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v1.20b (January 10th, 2001)


Fix Corrected some typos & keyword problems in the game or on some NPCs (Lothan, Malaar, Delvar Irongrip).

Fix Corrected gender-specific word on Laren.

Fix Corrected graphical bugs in the game.

Fix Sanctuary spell now protects from Mana Burst.

Fix Monsignore Damien failed to retrieve Shadeen's earrings after the quest was completed.

Fix After you did the Chronicles of Doom quest, Shadeen (keyword: Missions) would still talk about the Scroll of Evil Deed instead of admitting she had no more mission to give you.

Fix Zhakar now checks if you've finished the good quest on Raven's Dust and are still carrying Royal Keys. If so, he removes them since they're no longer useful to you and only take up inventory space.

Fix The CLIENT.GP file kept growing and could become quite large over time. It is now erased every time you start T4C.

Fix The Colosseum (remort area) has been adjusted to prevent overly fast character leveling.

Fix Mirymwen Featherfoot should have had a dagger instead of a longsword.

Fix Mana Surge was considered a "harmful" spell (the sword cursor would appear over the caster).

Fix There was an odd patch of blue water near the upper wall of Madrigan's Madhouse, just sitting there in the darkness.

Fix In Madrigan's Madhouse, there were problems with items and/or NPCs stuck behind/through doors.

Fix Midnight Shrouds no longer drop in the Forest of No Return. Seraphs who got them prior to this patch can now drop them (they were previously undroppable).

Fix You could click on the Potion of Heroism (use item), but it had no effect (like many quest items). You can no longer "use" it, only carry it for quest purposes.

Fix The following items can no longer be sold: Skeleton Bone, Golden Chalice, Tarantula Eyes, Chaos Key, Twisted Key, Runic Scripting Kit, Magic Scripting Kit, and Decaying Bat Wings.

Fix If you didn't have the Green Gemstone of the Forest Spirit when killing Greyleaf, you wouldn't get the message confirming receipt of the Belladona Berries.

Fix The Drachenstaff is now two-handed.

Fix A wooden sign near the Centaur area on Stoneheim gave no directions it now does.

Fix There was a gender-specific message confirming you'd joined someone's group. It's been rewritten to remove the offensive term.

Fix During a Seraph's entrance, a non-attack cursor would suddenly become an attack cursor.

Fix Talking during combat with an NPC would interrupt combat.

Fix When right-clicking on the Agility icon, it said AGI limits how high you could train your Attack & Dodge skills, which is no longer true. This has been corrected.

Fix Elysana Blackrose wouldn't take the Flask of Bluish Liquid even though she kept begging everyone for it (even people not on the relevant quest). The good news is that she now recognizes the flask again and takes it if you offer it to her.

Fix Liurn Clar would say he was taking 10,000 GPs from your inventory, but would actually only take 1,300 GPs.

Fix Ancient Ring would stay in backpack, unusable, even after Bones of Ogrimar quest was completed.

Fix Ghundarg Rumblefoot would get attacked by the snakes he was summoning.


Fix Added reference in server manual to obtain "invisible" appearances of monsters (add 1000 to the regular ID of the monster).

Fix The Colosseum has been adjusted. Details are included in Appendix K of the server manual.


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