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v1.20 (December 19th, 2000)


Fix Corrected some typos on various NPCs.

Fix We made some improvements to the grass to reduce the pattern effect it could produce.

Fix Upon dying, Rogue Mages didn't explode (as they should have). The explosion effect would appear on the player character instead (causing no damage other than psychological).

Fix Music now changes properly around Silversky. Prior to the fix, the outdoors music would play inside the castle.

Fix Macros are now wiped at remort (since some may be linked to spells the character no longer has).

Fix The quests that were blocked on Raven's Dust have now been unblocked.

Fix If you get an unusual error (class not registered, execution failed, etc.), a popup box appears to remind you to use the SAFE MODE to start the game.

Fix The Gem of Destiny used to vanish after the remort (it didn't affect gameplay, but it was distressing all the same).


New The NPC Lord of the Shops now wanders Stoneheim, selling some of the best warrior items in the game (which were previously slated for Island #4 and Island #5).

Fix Various typos on some NPCs.

Fix Learning gateway spells through Khimtesar is now easier (speech is clearer).

Fix For "security" reasons, we've limited the number of remorts to 2. We may increase that in the future if we determine the risk to game balance is minimal.

Fix After a remort, it is now more expensive to purchase boosts to elemental powers than to elemental resistances.

Fix After Makrsh P'Tangh's death, there are now some portals in his zone that allow users to leave that area.

Fix T4CDBUPD can now be run to clean up all the flags that blocked quests on Raven's Dust.

Fix Boosts have changed on Elven Chainmail, Mithril Chainmail, Dwarven Platemail, Dragonscale and Ancient Platemail. Run T4CDBUPD to ensure everyone's armor is changed properly.

Fix The Cape of the Ancient Assassin (from remort zone Forest of No Return) was useless to Seraphs (because of the wings) and has been relocated.

Fix PM Theisser has been removed (no longer spawn).

Fix Successive remorting was potentially too quick and some requirements have been set: Stoneheim now requires level 50 and remorting now requires level 75 + 5 extra levels per remort already done.

Fix When purchasing boosts or upgrades on the Colosseum Clerk for the first time, Battle Tokens were deducted from the user every fight, the boosts were cast on the player without him having to purchase them again.

Fix We created additional items that have Attack Skill requirements (Bracer of Leaves, Warder's Cloak, Runed Halberd, Cracked Blue Bracers, Prismatic Armband, Translucent Wristband, Hero's Amulet, Gladiator's Ring and Darkwood Shield).

Fix Speech bug in King Gravesoul has been fixed.

Fix The (obsolete) Patch Server has been completely removed from the code and is no longer required to properly run T4C.

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] One string on Doremas hadn't been parsed properly (now is).

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] Corrected some string conflict ("poison" vs "poisoned") in the French version.


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