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v1.19 (December 5th, 2000)


New If you are installing the T4C client on a Win2000 computer that doesn't have SP1, you'll get a warning informing you the game may not work properly (you may pursue the installation if you wish).

Fix Corrected graphical & blocking bugs.

Fix Corrected some random crashes at logon.

Fix Some small sections of no-PvP zones didn't prevent PvP properly. They work fine now.

Fix Illusion Weavers once more weave illusions (i.e. they once more summon the right monsters).

Fix The automatic "send report" feature has been removed from the client.

Fix To prevent abuse of the Meditate skill (whose intent is for someone to *stop* walking, meditate and regain mana), there is now some movement exhaustion linked to its use.

Fix The new interface now fully supports left-handed mouse.

Fix The percentage of bonus to the Archery skill given by bows and Minor Combat Sense has been adjusted (it was calculated on the modified skill, not the base skill).

Fix When a skill was put in a macro, it didn't have the correct description (right-click).

Fix A bug allowed PKillers to slay users while they were "in transit" after using a teleportation scroll or a spell of Recall (often using Mana Burst).

Fix Balork once again responds properly to keyword "Bye."

Fix The client no longer leaves a 65Mb temp file in the client directory after a successful install.

Fix Using a banker, there was a way to create unlimited gold (but one piece at a time). We've fixed that.

Fix A cheat allowed players to remain invisible even if they attacked or cast spells.

Fix The CLEAR MACRO button in the Macros menu wasn't working right, creating problems with assigning macros in general.

Fix Rain of Fire and Chain Lightning should no longer harm the caster.

Fix Items dropped at PC death caused problems (visible in backpack, but couldn't be sold, dropped, junked or equipped).

Fix After casting Sanctuary, a cheat allowed users to get rid of the exhaustion but not of the effect (thus being able to attack while invincible).

Fix During patching, it may happen that some files cannot be created. This is sometimes due to MSIE's cache being too full. For instructions on how to delete your cache, visit the Troubleshooting section of our Demo Center.

Fix When "Log NPC Text" option was turned off, PC texts were no longer logged they now are.

Fix A cheat allowed a player to hide near a wall and be immune to spell attacks from other players.

Fix We've increased the time it takes before NPCs break conversation with you (it was reportedly too short).

Fix Skill "Teach" boxes now display name, description and requirements. Skill "Train" boxes only display name and description.

Fix During the remort, you will lose all of your quest items, but your normal items will remain. (Don't worry if you don't know--yet--what a remort is.)

Fix Casting spells while walking could sometimes prevent the spell from being cast properly. We've fixed that.

Fix Peasant/Thief/NPCs with non-puppet appearance now have a puppet appearance.

Fix The interface wouldn't give an error messge if you tried learning/training while not having enough gold for it.

Fix Healing used to interrupt auto-combat. Now, you can cast it without interruptions you can also re-cast any effect you currently have on you without losing auto-combat.

Fix Added "energy ball" effect (various colors) to all non-projectile spells.

Fix A bug caused an item flag to be lost when the item was dropped to the ground, causing an interruption of the Vault Raid quest (given by Shadeen) on Raven's Dust.

Fix Channel settings (names, colors, etc.) weren't being saved correctly.

Fix The character used to rotate on himself when casting a spell on itself. This should no longer happen.

Fix map bugs in the wasp cave.

Fix There were situations where you could have full health and still have a yellowish outline. This should no longer happen.

Fix It was still possible for someone in no-page mode to page someone using the dialogue bar at the bottom of the interface. We've fixed that. It can no longer be done.

Fix If you get error 03 during the installation of your client, you'll get a notice explaining that the missing files will be downloaded when you first connect to the game.

Fix The guard in Windhowl would call female characters "Sir." He no longer does this.

Fix Arcane Scrolls can now be sold to Chryseida Yolangda (Stoneheim character).

Fix Fake shouting problem resolved.

Bug Reintroduced (temporarily) the graphic glitch where a spell effect remains stationary even if the target is moving. The previous fix (in v1.18b) was causing too many client crashes in v1.19. We'll correct that for v1.20.


New Commands (UN)BLOCK PUBLIC CHANNELS allow game-ops (with flag GOD_CHAT_MASTER) to block/unblock these channels at will.

New Command VIEW TOTAL CHANNEL LIST (flag GOD_CHAT_MASTER) allows a GM to see all channels currently available in the game.

New Robbing is logged in PCEdit.log.

Fix In Debug.log, when an NPC would spawn on blocking, it didn't give the world Z coordinate (in the format X, Y, Z).

Fix Rough Emerald (monster drop) is back in the game.

Fix GM Assistant's SHOUT command once more works properly.

Fix A check now prevents Monsignore Damien from giving a scroll if a player has already killed Shadeen. The Tightly Wrapped Scroll is removed on Zhakar if a user has finished the Evil quest.

Fix A typo on Menark (saying Potion of Fury instead of Flask of Crystal Water) broke the quest.

Fix Altered some strings in Nafuhr Bloodhammer.

Fix Altered some code in Kalastor to make the Evil quest easier (more intuitive for newbies) on Arakas.

Fix Game-op commands were confused when applied to a name that included multiple words, including a "TO" (such as a user called "Go To My Website").

Fix Increased drop rate of Blue Gem on Minotaurs, of Red Gems on Demon Trees, of Yellow Gems on Black Guards and of Green Gems on Rogue Mages.

Fix In the quest to scribe a Tome of Valor, NPC Liurn Clar's 2-hour delay doesn't work properly (book could be gotten immediately).

Fix Death.log now makes a difference between death due to DoT (damage over time) and PvP death.

Fix Death.log now includes more information (account ID, location of death, equipment lost, etc.).

Fix Modified Balork's code to better support "BYE" keyword as well as some quest streamlining & behavioral adjustments.

Fix Undefined item references in various logs (at server startup) now removed.

Fix IP-checking and validation is now done before webpatch kicks in, to prevent bandwidth leeching.

Fix When someone would finish the Royal Key quest (on Raven's Dust), the only key that was lost was Mordrick's Key, none of the others were taken. We've fixed that now so that all keys are eventually removed.

Fix There were some glitches regarding the messages sent by the server when using charged items.

Fix To prevent fast levelling & reduce the exploits, there have been modifications to blocking in some places (near Zhakar, for instance) and to the range of Kraanian spells (to prevent river XPs).

Fix To prevent additional exploits, we've increased the range of spells on Death Chosen and Skeleton Warlocks. We've also moved the monster pods away from the river.

Fix Zhakar is now invincible and his Flesh Golem pet roams his tower (with the exact same strength/loot/gold/XP/spells as Zhakar had).

Fix When a user would do all of the evil quest on RD (including killing Shadeen), then returned to Monsignore Damien, he could mistakenly receive another scroll from him and meet a dead end in the quest.

Fix WebPatchSetup added an extraneous "a" in the image file path which caused critical errors.

Fix On some CD versions, WISE would create (but not delete) a high number of voluminous .TMP files. This has been resolved.

Fix We changed the method to access the T4C Server Setup control panel (Start menu or desktop) for compatibility reasons.

Fix erroneous check on Monsignore Damien (keyword PRICE) which blocked the Evil quest on Raven's Dust.

Fix Because of a bug, if you stole a magical item from another player, its charges would be restored to the maximum.

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] Skill descriptions were in English when right-clicking on them.

Bug We hear reports of lost Archery points. To help us document this issue, go to Debug Level 3 and let us know as soon as the problem reoccurs we'll tell you which log we need from you. Only do this if you can run Level 3 without slowing down your server.


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