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v1.19a (December 12th, 2000)


Fix The Silver Feather can no longer be dropped, stolen or junked.

Fix Dispel now only affects "negative" spell effects on the target it can't dispel "positive" effects. It can also be cast in haven areas (temples), where it couldn't be cast before because of PvP restrictions.

Fix The sound bug that caused client crashes is now fixed. If you've used the MusicOff.reg file to turn your music option OFF, you can use the MusicOn.reg file to turn it back on.

Fix Darkfang no longer calls you "human" after you've become a Seraph.


Fix While visiting post-remort NPCs, an [spell boost] exploit allowed a user to gain hundreds of HPs at level 1 and potential invulnerability to spells.

Fix Makrsh P'Tangh's gateway spell didn't work properly (didn't teleport users who were nearby). It now does.

Fix Disabled spell Mass Plague (ID 10466). It is now safe to give your game-ops the powers to give spells, although we don't recommend you do.


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