NPCs.

Fix There was an invisible object the size of a rock in a cavern (it's been removed).

Fix Some trainers in Stoneheim were still using the old training system (pre-dating the new interface).

Fix A cheat allowed players to "summon" an infinity of Sweepers, as long as you hadn't killed one before.

Fix A cheat allowed players to get unlimited Belladona Berries by repeatedly killing Greyleaf.

Fix Vampire Wings can no longer be sold.

Fix The "Save Password" setting was turned off automatically regardless of the previous setting.

Fix After Webpatching, the client would crash and not restart.

Fix The letter of introduction from the king (at the beginning of the game) has been removed.

Fix J1 Permit (Madrigan's Madhouse) wasn't being dropped properly (as in, not at all). It's now available.

Fix Your account could stay active on the server for 45-60 seconds after having quit the game.

Fix You couldn't click on a Potion of Tranquility to re-drink it when its effect was fading (blinking).

Fix Spells Minor Combat Sense, Mana Surge, and Major Combat Sense caused the cursor to switch to "combat cursor" over the caster, which was just confusing and wrong.

Fix NPC Iago Caballero's begin speech (to evil characters) said he must purify you, but would just break the conversation and go away.

Fix Lord Stonecrest's Terror spell was messed up (MOB Terror Spell Effect instead of MOB Terror Spell).

Fix Corrected some vagueness in the description of the following spells: Moon Aura, Star Aura, and Sun Aura.

Fix Dispel no longer affects the following player/monster/item spells: Entangle, Petrification, Terror, Quicksands, Peaceful Night, Silence of the Lambs, Stone, Hell Chains, and Crystal Sword of Might's effect.

Fix Brother Niuss has been fixed so he collects gold normally for his healing services.

Fix Potion of Reversal has been removed from the game.

Fix Some crashes & deadlock situations which occured while exiting the game should no longer occur.

Fix Character outline now updated at level up.

Fix Some bug reports hinted that brightness control didn't work properly. Actually, it does, but only in High Graphics mode in Low Graphics, it has no effect.

Fix A notice may inform some WinNT4 users that music & sound are no longer officially supported (they still work for now, and will as long as we can manage it, but that may change in the future).


Fix After an item was summoned, if the summoner walked way and came back, the item was invisible (but still there).

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] Some translations issues caused King Theodore to respond improperly to some keywords ("SAPHIR").

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] Some translations issues caused Elysana Blackrose to respond improperly to some keywords ("SAPHIR").

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] Some translations issues caused Theopold to respond improperly to some keywords ("CHAÎNE").

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] String 10208 refers to "World Wild Horse" (links to World (884), Wild (10208) Horse(10221)) String 10209 & 10210 refer to "Demon Tree Wood" (links to Demon (6342), Tree(10209) Wood(10210)).


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