v1.81.4.425 Dev Release (February 22rd, 2024)

New Addition of automatic saving for the new options system.

New Introduction of a new translation system involving concatenation of all files (.elng) in JSON format.

Mod Now, the display of certain sprites depends on the client's language. Some sprites used the server's language.

Mod Replacement of other char* with std::string.

Mod Correction of the current year display in the resources file.

Mod Correction of Dialsoft's copyright display and its dates in the game display.

Mod Correction of numerous new[] instances that were released by simple delete (memory leak).

Mod 90% of the cleanup completed.

Mod Code restructuring regarding game graphics objects.
Del Removal of the SoundEngine library.

Del Deletion of the old translation system based on multiple encrypted files (.elng).

Del Removal of translation files (.elng).

Del Elimination of encryption for translation files (they are just text...).

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v1.81.4.414 Dev Release (February 18rd, 2024)

New Ability to modify in-game CC color without going through T4C Config and to choose an RGB color code (currently only sliders are functional).

New Creation of a new file "fx.vsb" containing only sound effects (spells, monsters, attacks, etc.).

Mod Improvement of display fluidity.

Mod Modification of the star in the discovery window to a circle (Temporary, while searching for a better idea).

Mod Reorganization of directories containing sound files in the client (\Sounds\Fx & \Sounds\Music).

Mod Refactoring of code in numerous classes (indentations, parentheses, variable names, etc.).

Fix Correction of old/new music files.

Del Deletion of the "T4CGameFile.VSB" file.

Del Removal of duplicate data contained in the sound files.

Del Deletion of duplicate MP3 files.

Del Removal of dead code (unused classes, functions, comments, etc.).

Del Deletion of the MP3 player.

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v1.81.4.400 Dev Release (February 14rd, 2024)

New New management of game configurations and options.

Add Added the ability to modify CTRL+N and CTRL+W macros (identification and maps).

Add Added a complete debugging system allowing memory leak detection.

Add Added an option to mute all game sounds.

Add Added a system that automatically mutes all game sounds when focus is lost on the game window (useful for ALT-TAB at work and no longer having T4C sound).

Add Added the ability to take screenshots in JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG formats (by default PNG will be used and JPEG as an option for web exports...).

Mod Replaced a large part of character pointers with std::string from the standard library.

Mod Very large modifications to in-game lighting management (simpler code and finally allowing compilation in 64 bits).

Mod Numerous modifications to make the client compilable in 64 bits.

Fix Fixed color switching when hovering over a keyword.

Fix Fixed color switching when hovering over a multi-line keyword chain.

Fix Fixed clicking on keywords after color switching repair.

Fix Fixed about 1/3 of memory leaks.

Del The "CD Audio" option has been removed.

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v1.81.4.323 Dev Release (January 23rd, 2024)

Note Many hours of work on the client's new graphic data editing tool

Add Addition of Zlib sources to the Git repository

Mod Modification of the .gitignore file to exclude .bak files from being pushed

Fix Correction of a bug that allowed reading erroneous data into memory when loading a sprite that did not exist (see GetOffsetAndDB)

Fix Rectification of a memory allocation error in the management of sprite loading. The client exceeded the dimensions of byte arrays intended to contain graphic data

Del Removal of unused and unnecessary code

Del Elimination of the loading of numerous sprites that do not exist in the graphic files

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v1.81.4.309 Dev Release (January 15th, 2024)

Add Addition of a new display function for loading messages. Now, it has a parameter that allows displaying the desired message

Add Addition of a new FPS management, which calculates movements, speeds based on the display time (no longer hardcoded values)

Add Introduction of separation of display threads, not everything is drawn on the screen based on a single thread

Mod Update of HDC management, the new functions are: DXDGetDC(&hdc) and DXDReleaseDC, there is no longer a need to specify an identifier during their use

Mod Update of the client version, now it includes the start year "2009" and the current year in the copyright

Mod Update of variable types using the "auto" keyword, providing better code visibility

Mod Update of movement management and their speeds

Fix Correction of an old bug in movements dating back to the Vircom era, causing mini-teleportations of monsters/characters

Fix Correction of movements, spell speeds, animations, etc. (When adding the 32 FPS option, NightMare had simply multiplied/divided values by two without considering floating-point numbers or display time)

Del Removal of numerous unused lines of code

Del Removal of a foolish command allowing flooding in the discussion channel

Del Removal of residual code related to the Pac-Man mini-game reserved for GMs

Del Removal of the display management of loading messages, there were several identical codes

Del Removal of the unused nmdraw class

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v1.81.4.202 Dev Release (January 7th, 2024)

Add Added resolutions 640x480, 1024x768, 1280x768, 1440x900, 1600x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1080

Add Added missing DirectDraw constants in graphics engine management

Mod Updated the global display in T4COption

Mod Updated client default resolution, now it is set to 1280*720 by default

Fix Fixed display of color list in T4COption

Fix Fixed the text color being black if the color of a room was black, now the text color is white

Fix Correction (rewriting) of full screen & windowed mode management

Del Removed many unused variables in the client

Note The resolutions are in testing, this update does not mean that they will actually be applied in future versions of the client.

Note Black wallpapers when loading are normal, graphics for new resolutions are not yet implemented in the client.


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v1.81.4.100 Dev Release (January 6th, 2024)

Mod Conversion of T4C client sources to the latest SDK 10.0.22000.0

Mod Conversion of the platform to version v143 (Visual Studio 2022)

Mod Restructuring of libraries

Mod Code reorganization

Mod Folder restructuring

Mod Modification of projects to make them all uniform and no longer use absolute paths. Now, - they use relative paths

Mod Automatic version management to increment the build number automatically

Del Removed the Pac-Man mini game having nothing to do in the T4C client


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v1.81.4 Official Release (February 2nd, 2021)

Add You can now double-click an item to move it from your inventory to your personal, guild and family chest, or the other way around

Add Added shift-click on all actions to prevent unintended movement

Add Double-clicking an equipped item will unequip it

Mod Stun Blow's chances of success are now tied to a linear correlation between your level and your target's level, instead of a hard

Mod You can now double click directly on the gold display to withdraw it

Mod Shift-clicking to melee attack will prevent you from moving if the target moves

Mod Increased max gold (int 64bits)

Mod Useless items like chairs won't appear on the minimap anymore

Mod XP percentage now displays 2 decimals

Mod Group members have a lower priority, and cannot be targetted if combat mode (ctrl-c) is activated

Fix Fixed the horizontal resize cursor for the chat log window

Fix Fixed damage over time to not deal damage in safe haven

Fix Fixed spells on ground with ctrl held (now repeat cast as intended)

Fix Fixed crash at the end of the loading screen

Fix Fixed list chests gold update when withdrawing all the gold

Del Removed blue markers on the minimap for spells and arrows

Del Removed some useless stuff that was bloating the client size

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v1.81.3 Official Release (October 11th, 2020)

Add Added an option to pin/unpin character, group members, and target plates (this helps you not move the plates around when plate-targeting)

Add Added a message when a player leaves group

Add Added priority mouse targeting on creatures over group members when in ctrl-c mode (instead of completely ignoring group members)

Add Fixed the vertical/horizontal buff bar resize widget not being displayed properly. Also fixed the up and down arrows on the same buff bar

Add Fixed items descriptions not being accurate in auction house

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v1.81.2 Official Release (October 3rd, 2020)

Add The on screen group UI now displays if a member is in range or not and has a different color for the leader

Add After a character reset, players will now have access to a .goback command (only once / reset) to return to where they were before the reset (flag is cleared on reborn)

Add You can now choose horizontal bar for your buff

Add All items will now display their speed and DPS

Add You can unlock your current target by clicking anywhere else on the screen (this to avoid spellcasters auto-attacking mobs)

Add You can now also click on your target's plate to attack it (melee or ranged)

Mod Updated .invite (or .inv) to fix an issue occuring when players had a very similar name

Fix Fixed click to move

Fix Fixed CPU overuse

Fix Fixed chat scrolling

Fix Fixed shift-click to attack on ranged that bypassed the pvp check

Fix Prevented players to use the new "stick to target" system to perma-follow another player

Fix Fixed issue with spells like invisibility when resetting the players (naked at the temple)

Fix Items with triggered effects shouldn't auto-equip if you double click their effects (ex: berserker ring, cloak of renewal, etc...)

Fix Fixed last character bug from NPC with a title on channels

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v1.81.1 Official Release (September 27th, 2020)

Add Right-clicking on an equiped item shows its stats. All items will now also display their weight

Add New equipment system! You can now equip your items by double clicking on them or drag-and-dropping them on the appropriate equipment slot (even if you already have an item equipped)

Add New targeting system

Add You can cast spells on yourself by targeting your character's plate (a.k.a. your character's icon, right next to your hp and mana bars)

Add You can cast spells on your group members by targeting their plate in the group UI

Add When combat mode is activated (ctrl-c), you cannot target your group members anymore (to facilitate mob targeting in group fights)

Add Melee : if you click to attack a monster, your character won't stop for no reason until it has reached your target. When attacking your target, your character will also follow it if it starts moving for any reason

Add Melee : if you have an active target and place yourself next to it using the keyboard, your character will attack it automatically

Add Ranged : while holding SHIFT, if you click on a target, you'll attack it. Otherwise you'll get the same behavior as the current one (to prevent your character from moving when you're just trying to attack -- similar to what exists in Diablo)

Add Spells: you can also hold CTRL and the left mouse button on someone's plate to keep casting now (for example : if you want to heal continuously)

Add "Max" button in the quantity input window (e.g.: merchants, trade, drop, delete...)

Add New built-in GM commands: inactivity time before kick, group xp mode, monster respawn on timer, global monster respawn rate, monster respawn rate per player, monster respawn max inactivity, multiple sessions allowed

Add Fixed text color interleaving

Add Fixed text colors being lost on line breaks in the chat window

Mod Targeted AOE spells got the AOE visual on the main target back (was removed on 1.80 release due to an unexpected bug)

Fix Client will now only save your account(s) info when you successfully logged on with it

Fix Removing a saved account should work properly now

Fix Fixed .dpsstat command to avoid some damage being counted twice

Fix Servers can now create their own commands or edit the baseline ones

Fix Servers can now also choose between using "old school, movement-based respawn", "v1.8 party XP", or "v1.81 timer-based respawn"

Fix When grouped, being inactive for more than 3 seconds will gradually diminish the XP you receive, down to 0 in the v1.8 & 1.81 party xp formulas ("shared")

Fix Fixed a bug that caused teleported players to not receive party AoE heals

Fix Fixed a bug that caused damage over time (DoT) effects to keep dealing damage in safe havens

Fix Fixed the "Sorry, I'm already busy" bug with portals

Fix Fixed the archery stat not being displayed correctly on items description in the auction house

Fix Monsters & NPCs no longer freeze if someone logs out while interacting with them

Fix Players now update nearby players when they are teleported, to avoid some cases where a player teleported near you but you couldn't see them

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v1.80.9 Official Release (September 22nd, 2020)

Add Added translations for some group commands

Mod Reduced XP received with each group member (from 7% to 10% per member less)

Mod New format for the ".help" command

Mod Improved or changed some player commands: ".dice" is now ".roll [number]", ".duelview" becomes ".duelstat", ".hrp" becomes ".norp"

Fix Fixed the dodge detection system and removed the "Dodged!" floating message

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v1.80.8 Official Release (2020)

Fix Fixed some AoE spells which didn't take the main target's armor into account properly

Fix Fixed an issue with group members "blocking" arrows or spells from their fellow group members

Fix Monsters from a same clan will also be able to shoot of throw spells through their allies. They will also now keep their target, even if one of their allies is in their path

Fix Fixed a bug that caused some players to display the name of another player

Del Disabled the ".ah" command

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v1.80.7 Official Release (2020)

Mod Improved the .invite command to allow for multiple invites at once (".inv [player1],[player2],[player3]...")

Mod Changed the color of the group CC that's automatically created when you start a group

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v1.80.6 Official Release (2020)

Fix Fixed a bug causing some spells to not appear correctly in the active spells bar

Fix Fixed a bug that cause some monsters to be randomly invisible

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v1.80.4 Official Release (2020)

Fix Fixed a skill bug (archery not being used correctly, among others)

Fix Fixed a bug with minions (summoning some minions could cause a server crash)

Fix Fixed a bug causing some NPC dialogs to not appear in the chat box

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v1.80.3 Official Release (2020)

Add Monsters can now see and attack you trough their allies

Mod The map showing nearby area has remained on CTRL+TAB instead of only TAB as we announced in order to prevent unexpected crashes

Mod NPCs now stop the dialog with someone being out of range if you try to speak with them

Fix Several fixes due to unexpected behaviours and some new GM commands

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v1.80 Official Release (June 20th, 2020)

Add Added taunt spell that makes monsters focus on you

Add Added fear spell effect that makes monster around you go away

Add Added pacify spell effect that sets monsters' agressivity back to normal (after using a taunt spell

Add Added parry, dodge and stun messages (overhead text like damage)

Add Added critical hit to the game for physical damage and spell effects. A critical blow will appear with "DAMAGE!!". A normal blow will be unchanged : "DAMAGE"

Add It's now possible to use heal over time spells (HoT) that will be influenced by caster stats

Add Added a guild permission that prevents players from leaving their guild

Add Added a group chat (.GROUP or .G ). The channel will be created automatically. If you type .GROUP, you will see a list of all group relative commands

Add Added new group commands : .INVITE (to invite someone to the group without clicking on him), .DISBAND (to disband the group), .KICK (to kicker a player out of the group), .LEAD (to set someone else as group leader)

Add Added .DPS / .DPSRESET commands showing your damage per second. Il also shows your number of hits, and the number of hits dodged and blocked by your target

Add Added a command to see the amount of gold obtained since last reset and the gold/hour rate : .GOLDSTAT / .GOLDRESET

Add Added commands similar to .DPS / .DPSRESET to see the amount of damage you took since last reset, with the number of hits and the number dodged / blocked hits :.TANK/.TANKRESET

Add Added .HEAL / .HEALRESET commands to see statistics on your healing. It shows the heal done on yourself and on the rest of your group separately

Add Added !AH commandallowing you to see Auction House wherever you are, in a safe area

Add Added .WEB, .SHOP, .SUPPORT commands that open corresponding web pages

Add Added .DISCORD command to join T4C Next's official Discord

Add New button on CTRL+O window : Changelog. Click on it to see T4C Next's last changelog. You can also use .CHANGELOG command

Add When you add someone on your ignore list, he won't be able to use the new .INVITE command with you

Add You can now click on "?" keyword in order to answer a question from a NPC. Left click will say YES and right click will say NO

Add You can now refresh buffs from on-use items (such as Gleaming Bluestone gem) by clicking on the spell icon in your active buffs list

Add Added many sprites created by T4CDEV and never added to the client, such as mountains and monsters/items skins

Add Added new network encryption

Add Added functions allowing developer to easily add daily quests

Add Added a function for developers to be able to rename players automatically with the help of a NPC

Add Added a function to automatically create guild with the help of a NPC by calling the GuildMaster::CreateNewGuild function

Add Added a GM command to teleport a whole group on him and bring it back : .GETGROUP / .RETURNGROUP)

Add Added a command for GM to automatically create a group, inviting the 8 closest players : .AUTOGROUP

Add Added an option to add up to 4 randomized values for items between min and max values

Add WDA objects will have 4 new flags : CannotMule, CannotMuleGuild, CannotMuleFamily and AlwaysDrop

Add Added a function to cast spells at a target location (_CastSpellAt)

Add Added the spell id, element type and damage type in the ATTACK_STRUCTURE struct when the hit comes from a spell

Add Added two functions for units ( CanChangeAttackTargetand SetChangeAttackTarget) to control if a creature can change its target when it takes damage or when it bumps into another unit

Add Added a type mask to the GetLocalUnit function

Add Added Character :: AddCC to add the player to the chatter channel (and create the CC if it doesn't already exist)

Add NPCstructure now has 4 callback functions (OnPlayerConnection, OnPlayerDisconnection, OnPlayerDeath and OnPlayerResurrection)

Add Added global.year, global.month, global.week, global.death, global.isday, global.isnight, global.ismorning, global.isafternoon, global.isevening, global.issleeptime functions to formulas

Add Added all sysmsg color (not only light blue !) on WDA NPC and spells sysmsg effects

Add Added a function for servers to see if the blow is a powerful blow (OnHit, OnAttackHit, OnDeath)

Mod New party XP formula. Calculation of the range has been modified. If you're within 5 levels or 20% of the highest level in group, you'll gain 100% XP. If you're below 60% of the highest level, you'll gain 20% of their XP. And anything in between is a linear progression between 20% and 100%, depending on your level difference with the highest in group. Therefore there won't be any huge gap in XP gain between group members like in the past

Mod When using DoT spells on monsters, you will now get XP for each tick

Mod Autowalk activation now uses INSER key to be enabled/disabled. NUM LOCK must be off in order to use num pad to move

Mod Modified .HELP command to add new commands and update the old ones

Mod When you stop speaking with a NPC for a few minutes without saying bye, the discussion will be automatically stopped instead of starting back as soon as you send something in local chat

Mod Indirect talk messages (like Skraugs' messages or Neerya's new instanced dungeon) won't be logged in the chat box anymore

Mod Now, when you sell something using the auction house, gold will be sent to your personal chest instead of your inventory

Mod Modified the login and loading screen background images. Removed old T4CDEV images

Mod Improved global server stability (crash & deadlocks)

Mod Improved server security (protections against SQL injections)

Fix It's now possible to see poison damage on an enemy (poison's tick damage). If you kill someone with a DoT spell, killer will be correctly displayed in the graveyard (no suicide anymore)

Fix DoT spells damage will now be influenced by caster's stats

Fix If you now kill a monster which is not your target (with your Seraph aura, with the AOE of a spell, with a reflect spell (armlet of flames, shield of fire, etc) or because it was between you and your target, your character will continue to attack your target

Fix Now spells wont hit twice if AOE box is checked on WDA Spells. In v1.74, when using meteor you saw 2 damage messages flying above your target. On v1.80, you will see only one. We also disabled the AOE effect on the target (and for group heal spells too)

Fix Fixed archer's bug making them shoot at themselves after their target's death

Fix Fixed the door collision bug. Now all doors should always close after 10 seconds and any player standing on it will be moved out of the way

Fix Fixed trade through walls (trading is now cancelled if there is no line of sight between the two players)

Fix Fixed error in encumbrance calculation when buying items

Fix Fixed the bug making monster attack the furthest target in the top-left direction. They will now attack the closest target as intended

Fix Fixed .ROLL command to display results in the 1-100 range instead of 0-99

Fix You can now click on multiline keywords instead of writing them when speaking to a NPC

Fix Fixed the bug where a spell triggered by "on equiped" action on an item would be inactive after logging off

Fix After a full server reboot (usually known as "everybody logs back on at their sanctuary, naked"), buffing spells won't be erroneously displayed as still active anymore

Fix Fixed some errors in texts and typos

Fix Players can no longer use special characters to name their pets. It was causing crashes

Fix XP log issue at high level is fixed

Fix Fixed sysmsg error problem when cast in an area

Fix Fixed PrivateTalk bugs

Del The feature allowing to target next monster using TAB has been removed

Del PVP system from NMS on CTRL+O window has been removed

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v1.74 "Security" Official Release (May 10th, 2020)

Note We were forced to fix some important things on the current version on all Dialsoft servers. No new version for that needed.

Add New logs

Fix Security issues on server

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v1.74 Official Release (January 22nd, 2019)

Note T4CDEV latest version.

Mod Tab key will now select next available monster. If you click tab it will cycle thru all monsters within range.

Mod With the change made to the Tab key, You will need to use CTRL + Tab in order to view your Tab Map.

Mod Modifications to help increase performance of the client.

Fix Issues with anti plug system Fixed.

Fix Windowed mode works once again on Windows 10.

Fix Alt + Enter will now switch between full screen and windowed mode.

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v1.73 Official Release (April 2nd, 2018)

Bug Items left on the ground will now auto vaporize themselves after a 15 minute delay

Add New Family System

Add New PVP System

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v1.71 Official Release (2011)


Add Increase FPS to 32 (remove move kick effect) (16 always avaiable in option)

Add In windowed mode set the display in 32 bits (no windows resolution or color table change)

Add New Spell Effect

Add New Monster

Add New Floor 100% new floor avaiable

Add New Wall set

Add Supported character on player name -äïëöüéèàùâîêôû

Add Add UAC message on startup

Add Music, light and ambiant map layer

Add 3 new worlds now have 8 worlds

Add Change GM Request to send request with GUI

Mod New help inside game

Mod GM Interface optimisation and new options

Mod Change the savegame file format

Fix Improve stability

Fix Many game bugs


Add Random blood effect on character hit


Add Server time synchronization every 15 minutes

Add New command to make fun effect on client on the 1rst april START1APRIL

Add Option to reset a player boust and teleported to safe zone

Add New GM command to help gm management

Add New Skill

Mod Change GM request to put in database and keep message on server startup

Mod Change the console and rebuild t4CShell.exe to work

Mod Accept character -äïëöüéèàùâîêôû on playername

Fix Improve stability

Fix Many game bugs

Fix Many game leack


Add Optimize map editor and add new feature to generate minimap and GM map in 1 click and many other feature

Add Editor for Client light, music and ambient sound map zone

Add Editor for profession

Add Editor for server event

Add Editor for podding monster on server

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v1.70 Official Release (2010)


New Smooth Floor 2.0.

New New options client/server

New New launcher (Improved performance on logging in and out of 1.7)

New Compatibility OS XP / Vista / Seven

New Player switch ( Switch player without disconnection server )

Add New profession/employment system (Apothecary, Jeweler, Tailor, Armorer, Blacksmith and Woodcrafter)

Add tombstone system (When you die, you can appear as a tombstone. 10% chance to recall to death position. Also available is robbing corpse and/or bringing it back to life)

Add Guild system

Add Query GM system (Messaging system to send GMs messages for help)

Add Roleplay status system

Add Auction house system

Add Player command 2.0 [ XP Statistics and other ( Use .help )

Add More Options T4Cconfig

Add 40+ New visual appearances

Add 100+ New decor appearances (150 New decor items)

Add Flooring/ground (Doors, grass, water, etc)

Add Misc items

Add New GM command (including a command from the server Abomination)

Add Names with accented characters

Add 20 New monster skins ( Grinch, Killer Snowman and more…)

Add New Spell

Add Luck character point in the character window

Add And more

Fix Many Client Crash/Bug fixed (Fix to the alt tab issue and more)

Fix Memory optimization on client

Fix Some Optimization on client


New All functions system server On/Off ( New system (profession etc… Only )

Fix Many Security holes server fixed

Fix Many Server Crash/Bug fixed

Fix Memory optimization on server

Fix Some Optimization on server

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v1.61 Official Release (January 11th, 2007)

Note T4CV2 latest version

New GameOp command added: GIVE SPELL $ (adds spell to the god) 

New 4 Boost formulas supported

New SetStat spell effect adjusted and improved

New ItemInfo windows can be completely disabled via the Control Panel

New Extra flags can be saved from deletion during remort via the Control Panel

Mod Weather (Rain/Fog/Snow) are disable. The system will be reworked to improve the client resources. It should be back asap.

Fix Weapons damages bug fixed.

Fix Armor Penetration skill damage changed.

Fix GameOp command SwitchRain/Snow/Fog are disable and should be back as soon as possible.

Fix Quiver item fixed to add item damage and trigger item spells.

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v1.60 Official Release (October 16th, 2006)


New Resolutions from 640x480 up to 1024x768

New Transparency in the interface & game (can be switched off)

New Atmospheric effects

New Floors, walls, trees, flowers..

New Areas, Ice Cavern, Goblin camp, Main cities reworked

New interface

New Monster skin: Yeti

New Items: Flowers, Hammers, Swords, Staffs, Ham, Hats...

New Realtime Minimap

New Realtime Auto-discovering Map

New Beginners' welcoming tutorial

New Game Launcher is now more configurable, can set different servers/accounts prefs

New Deleted characters can now be restored.

New Measures added to prevent long time warps if a character fails to save to the database.

New Better server thread registering, tracking, and logging.


New Enable/Disable effect when hide gets uncovered

New Enable/disable Rob while walking

New Enable/Disable Rob while being attacked

New Option to enable/disable XP logging on every hit (as it used to be)

New Possibility to change CC colors and main game macros (spellbook, inventory..)

Fix some items skins: Goblin mask

Fix some memory leaks that made the client crashing

Fix letters are now readable

Fix Quest for Willowisp Ring (npc: Evelyn RD)

Fix Oracle Invis Laby bypass

Fix Chamber of speed exploit

Fix Doppelganger portal

Fix Caledbolg's Shrine entrance NPC

Fix Newbie Bug fixed

Fix Memory leaks in server fixed.

Fix Put a limit of summoning monsters by quantity (limit 200 at a time).

Fix Line of Sight problem where A could target B but B couldn't target back.

Fix Infinite spells no longer wears off when logging off and their icons no longer disappears from client screen while its still running.

Fix legacy code where players were not allowed to get full XP (on-hit xp) when over level 199.

Fix NPC shouting on channels now logs to shouts log.

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v1.50 Official Release (November 20th, 2005)


New Crypt

New Trade system

New Spell skins

New Colored capes

Fix 5 seconds delay at opening

Fix Human keeping invisible after login

Fix Spells casted on self appeared to come from other person in some situations


New Crypt

New Trade system

New Junk is now logged

New GM command: SHOW CHEST

New GM can now see user chest (thru set context)

New SQL logs are now fully configurable thru T4C Setup

Fix Critical strike on hide

Fix Server crash with levels higher than 250

Fix Chest crash with itemcount()

Fix Remote buy/sell/train/teach/learn no longer allowed

Fix Unhide now has a spell effect

Fix PVP holes at temple opening at runtime

Fix First Aid improved

Fix SQL syntax problem

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v1.40 Official Release (May 30th, 2005)

New Chest released. Players can now mule items online. 

New Servers can now create a custom message that will be displayed to players when they run out of credits. 

New Servers can now setup a custom URL which will be opened automatically when players run out of credits. 

New Servers can setup custom startup and sanctuary positions to newly created players. 

New Servers can now configure teleport areas to make steps, caves and other things present on maps usable. 

New Servers can now use SetStat Effect on spells. 

New Servers can now use SysMsg Effect on spells. 

New Boostformulas can now access hour, minutes and seconds (game time) 

New Client now remembers last visited servers (not only the last one) 

Fix Client no longer crashes when another program is opened while its loading. 

Fix CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN now works even when the Chatter interface is not showing up. 

Fix Hitting ENTER when there is no text to send no longers add an empty entry to the history nor try to send the empty message to the server. 

Fix Players no longer appears invisible if they are seraph and dont move after login. 

Fix Players should no longer get black screen when connecting to the game. 

Fix Group no longers get disbanded when the leader leaves or crash. Instead, the leadership goes along to the next group member in the server's list.   

Fix Server wont start if the Server-Editor files are missing. This avoid players losing items when server bootups without the files by mistake. 

Fix When equipping/unequipping, the item being dragged should no longer disappear. 

Fix Screenshot (CTRL+H) fixed and macro'ed back.   

Fix Music was not being play when after a teleport 

Fix Black screen when on full screen and under a menu interface (CTRL+S/L/I/O..) after an ALT-TAB to other application. 

Fix Menu not showing up after an ALT-TAB while loggin in on full screen mode. 

Fix Screenshot (CTRL+H) when in windowed was taking screenshot of the whole desktop.

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v1.30 Official Release (April 2nd, 2005)

New When paging anothe user, you will recieve a message (Paged SomeBody: the text you sent him here).

New Max seraph number is settable by server operators.

New Max number of characters each account can have is settable by server operators.

New Objects, NPCs, Players and GMs now show their names in different colors when right clicked.

New Windowed mode is selectable when you start the T4C Client.

New AFK Auto-responder

Fix the bug that allowed ppl to get the portal to SH/RD without having finished the main quest to SH/RD.

Fix Rob no longer works if there is a wall or any blocking object between the players.

Fix Peek no longer works if there is a wall or any blocking between players.

Fix Rob no longer works while player is walking, casting spells, using items or getting attacked.

Fix Line of sight fixes.

Fix Monsignor Damien takes now the earring.

Fix Hide is canceled if player is attacked.

Fix Planewalking (You lost now access to PlaneWalking when you reborn.)

Fix The Oracle now ends the conversation when you seraph.

Fix Loading screen macro bug has been removed.

Fix T4C shouldnt lag the machine so bad anymore, so other programs may run more smothly concurrently with game.

  • AFK Mode using method:

    • !AFK [on|off|view|message]

    • on   : turns the afk mode on

    • off  : turns the afk mode off.

    • view : shows the current afk message and mode

    • message: modify the current afk message.

New You can fully edit the text if the chatter UI is fully opened.

Here are the functions:

  • While playing (ChatterUI minimized):

    • CTRL+Left: Go a character back

    • CTRL+Right: Go to next character

    • Delete: Delete the next character

    • Backspace: Delete a character back

    • CTRL+Up: Go back to last sentences (No limit)

    • CTRL+Down: Go to next sentences

  • While on the ChatterUI:

    • CTRL+Left: Go a character back

    • CTRL+Right: Go to next character

    • CTRL+Up: Go back to last sentences (No limit)

    • CTRL+Down: Go to next sentences

    • Home: Go to the begin of the sentence

    • End: Go to the end of the sentence

    • Delete: Delete the next character

    • Backspace: Delete a character back

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v1.25d Official Release (August 29th, 2003)

Note Vircom Interactive latest version

Fix A tentative fix to correct a server crash that occurs during PvP combat.

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v1.25b Official Release (October 25th, 2002)

New It is now possible to disable the Doppelganger portals through a registry key. They will still be in the game but they will be unusable.
A value of 0 (default) means that the Doppelganger's portals are active. If you set it to 1, then they will be deactivated.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Vircom\The 4th Coming Server\GeneralConfig]

Mod The protection given by the Belt of unstable protection has been toned down.

Mod The abilities of the celestial armor have been slightly toned down.

Fix The Vicars (Asgoth, Ramiel, Kervian and Vharmes), Jormungand, Fenrir and Hel no longer give experience points per damage dealt.

Fix The portal in the mountains leading to Makrsh P'Tangh's lair has been relocated.

Fix The Wizard's Vale portal spell now works properly.

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v1.25a Official Release (August 20th, 2002)

Fix The "Wrath of the Ancients" aura spell now remains on your character once you earn it.

Fix The duplicated chests & doors in the Oracle zone should be resolved.

Fix It is no longer possible to enter Nomad's house door by going through the inexistant blocking.

Fix The client no longer crashes if the player clicks on the unstable gem's status icon.

Fix The runed stone tablet should now work properly.

Fix A door has been added in Efnisien's house.

Fix During the rescue of High Priest Gunthar, it was possible to visit a clone in his study room.

Fix A few typos introduced in the Addon quests have been corrected.

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v1.25 Official Release (June 18th, 2002)

Fix The CTRL-A and CTRL-W map quit button no longer leads to the first screen of F1.

Fix The Tutorial should no longer be started when a player remorts.

Fix A new utility "t4c tweak" has been made available and will allow the removal of the seraph effect upon entrance.

Fix The unlimited light bug has been corrected.

Fix It is now possible to attain the 3rd remort.

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v1.24 (March 25th, 2002)


Fix The give karma has been removed from Mordrick Warstone.

Fix Malaar should no longer give free karma if you dropped the gold before confirming the donation.

Fix The on-screen macros should no longer disappear if the user is teleported elsewhere.

Fix The F12 screenshot key has been moved to CTRL-H instead.

Fix There has been some work done on how the font is displayed at the screen. You should not see much difference but if you encounter a problem, please report it.


New It is now possible to set whether the Colosseum monsters will give experience points. This option can be set in the T4C Control Panel. However, before enabling this option, be sure that you understand the impacts of the Colosseum on your server's balance.

Fix The group bug exploit in the XP Colosseum has been resolved.

Fix A while back, a fix has been made for the Blade of Ruin quest. However, the fix did not correct players who had already lost it. An attempt has been made to allow these characters to return to NPC Kiadus and request a new blade of ruin.

Fix A RADIUS modification to send VOP Service parameters with accounting packets and handling of VOP/T4C access keys.

Fix A user ghosting issue introduced with the RADIUS modification has been resolved.

Fix The "World Objects.dll", "SpellEffects.dll" and "Skills.dll" are not longer required because they have been merged with the server executable.

Fix A monster death flag INT overflow in the character database has been resolved.

Fix [TRANSLATION] Evelyn and the Exit Portal can now be translated.

Fix [TRANSLATION] Korean characters are now supported properly.

Fix [TRANSLATION] The Korean font should no longer cause client lag under Windows XP.

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v1.23 (September 17th, 2001)


New Due to popular demand: the Colosseum has had a complete makeover.

  • Here are the changes:

    • The layout of the Colosseum has been modified to accomodate spectators (players).

    • To prevent abuse, the Colosseum monsters NO LONGER give experience points.

    • It is possible for a GM to temporarily remove the ability of the Colosseum Clerk to summon new monsters.

    • A new battlefield has been added: the Battleground. This place has NO monsters, only players willing to fight.

    • The Battleground, like the Colosseum, can also accomodate spectators.

New A new NPC named Evelyn has been added to the game.

New A local map can be displayed by pressing CTRL-A and a world map by pressing CTRL-W.

New There is now a tutorial to lower the learning curve for new players. To disable it, type 'help off' and to re-enable it, type 'help on'.

New New, more useful F1 help screens have been implemented.

Fix Madrigan's mad house locked door problem has been corrected.

Fix Archibald no longer talks to the character that he just teleported away.

Fix Glaenshenmilandira no longer cuts the conversation when she talks about her Purifiers.

Fix Using the bonesword of the berserker & the screaming helm of Ogrimar no longer reduces the skill level below 0.

Fix The scroll of barrier now has a spell effect associated with its usage.

Fix The crazed nurses now give experience points when hit.

Fix The drum and the royal key in Reynen's chest should spawn more often.

Fix The ring of the forester should spawn less often.

Fix The cedar longbow has been added on the Lord of the Shops.

Fix The ring of the Seraph is now set to be destroyed at Seraph. We apologize for the inconvenience but it was meant this way.

Fix Using a raindrop with a macro now works properly.

Fix Corrected the minor exploit concerning the Red-Eyed Centaurs and the mind control talismans.

Fix Idas' wager game has been removed but it might return in the future someday.

Fix A slew of typos have been corrected.

Fix A bunch of graphical & blocking errors in the mapping have been corrected.


New The "Session-Timeout" in the RADIUS authentication response is now officially supported by the T4C server.

New The NAS IP address is included in the RADIUS authentication request.

Fix A potential server crash involving Zhakar and the sweepers has been resolved.

Fix The teleportation (client) crash for GMs should be resolved.

Fix The memory leak that plagued the VOPCom vof the T4C Server has been resolved.

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v1.22 (August 1st, 2001)


Fix The invisible barrier that kept monsters from leaving Orkanis castle has been removed.

Fix The area in the colosseum has been enlarged.

Fix The "PvP holes" problem in Lighthaven has been corrected.

Fix The sword of might can no longer be sold.

Fix The Unholy Blessing spell no longer harms the monster casting it.

Fix The cord of treachery now has the appearance of a belt.

Fix The mithril bastard sword now has the same appearance in the backpack and in hands.

Fix The bonus & duration given by the raindrop/raincloak are capped at 25 raindrops.

Fix Some blocking errors have been fixed.

Fix Right-clicking on the left side of the interface now returns the correct message.

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v1.21 (May 18th, 2001)


New There is now a BUGS channel hard-coded into the server. Anyone can shout in it and the comments are recorded in the shout logs no one who is in that channel gets spammed by the various bug shouts (it's all private).

Fix Corrected several miscellaneous typos and other glitches in NPC speeches.

Fix The Tomb Raider quest (which can only be done once) now gives 5000 XPs.

Fix Keyword "Nightingale" wasn't working properly on Balork. It now does.

Fix Some quest items (Letter of Kalir, Letter of Jamar and Crown of Corruption) could be lost, hence breaking the quest for which they were devised. They can no longer be lost/dropped.

Fix Using multiple spaces in a name can no longer be used to usurp someone else's character name in the game.

Fix Items that can't be dropped or junk no longer have any weight.

Fix Malaar no longer mentions the Mato Forest.

Fix Some blocking errors have been fixed.

Fix Some graphic errors on the map have been fixed.

Fix A flaw in the paging system would allow you to page someone and force his account to be disconnected from the server. This has been corrected.

Fix King Theodore's letter of introduction (when you first connect to the game) is back.

Fix Torches didn't light up when you entered the game you had to use a second one for it to work.

Fix There is now a system message to let you know if you've failed to pick a lock.

Fix Monsignore Damien didn't acknowledge swearing allegiance to Ogrimar and kept taking 50k GPs over and over.

Fix Monsignore Damien can remove the Elvenbane from your backpack after you've taken care of Shadeen.

Fix Ctrl-A and Ctrl-W are once more available to bind keys.

Fix The Lesser Drain spell had no projectile graphic. It now does (it's a black ball).

Fix A fatal bug in the Blade of Ruins quest has been fixed. Amandra would improperly set a flag to a certain value regardless of your answer to a question she asked, which corrupted the quest.

Fix Objects that were no-drop and no-junk, and which aren't necessary to quests can now be junked.

Fix The dragon no longer disappears when it heals players (the spell effect was removed because it caused the error).


New A new section under Advanced Concepts now explains how encumbrance works (mathematically) for those who wish to use it in ASP pages to create an item storage system.

New A new section under Advanced Concepts --> Karma Attribute gives the formulas we use to affect the Karma attribute. Use with caution.

Fix A player who reaches level 200 would receive stat & skill points as if he were leveling up every time he'd hit a monster. That's never happened to a player, but it's been reported by a diligent game-op.

Fix We made Makrsh P'Tangh weaker (half the HPs).

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v1.20d (April 18th, 2001)


Fix Corrected several miscellaneous typos and other glitches in NPC speeches.

Fix The full charge of the Ring of the Forester and the Hammer of True Sight could be duplicated (but not anymore).

Fix Using the Hide skill could cause graphics problems (doors in the middle of nowhere, walls sheared off their buildings, etc.).

Fix An exploit with the Pick Lock skill has been resolved.

Fix Some NPCs addressed Seraphs as "humans." They no longer do so.

Fix Some NPCs in the game gave erroneous requirement for the Rob skill (which is actually Peek 25%).

Fix The Ring of Darkness generated light.

Fix It's no longer possible to exit the game to increase the difficulty level of the Colosseum without fighting the monsters in it.

Fix There is now an XP cap on the XPs that can be earned from a kill. This cap is equal to 5% of what a player needs to go from the beginning of his current level to the next.

Fix Some characters with the Rob skill and the Sanctuary spell could exploit the combination by making themselves invulnerable. They can no longer do so (Robbing can only be done if the character is *not* suffering from "attack exhaust," a condition that occurs during the Sanctuary spell).

Fix A bug allowed a hidden item to remain invisible permanently.

Fix Some "hooked" spells (such as Kingsnake Poison) could prevent you from talking properly to some NPCs.

Fix There was an invisible object the size of a rock in a cavern (it's been removed).

Fix Some trainers in Stoneheim were still using the old training system (pre-dating the new interface).

Fix A cheat allowed players to "summon" an infinity of Sweepers, as long as you hadn't killed one before.

Fix A cheat allowed players to get unlimited Belladona Berries by repeatedly killing Greyleaf.

Fix Vampire Wings can no longer be sold.

Fix The "Save Password" setting was turned off automatically regardless of the previous setting.

Fix After Webpatching, the client would crash and not restart.

Fix The letter of introduction from the king (at the beginning of the game) has been removed.

Fix J1 Permit (Madrigan's Madhouse) wasn't being dropped properly (as in, not at all). It's now available.

Fix Your account could stay active on the server for 45-60 seconds after having quit the game.

Fix You couldn't click on a Potion of Tranquility to re-drink it when its effect was fading (blinking).

Fix Spells Minor Combat Sense, Mana Surge, and Major Combat Sense caused the cursor to switch to "combat cursor" over the caster, which was just confusing and wrong.

Fix NPC Iago Caballero's begin speech (to evil characters) said he must purify you, but would just break the conversation and go away.

Fix Lord Stonecrest's Terror spell was messed up (MOB Terror Spell Effect instead of MOB Terror Spell).

Fix Corrected some vagueness in the description of the following spells: Moon Aura, Star Aura, and Sun Aura.

Fix Dispel no longer affects the following player/monster/item spells: Entangle, Petrification, Terror, Quicksands, Peaceful Night, Silence of the Lambs, Stone, Hell Chains, and Crystal Sword of Might's effect.

Fix Brother Niuss has been fixed so he collects gold normally for his healing services.

Fix Potion of Reversal has been removed from the game.

Fix Some crashes & deadlock situations which occured while exiting the game should no longer occur.

Fix Character outline now updated at level up.

Fix Some bug reports hinted that brightness control didn't work properly. Actually, it does, but only in High Graphics mode in Low Graphics, it has no effect.

Fix A notice may inform some WinNT4 users that music & sound are no longer officially supported (they still work for now, and will as long as we can manage it, but that may change in the future).


Fix After an item was summoned, if the summoner walked way and came back, the item was invisible (but still there).

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] Some translations issues caused King Theodore to respond improperly to some keywords ("SAPHIR").

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] Some translations issues caused Elysana Blackrose to respond improperly to some keywords ("SAPHIR").

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] Some translations issues caused Theopold to respond improperly to some keywords ("CHAÎNE").

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] String 10208 refers to "World Wild Horse" (links to World (884), Wild (10208) Horse(10221)) String 10209 & 10210 refer to "Demon Tree Wood" (links to Demon (6342), Tree(10209) Wood(10210)).

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v1.20b (January 10th, 2001)


Fix Corrected some typos & keyword problems in the game or on some NPCs (Lothan, Malaar, Delvar Irongrip).

Fix Corrected gender-specific word on Laren.

Fix Corrected graphical bugs in the game.

Fix Sanctuary spell now protects from Mana Burst.

Fix Monsignore Damien failed to retrieve Shadeen's earrings after the quest was completed.

Fix After you did the Chronicles of Doom quest, Shadeen (keyword: Missions) would still talk about the Scroll of Evil Deed instead of admitting she had no more mission to give you.

Fix Zhakar now checks if you've finished the good quest on Raven's Dust and are still carrying Royal Keys. If so, he removes them since they're no longer useful to you and only take up inventory space.

Fix The CLIENT.GP file kept growing and could become quite large over time. It is now erased every time you start T4C.

Fix The Colosseum (remort area) has been adjusted to prevent overly fast character leveling.

Fix Mirymwen Featherfoot should have had a dagger instead of a longsword.

Fix Mana Surge was considered a "harmful" spell (the sword cursor would appear over the caster).

Fix There was an odd patch of blue water near the upper wall of Madrigan's Madhouse, just sitting there in the darkness.

Fix In Madrigan's Madhouse, there were problems with items and/or NPCs stuck behind/through doors.

Fix Midnight Shrouds no longer drop in the Forest of No Return. Seraphs who got them prior to this patch can now drop them (they were previously undroppable).

Fix You could click on the Potion of Heroism (use item), but it had no effect (like many quest items). You can no longer "use" it, only carry it for quest purposes.

Fix The following items can no longer be sold: Skeleton Bone, Golden Chalice, Tarantula Eyes, Chaos Key, Twisted Key, Runic Scripting Kit, Magic Scripting Kit, and Decaying Bat Wings.

Fix If you didn't have the Green Gemstone of the Forest Spirit when killing Greyleaf, you wouldn't get the message confirming receipt of the Belladona Berries.

Fix The Drachenstaff is now two-handed.

Fix A wooden sign near the Centaur area on Stoneheim gave no directions it now does.

Fix There was a gender-specific message confirming you'd joined someone's group. It's been rewritten to remove the offensive term.

Fix During a Seraph's entrance, a non-attack cursor would suddenly become an attack cursor.

Fix Talking during combat with an NPC would interrupt combat.

Fix When right-clicking on the Agility icon, it said AGI limits how high you could train your Attack & Dodge skills, which is no longer true. This has been corrected.

Fix Elysana Blackrose wouldn't take the Flask of Bluish Liquid even though she kept begging everyone for it (even people not on the relevant quest). The good news is that she now recognizes the flask again and takes it if you offer it to her.

Fix Liurn Clar would say he was taking 10,000 GPs from your inventory, but would actually only take 1,300 GPs.

Fix Ancient Ring would stay in backpack, unusable, even after Bones of Ogrimar quest was completed.

Fix Ghundarg Rumblefoot would get attacked by the snakes he was summoning.


Fix Added reference in server manual to obtain "invisible" appearances of monsters (add 1000 to the regular ID of the monster).

Fix The Colosseum has been adjusted. Details are included in Appendix K of the server manual.

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v1.20 (December 19th, 2000)


Fix Corrected some typos on various NPCs.

Fix We made some improvements to the grass to reduce the pattern effect it could produce.

Fix Upon dying, Rogue Mages didn't explode (as they should have). The explosion effect would appear on the player character instead (causing no damage other than psychological).

Fix Music now changes properly around Silversky. Prior to the fix, the outdoors music would play inside the castle.

Fix Macros are now wiped at remort (since some may be linked to spells the character no longer has).

Fix The quests that were blocked on Raven's Dust have now been unblocked.

Fix If you get an unusual error (class not registered, execution failed, etc.), a popup box appears to remind you to use the SAFE MODE to start the game.

Fix The Gem of Destiny used to vanish after the remort (it didn't affect gameplay, but it was distressing all the same).


New The NPC Lord of the Shops now wanders Stoneheim, selling some of the best warrior items in the game (which were previously slated for Island #4 and Island #5).

Fix Various typos on some NPCs.

Fix Learning gateway spells through Khimtesar is now easier (speech is clearer).

Fix For "security" reasons, we've limited the number of remorts to 2. We may increase that in the future if we determine the risk to game balance is minimal.

Fix After a remort, it is now more expensive to purchase boosts to elemental powers than to elemental resistances.

Fix After Makrsh P'Tangh's death, there are now some portals in his zone that allow users to leave that area.

Fix T4CDBUPD can now be run to clean up all the flags that blocked quests on Raven's Dust.

Fix Boosts have changed on Elven Chainmail, Mithril Chainmail, Dwarven Platemail, Dragonscale and Ancient Platemail. Run T4CDBUPD to ensure everyone's armor is changed properly.

Fix The Cape of the Ancient Assassin (from remort zone Forest of No Return) was useless to Seraphs (because of the wings) and has been relocated.

Fix PM Theisser has been removed (no longer spawn).

Fix Successive remorting was potentially too quick and some requirements have been set: Stoneheim now requires level 50 and remorting now requires level 75 + 5 extra levels per remort already done.

Fix When purchasing boosts or upgrades on the Colosseum Clerk for the first time, Battle Tokens were deducted from the user every fight, the boosts were cast on the player without him having to purchase them again.

Fix We created additional items that have Attack Skill requirements (Bracer of Leaves, Warder's Cloak, Runed Halberd, Cracked Blue Bracers, Prismatic Armband, Translucent Wristband, Hero's Amulet, Gladiator's Ring and Darkwood Shield).

Fix Speech bug in King Gravesoul has been fixed.

Fix The (obsolete) Patch Server has been completely removed from the code and is no longer required to properly run T4C.

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] One string on Doremas hadn't been parsed properly (now is).

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] Corrected some string conflict ("poison" vs "poisoned") in the French version.

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v1.19a (December 12th, 2000)


Fix The Silver Feather can no longer be dropped, stolen or junked.

Fix Dispel now only affects "negative" spell effects on the target it can't dispel "positive" effects. It can also be cast in haven areas (temples), where it couldn't be cast before because of PvP restrictions.

Fix The sound bug that caused client crashes is now fixed. If you've used the MusicOff.reg file to turn your music option OFF, you can use the MusicOn.reg file to turn it back on.

Fix Darkfang no longer calls you "human" after you've become a Seraph.


Fix While visiting post-remort NPCs, an [spell boost] exploit allowed a user to gain hundreds of HPs at level 1 and potential invulnerability to spells.

Fix Makrsh P'Tangh's gateway spell didn't work properly (didn't teleport users who were nearby). It now does.

Fix Disabled spell Mass Plague (ID 10466). It is now safe to give your game-ops the powers to give spells, although we don't recommend you do.

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v1.19 (December 5th, 2000)


New If you are installing the T4C client on a Win2000 computer that doesn't have SP1, you'll get a warning informing you the game may not work properly (you may pursue the installation if you wish).

Fix Corrected graphical & blocking bugs.

Fix Corrected some random crashes at logon.

Fix Some small sections of no-PvP zones didn't prevent PvP properly. They work fine now.

Fix Illusion Weavers once more weave illusions (i.e. they once more summon the right monsters).

Fix The automatic "send report" feature has been removed from the client.

Fix To prevent abuse of the Meditate skill (whose intent is for someone to *stop* walking, meditate and regain mana), there is now some movement exhaustion linked to its use.

Fix The new interface now fully supports left-handed mouse.

Fix The percentage of bonus to the Archery skill given by bows and Minor Combat Sense has been adjusted (it was calculated on the modified skill, not the base skill).

Fix When a skill was put in a macro, it didn't have the correct description (right-click).

Fix A bug allowed PKillers to slay users while they were "in transit" after using a teleportation scroll or a spell of Recall (often using Mana Burst).

Fix Balork once again responds properly to keyword "Bye."

Fix The client no longer leaves a 65Mb temp file in the client directory after a successful install.

Fix Using a banker, there was a way to create unlimited gold (but one piece at a time). We've fixed that.

Fix A cheat allowed players to remain invisible even if they attacked or cast spells.

Fix The CLEAR MACRO button in the Macros menu wasn't working right, creating problems with assigning macros in general.

Fix Rain of Fire and Chain Lightning should no longer harm the caster.

Fix Items dropped at PC death caused problems (visible in backpack, but couldn't be sold, dropped, junked or equipped).

Fix After casting Sanctuary, a cheat allowed users to get rid of the exhaustion but not of the effect (thus being able to attack while invincible).

Fix During patching, it may happen that some files cannot be created. This is sometimes due to MSIE's cache being too full. For instructions on how to delete your cache, visit the Troubleshooting section of our Demo Center.

Fix When "Log NPC Text" option was turned off, PC texts were no longer logged they now are.

Fix A cheat allowed a player to hide near a wall and be immune to spell attacks from other players.

Fix We've increased the time it takes before NPCs break conversation with you (it was reportedly too short).

Fix Skill "Teach" boxes now display name, description and requirements. Skill "Train" boxes only display name and description.

Fix During the remort, you will lose all of your quest items, but your normal items will remain. (Don't worry if you don't know--yet--what a remort is.)

Fix Casting spells while walking could sometimes prevent the spell from being cast properly. We've fixed that.

Fix Peasant/Thief/NPCs with non-puppet appearance now have a puppet appearance.

Fix The interface wouldn't give an error messge if you tried learning/training while not having enough gold for it.

Fix Healing used to interrupt auto-combat. Now, you can cast it without interruptions you can also re-cast any effect you currently have on you without losing auto-combat.

Fix Added "energy ball" effect (various colors) to all non-projectile spells.

Fix A bug caused an item flag to be lost when the item was dropped to the ground, causing an interruption of the Vault Raid quest (given by Shadeen) on Raven's Dust.

Fix Channel settings (names, colors, etc.) weren't being saved correctly.

Fix The character used to rotate on himself when casting a spell on itself. This should no longer happen.

Fix map bugs in the wasp cave.

Fix There were situations where you could have full health and still have a yellowish outline. This should no longer happen.

Fix It was still possible for someone in no-page mode to page someone using the dialogue bar at the bottom of the interface. We've fixed that. It can no longer be done.

Fix If you get error 03 during the installation of your client, you'll get a notice explaining that the missing files will be downloaded when you first connect to the game.

Fix The guard in Windhowl would call female characters "Sir." He no longer does this.

Fix Arcane Scrolls can now be sold to Chryseida Yolangda (Stoneheim character).

Fix Fake shouting problem resolved.

Bug Reintroduced (temporarily) the graphic glitch where a spell effect remains stationary even if the target is moving. The previous fix (in v1.18b) was causing too many client crashes in v1.19. We'll correct that for v1.20.


New Commands (UN)BLOCK PUBLIC CHANNELS allow game-ops (with flag GOD_CHAT_MASTER) to block/unblock these channels at will.

New Command VIEW TOTAL CHANNEL LIST (flag GOD_CHAT_MASTER) allows a GM to see all channels currently available in the game.

New Robbing is logged in PCEdit.log.

Fix In Debug.log, when an NPC would spawn on blocking, it didn't give the world Z coordinate (in the format X, Y, Z).

Fix Rough Emerald (monster drop) is back in the game.

Fix GM Assistant's SHOUT command once more works properly.

Fix A check now prevents Monsignore Damien from giving a scroll if a player has already killed Shadeen. The Tightly Wrapped Scroll is removed on Zhakar if a user has finished the Evil quest.

Fix A typo on Menark (saying Potion of Fury instead of Flask of Crystal Water) broke the quest.

Fix Altered some strings in Nafuhr Bloodhammer.

Fix Altered some code in Kalastor to make the Evil quest easier (more intuitive for newbies) on Arakas.

Fix Game-op commands were confused when applied to a name that included multiple words, including a "TO" (such as a user called "Go To My Website").

Fix Increased drop rate of Blue Gem on Minotaurs, of Red Gems on Demon Trees, of Yellow Gems on Black Guards and of Green Gems on Rogue Mages.

Fix In the quest to scribe a Tome of Valor, NPC Liurn Clar's 2-hour delay doesn't work properly (book could be gotten immediately).

Fix Death.log now makes a difference between death due to DoT (damage over time) and PvP death.

Fix Death.log now includes more information (account ID, location of death, equipment lost, etc.).

Fix Modified Balork's code to better support "BYE" keyword as well as some quest streamlining & behavioral adjustments.

Fix Undefined item references in various logs (at server startup) now removed.

Fix IP-checking and validation is now done before webpatch kicks in, to prevent bandwidth leeching.

Fix When someone would finish the Royal Key quest (on Raven's Dust), the only key that was lost was Mordrick's Key, none of the others were taken. We've fixed that now so that all keys are eventually removed.

Fix There were some glitches regarding the messages sent by the server when using charged items.

Fix To prevent fast levelling & reduce the exploits, there have been modifications to blocking in some places (near Zhakar, for instance) and to the range of Kraanian spells (to prevent river XPs).

Fix To prevent additional exploits, we've increased the range of spells on Death Chosen and Skeleton Warlocks. We've also moved the monster pods away from the river.

Fix Zhakar is now invincible and his Flesh Golem pet roams his tower (with the exact same strength/loot/gold/XP/spells as Zhakar had).

Fix When a user would do all of the evil quest on RD (including killing Shadeen), then returned to Monsignore Damien, he could mistakenly receive another scroll from him and meet a dead end in the quest.

Fix WebPatchSetup added an extraneous "a" in the image file path which caused critical errors.

Fix On some CD versions, WISE would create (but not delete) a high number of voluminous .TMP files. This has been resolved.

Fix We changed the method to access the T4C Server Setup control panel (Start menu or desktop) for compatibility reasons.

Fix erroneous check on Monsignore Damien (keyword PRICE) which blocked the Evil quest on Raven's Dust.

Fix Because of a bug, if you stole a magical item from another player, its charges would be restored to the maximum.

Fix [FOREIGN VERSIONS ONLY] Skill descriptions were in English when right-clicking on them.

Bug We hear reports of lost Archery points. To help us document this issue, go to Debug Level 3 and let us know as soon as the problem reoccurs we'll tell you which log we need from you. Only do this if you can run Level 3 without slowing down your server.

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v1.18b (November 2nd, 2000)




Fix Grouping has been restored.

Fix Exhaustion bug ("Too exhausted to move") has been corrected.

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v1.18a (October 31st, 2000)




Fix Karma rewards (either positive or negative) overwrote karma with extreme (out-of-bounds) value.

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v1.18 (October 27th, 2000)


Fix Some people were generating grouping requests against their attackers to defend themselves. There is now a delay to generate grouping requests on one player.

Fix A weakness in the game allowed attackers to bash on someone who was teleporting away after the teleportation process had started. This no longer occurs.

Fix Some very creative gamers used the Drain spells  (Lesser Drain, Drain Life, Greater Drain, Soul Steal) against undeads (to heal them) to earn ludicrous amounts of XPs. That wasn't the intent of the Drain Life spells and has been fixed.

Fix The Sanctuary spell could be exploited to gain one minute of complete invulnerability. This is no longer possible.

Fix A bug in the blocking system allowed shrewd players to skim near walls and be immune to spells.

Fix If you dropped a charged item (with, say, only 1 of its 10 charges left) and picked it up, it was recharged to its maximum uses (back up to 10 charges). This has been corrected.


Fix Made the radius watchdog packet asynchronous to avoid server deadlock when radius server is not responding fast enough.

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v1.17 (October 16th, 2000)


Fix The "send bug report" was causing invalid pointer errors and has been removed.

Fix The "fake shout" exploit, which allowed someone to impersonate someone else in shouts, has been fixed.

Fix The First Aid bug that caused a crash has been fixed.

Fix Login box improved.



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v1.16f (August 24th, 2000)




Fix A blank space after a character's name prevented any game-op command on that character.

Fix Vaporize game-op spell can once more vaporize items.

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v1.16e (August 18th, 2000)




Fix Some occasional server crashes have been resolved.

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v1.16 (July 31st, 2000)


Fix Shift-click no longer allows player characters to turn invisible.

Fix Skill descriptions are now available when right-clicking on them in the character sheet menu.

Fix Previously, if someone cast a spell (except for healing spells) on someone else (including monsters or the caster himself) in the same screen as you, it would automatically put you into combat mode against that person. This no longer happens.

Fix Corpses no longer disappear, unless you start lagging.

Fix Antelopes no longer drop (erroneously) rough emeralds. Those items have been removed from the game (for now).

Fix Bows used to benefit from the same STR bonus for damage as warriors they now have their own set of bonuses (mostly based on AGI, also slightly based on STR).

Fix You now get the correct system messages when you're missing either the bow or the quiver you need to properly use ranged weapons.

Fix Targetting problems have been resolved.

Fix The spell Minor Combat Sense now affects Archery as well as the Attack skill.

Fix The following items now affect the Archery skill as well as the Attack skill: Crude orcish necklace, Ring of accuracy, Amulet of precision, Ring of confidence, Orcish wristband, & Minotaur clan ring. You must first UNEQUIP them, then re-equip them to benefit from the "new" bonus.

Fix The online context-sensitive help has been updated for the spells that now also affect the Archery skill.

Fix All login box information is now saved immediately upon pressing the connect button.

Fix Item names that are too long (in Buy/Sell boxes) are now clipped you can see the full name by right-clicking on the name (which will also display the item's requirements at the same time).

Fix [FRENCH VERSION ONLY] Le graphique pour le carquois pour les flèches en os a été corrigé.

Fix [FRENCH VERSION ONLY] Le mode graphique "haute qualité" fonctionne désormais comme il faut et peut être sélectionné par le joueur.

Fix [FRENCH VERSION ONLY] Changé "Prochain niveau!" pour "Vous avez gagné un niveau!" et "clic double" pour "double clic".

Fix [FRENCH VERSION ONLY] "Dodge" et "Attack" sont maintenant traduits en français.

FYI: Just like melee combat, ranged weapons are affected by the following skills: Armor Piercing, Powerful Blow & Stun Blow.


Fix Server deadlock resolved.

Fix Updated the documentation for the EMULATE MONSTER command.

Fix Removed extraneous (archery-related) debug messages from the logs.

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v1.15 (July 20th, 2000)



New In-game speech now has a black outline to make it more legible over pale backgrounds.

New The chat interface channel now displays the number of users in any channel (and the Main Channel displays the number of users currently online).

Fix Corrected graphical bugs.

Fix Corrected numerous typos on NPCs.

Fix Corrected some blocking issues.

Fix Resolved "invalid pointer" problem.

Fix NPC Gwen no longer babbles (she was repeating herself).

Fix Spells in auto-combat stop working if the target goes invisible or hides successfully.

Fix Resolved one occurrence of the Dead Player Standing problem.

Fix There is now a system message explaining that you can't drop an item (when the item is no-drop in the database).

Fix Prevented the cheat that allowed permanent spell effects.

Fix It's no longer necessary to activate combat mode (ctrl-c) to fight Jarko.

Fix Brother Harforr said he would charge you X GPs for heals, but failed to take the gold (he takes it, now).

Fix The safe in Silversky can no longer be attacked.

Fix These items can now be sold to any vendor in the game (they couldn't before): Jade Ring of Sorcery, Ethereal Amulet, Tower Shield and Nature's Garb.

Fix Re-casting a spell or reusing an item from the effect icon (top left of the screen) now works perfectly.

Fix Integrated club weapon appearance into the game.

Fix Jarko's Spellbook (item) is now non-droppable.

Fix NPC Gwel used to sell all ringmail items except ringmail girdle.

Fix The game no longer says "Level Up" when you enter the game.

Fix Liurn Clar now charges 100 GP * your level to teleport you to Raven's Dust instead of the old flat fee of 10,000 GPs.

Fix Some monster (demon, atrocity) names were displayed too low and overlapped on the monster's graphics.

Fix You can now click on an item effect (i.e. torch) to re-use that item (if there's still one in your backpack). You also get a message telling you how many you have left in your inventory.

Fix Properly implemented AGI requirements within the game (you'll get error messages if you don't have enough AGI to equip/use an item).

Fix Spell "Plague" now has a description (right-click).

Fix Removed halo around shop signs.

Fix Turn Undead now more powerful if the character has spent over 2 pts of WIS per level (on average).

Fix If a file is missing, an improved error message asks you to run the Safe Mode.

Fix Untrapped a Taunting Horror that spawned in a mountain.

Fix A bug prevented WebDownload.DLL from properly copying SETUP.EXE in Win98.

Fix Rondy no longer becomes invisible after attacking you.

Fix Improved the link to the players' manual on the website (there was a problem when upgrading/switching versions).

Fix There is no more silence between two different music zones.

Fix It's no longer possible to cast the Poison spell from within a no-PvP area.

Fix The Poison spell (water element) wasn't doing as much damage as it should have against certain water-vulnerable creatures.

Fix Acknowledgement message now confirms you've really learned the spell you were trying to learn.

Fix The rules for experience loss due to character death have been modified. The penalty is now applied ONLY to the XP acquired since you last went up a level.

Fix Modified opening hours of some NPCs. Now open 24 hours a day: Boreas, Mithrand & Greyar Eedy. Now only asleep a 1/3 of the time (instead of half the time): Celydia, Rhodar, Taliron and Kiadus.

Fix Modified the red cape to use the new cape graphic.

Fix Monsignor Damien now responds properly to you when swearing allegiance to OgriMarch,

Fix It is no longer possible to put gold as a macro.

Fix The inn sign has been adjusted so that it's still "readable" when flipped.


Fix The error mailer has a popup message box while it is sending an email to (so you know something's happening and the system hasn't crashed).

Fix Resolved Zhakar XP bug (v1.11b) by preventing him from casting his regeneration spell.

Fix The SET USER'S NAME command now only accepts names between 2 & 15 characters.

Fix Vaporize spell once more works on dynamic objects, but requires the GOD_CAN_SLAY_USER flag to do so.

Fix Elder Fire Drake monster removed. Arch Drake, Greater Drake & Lesser Drake now all give 0 XPs.

Fix Persistence of spell effects can be resolved using T4CDBUPD -remove_boosts. Documented in server docs.

Fix The !RUN script command now requires the GOD_CAN_RUN_CLIENT_SCRIPTS game-op flag.

Fix A problem in the Cuthana Quest (from Balork to Princess Delilah) caused the users to be stuck (but no more).

Fix Included & documented Emulate Monster command.

Fix Documented (server manual) procedure to follow to remove an item from a user's backpack.

Bug SHOUT command on GM Assistant does not work.

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v1.11 (June 6th, 2000)


Fix Corrected numerous typos on Raven's Dust NPCs.

Fix Corrected some visual bugs in the new interface.

Fix Client now loads graphics much faster at the beginning and during the game.

Fix Poison & Poison Arrow effect icon was shown on the caster, not on the target who was taking the damage.

Fix Casting on a creature, then clicking on an NPC caused involuntary casting on the NPC.

Fix You can no longer kill sundials.

Fix Right-clicking on gold (on the ground or in the backpack) now displays the amount of gold pieces.

Fix Portals & sundials can no longer be targeted by attack spells.

Fix Boosted stats are displayed in a different color in the character sheet.

Fix Upon entering the game, the client sometimes (erroneously) displayed "Level Up!"

Fix Lothan is a mage of *water*, not *air*, and now responds accordingly.

Fix Agility now has a direct impact on hitting and dodging in combat. When the Archery skill & ranged weapons are implemented, it will also be key attribute for archers.


Fix Windhowl's coordinates for the default "Teleport to LOC Windhowl" were incorrect (near the edge of the world) and have been corrected (v1.10a).

Fix Starting gold can now be customized through the T4C Server Setup control panel.

Fix Gold lost now logged in death.log.

Fix Corrected Lothan's speech, who said he was a mage of Air but was teaching water spells.

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v1.10 (May 5th, 2000)


New Added Nightbreed, Demon Trees & Wererats in Anrak's formerly deserted basement (Raven's Dust).

New New interface is implemented. It now supports group play, chat channels and macros. Check the Players' Manual for details.

New Updated all healers and added visual effects for healing & sanctuary spells, & private system message when healed.

New When a spell is cast and ready to go (i.e. you must select a target), the icon now has a special shape to indicate that you must select your target.

New Road and shop signs now help you find your way on Arakas & Raven's Dust.

New Added a Safe Mode to the client that solves ALL installation problems automatically.

New Updated all healers and added visual effects for healing & sanctuary spells, & private system message when healed.

Fix Corrected typos, various graphical glitches & unreachable items.

Fix Gave the correct appearances to items that were different on the ground and in the backpack.

Fix Shift-attack is back. Use the Shift key to prevent your character from moving while attacking.

Fix Music volume issues resolved.

Fix Some NPCs' speech were incorrect (wrong gender references).

Fix Zhakar is no longer occasionally immune to spells.

Fix Some crashes could occur during Alt-F4.

Fix Auto-combat (auto spell casting) didn't stop when the target left the screen.

Fix Resolved PK problem in haven areas.

Fix Rain of Fire has a visual effect.

Fix List of online users now appears faster.

Fix Some barely visible item was blocking some spells, giving the impression they were "exploding" without reasons.

Fix Crash in loading puppet while quitting the game.

Fix Leana (Drardos's wive) would spawn in Rondy's house. She has now returned to her husband's home.

Fix Help screens not synchro with the game. While in F1 help screens, the client accumulated data packets, then everything/everyone would zoom on the screen.

Fix Improved WebPatch's resume functions.

Fix The sound FX weren't substantially affected by the sound FX slider in the Options menu.

Fix The button that would set transparency on/off in the Options menu didn't work consistently.

Fix Character name is now validated *BEFORE* answering all the character creation questions, not *AFTER*.

Fix Smoothing path-to-floor improved throughout the game.

Fix Switching spells during auto-spell-combat required you to open your spellbook twice.

Fix There were sometimes too many weapon sound FX per attack (1 attack, 2-4 sounds).

Fix Problems with sound FX of Earthquake spells have been resolved.

Fix Problems with the appearance of the steel-reinforced warhammer have been resolved.

Fix Wall graphic bug fixed. Characters were visible through "black holes" when walking alongside the wall.

Fix Upon startup, if a non-game sound was using the audio hardware (such as an MP3 playing), the T4C client couldn't detect the sound hardware and music couldn't be initialized.

Fix Earthen Strength (spell) is now INT/WIS-based, not level-based.

Fix If you press Ctrl-C from combat mode, the sword icon went away, but you sometimes stayed in combat mode.

Fix Lesser Drain spell cast on invulnerable NPCs was reversed and could hurt the caster (not anymore).

Fix Doors animations & sounds are better synchronized.

Fix Rhodar Heatforge and Nahfur Bloodhammer now spawn in different buildings (unlike previously).

Fix Liurn Clar now sends you to Raven's Dust using the keyword "SEND" once, then you must use "TELEPORT" and pay 10,000 gold pieces every time.

Fix When using a skill, after selecting the target, the latter disappeared in a puff of smoke similar to what it did when there was a dead monster standing problem.

Fix Metanas (inn bouncer) was being spawned outside the inn he now spawns inside.

Fix Made some adjustments in the F1 help screens to cover new interface features & commands.

Fix On portals, the text displayed by right-clicking on it was too low.

Fix Lord Sunrock will no longer take all the diamonds from your inventory (under specific circumstances), only one.

Fix Major update of the players' manual.

Fix Mana Burst (spell) could hurt invincible NPCs.

Fix ALT-TAB is BACK but doesn't work perfectly! Use at your own risks.

Bug Windows 2000 is not supported and the game will not install on that platform (for now).


New Added non-PVP Stonehenge-like teleportation rings for future use with Stoneheim. Spells will eventually allow players to teleport to these rings.

New Game-op macros !RUN and !SLEEP facilitate creating and managing online scenarios. (Available since v1.08.)

New WebPatchSetup now documented in server manual.

New A more detailed description of the T4C.MDB (players database) has been added to the server documentation see Advanced Concepts for details, under The T4C.MDB Database.

New Portals can now be programmed to reward players who use them. Documented in server manual see Appendix J for details, under v1.10.

New Included list of Boost ID-to-Attribute in a server manual appendix ("Boosts").

New Starting gold can now be set through the server control panel.

New Skills and spells can now be given and removed by names IDs are no longer necessary.

Fix In the T4C Server Setup control panel, under the Patch Server tab, a check is now made when the image file path is entered to verify if the file really is there.

Fix At shutdown, a database-saving bug would allow users to duplicate items at will.

Fix Removed HELP feature from GM Assistant (was unsupported). The Assistant now refers to the T4C Server Manual.

Fix Set XP to zero for the following test monsters: Lesser Drake, Arch Drake, Greater Drake and Elder Fire Drake.

Fix Rhodar no longer calls everyone a "guy." He now calls you "friend."

Fix New PvP setting: % Gold Loss. Can be set through the T4C Server Setup control panel.

Fix GM Assistant was very slow to self-destruct (no longer).

Fix Chamberlain Thomar once more mentions a player must be Champion of Light to finish the Royal Keys Quest.

Fix The Guardman in Lighthaven had a multi-part statement that was interrupted by a BREAK statement in the code he now fully says his speech.

Fix Brother Kirian asked for 100 for healing players, but the actual price could vary.

Fix The drunk would take 15000 GPs, say he'd show his wares, and did nothing.

Fix Iroual Knowall had a multi-part statement that was interrupted by a BREAK statement in the code he now fully says his speech.

Fix Removed useless conversation thread about "Goblins" from NPC Eraka.

Fix T4CDBUPD.EXE upgrade: all users whose flag 30156 (a number which karma must be reached before a quest can be done) exceeds 200 have that flag reduced to 200.

Fix Resolved some PK problems in Lighthaven (PK was possible even though it shouldn't have been).

Fix Removed "Evil" highlight in Miram Laky's speech (useless conversation thread).

Fix EasyMail authentication difficulty prevented admins from receiving a warning when ODBC connection was lost.

Fix Updated list of legal & illegal items to summon in the game. Summoning illegal items requires GOD_DEVELOPPER FLAG. Documented in server manual see Appendix D for details.

Fix Re-arraged tabulation function between the various fields of the connect/login box.

Fix Server shutdown now sends a command packet to all clients so they terminate immediately rather than wait to time out.

Fix Rhodar Heatforge is now located at 1495, 2422, 0.

Fix Added "server crash" protection code in Chamberlain Thomar to unblock Royal Key #2 Quest when asking for the key for a second time, a third time, etc. (It could take weeks before he'd do it, before this fix.)

Fix Gina now responds to "traveler," not "traveller."

Fix The new debug code (magical number) is 7929.

Fix The attribute limitations for training skills (such as Agility restrictions to learn Dodge) have been removed. This simplified coding for traininers with the new interface. The gameplay impact should be minimal.

Fix If the server somehow stops saving characters, run the latest vof T4CDBUPD.EXE to update the database and ensure it complies with the latest server specifications.

Fix Upgraded the QUERY ITEM <itemID> DESCRIPTION game-op command.

Fix When the GM Assistant was used to summon 4 monster types, there were problems with the 4th monster in the list (not quite supported properly).

Fix New game-op commands: TELEPORT TO NPC, COUNT NPC, TELEPORT TO LOC. Documented in server manual.

Fix Spell teachers have been modified to support the new interface.

Fix There wasn't enough karma to be gained to finish the (good) quests on Raven's Dust more karma can now be gained from the same NPCs as before on both Arakas & Raven's Dust, based on the user's __QUEST_ISLAND_ACCESS flag (30143). Explained in server manual, Appendix K.

Bug If you try to give yourself a spell you already have, an "Invalid ID" error will be generated. This bug will most likely not be fixed.

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v1.09 (Febuary 1st, 2000)


Fix Spellbook problem on page 5 (and above) fixed. The top spell of that page (and others) can now be used normally.



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v1.08 (January 12th, 2000)


Fix Blocking PvP did not work properly when there were too many users at the same coordinate.

Fix Attacking in no-PvP areas no longer spams your screen.

Fix Improved Dead Monster Standing problems (i.e. fewer double-monster deaths, fewer double-gold rewards for only one kill, etc.).

Fix Solved many problems related to video accelerator card.

Fix Release Notes window was no longer popping automatically at logon.

Fix Client wouldn't resolve the IP address at login and would force you to re-click on Enter a second time to finally connect to the server.

Fix Hardware requirements for High Graphics now specified upon selecting that mode at startup.

Fix Skills menu no longer appears after equipping an item that boosts a skill.

Fix Due to popular demand, the XP bar in High Graphics mode is now blood red.

Fix Combat mode icon (sword) once more appears when you toggle Ctrl-C.

Fix If you entered your username & password prior to WebPatch patching some new files, you had to re-enter it once more after (it didn't "remember" what you had entered).



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v1.07a (December 28th, 1999)




Fix SET CONTEXT would crash when <user> parameter refers to a user who's not online.

Fix Mass Summon2 on GM assistant has been temporarly disabled.

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v1.07 (December 14th, 1999)


New Introduction of limited 65,000 colors capability. High & Low Quality available (High Quality requires PII 266) High Quality can be selected by checking the box in the connect screen. Documented in Players Manual.

New Introduction of the webpatch, a new & improved patching system that should eliminate all looping (proxy supported).

New Anti-aliasing of the font now makes reading easier in the game.

New Auto-combat is now available. Documented in T4C Players Manual.

Fix Corrected clickable areas of all potions.

Fix High Metal Hand Axe +2 now boosts the attack skill.

Fix Music would go up when you moved into another music zone in the game.

Fix When casting Rain of Fire (spell) on no target, the PC turns south and cast once in the air.

Fix When a crash occurs at loading, an automatic email is sent to (you must answer a yes/no question first).

Fix NPC text would sometimes "flash" by too fast to be read.

Fix Ctrl-left click to re-cast the last spell did not work perfectly this is fixed.

Fix Map & graphics corrections.

Fix When purchasing an item which you can't afford, the inventory box no longer pops up automatically.

Fix When T4C crashed and tried to automatically send a bug report by email, there was a problem with internationalization & foreign (Korean) characters in the user's name. This is no longer a problem.

Fix Corrected minotaur graphic in combat.

Fix Hand cursor graphic glitch has been corrected.

Fix The server does not consider your character in-game until the client has finished entering the game and confirms to the server he is ready to play.

Fix Reduced duration of black screen after loading.

Fix When starting the game for the first time, while waiting to select a PC, music decompression delays could cause a disconnect from the server and create an "infinite" delay (i.e. "Please Wait" forever).

Fix Some bridge graphics problems have been resolved (where the railings were no longer visible).

Fix At character creation, the chosen name is checked immediately to see if it is taken (before, you had to answer several questions before being told that).

Fix When pressing F1 to get the help menu, the cursor and the palette were messed up.

Fix Rapid clicking on doors caused them to open and close too fast. You can no longer close doors. The server closes them automatically after 10 seconds.

Fix Keys now have charges (limited number of uses). Message "Your <item name> crumbles to dust" is displayed when the item "vanishes" from the backpack (i.e. when charges are all used up).

Fix Some NPCS (Halam, Iroual Knowall and Thorbin Wildheart) now respond to keyword "karma" and give you a general indication of your karma attribute.

Fix With 65,000 colors capabilities, menus can now have their own brightness that doesn't affect the surroundings (prior to this, opening a menu in a cave would light up the whole area).

Fix HP, MP and XP bars have been slightly improved in High Graphics mode (65,000 colors).

Fix The following NPCs have been puppetized: Fali, Geena, Kilhiam, Moonrock, Gwen, Mirak Nira, Annabelle, Lyria, Adriana, Amandra, Celestina Waterbreeze, Celydia, Elysana Blackrose, Leana, Princess Delilah and Thea.

Fix Some item boosts were broken/defective.

Fix If the game generates a GP file, a box pops up to ask if you want to send it to (please do send it, it's important to us to get that information.)

Fix File security.chk no longer necessary (or present) in T4C client directory (made useless with WebPatch feature).

Bug Alt-tab disabled (Windows problems prevent its complete & successful implementation).

Bug When equipping an item that boosts a skill, the skill box pops up. This is a temporary glitch that will remain until at least v1.08.

Bug On WinNT, after installing, patching and finally entering the game, it could happen that there was no text in the main menu. Rebooting will fix the problem.


New Added timezone information in global stats server packets.

New Added WebPatch configuration options in T4C Setup.

New Added new game-op commands: SET FULL PVP TO <user> and REMOVE FULL PVP FROM <user>.

New Replaced VIEW <user>'S BACKPACK/SKILLS/SPELLS/STATS by SET CONTEXT TO <user>. RESET CONTEXT returns to normal. Documented in Server Manual.

New Game-op DLL (see section 12.4 in the T4C Server manual).

New Added girdle of strength (Orc berserker) and girdle of protection (Nightblade & Doom Guard) in the game. (They were already in the DB but weren't used).

Fix GM Godly Potion of Healing can now be used correctly.

Fix When updating the server, T4CDBUPD would display the database password (instead of "*****").

Fix Removed Potion of Sudden Rage from server manual (has been gone from the game for a while).

Fix Renamed potion of agility into potion of nimbleness, potion of endurance into potion of fortitude, potion of strength into potion of fury and potion of wisdon into potion of tranquility.

Fix Losing equipped items while dying now removes associated boosts.

Fix SET user'S KARMA can no longer use +/- to offset the user's current karma value. It can only assign an absolute value to the attribute. (See server manual for details.)

Fix Violent Rage Potion no longer loops in the negative and gives 65k AC.

Fix If the /logs directory was missing after the server's installation (if it's been deleted, for instance), a problem with T4C Watch would prevent the server from starting again.

Fix Defective stairs in Raven's Dust's first crypt have been removed.

Fix Two monsters (Large Rat & Goblin Chieftain) were listed as Arakas monsters, but weren't found there.

Fix The value to activate the debug mode is 3034 (decimal). The method is the same as before.

Fix Running the game with the debug code will prevent webpatch from patching the client. Make sure your game-ops are aware of this.

Fix Following the removal of Willpower & Luck, the following items have been modified: Onyx Ring (reqs now lower), Platinum Ring (reqs now lower), Ring of the Initiate (WIS req upped by 1) and Sapphire bracelet.

Fix Removed Potion of Luck and Potion of Willpower from the manual.

Fix Setting a user's pseudoname doesn't affect the his name on the users listing. It never did. Server documentation adjusted accordingly.

Fix Some NPCs had been commented out in the goblin invasions. They are back now.

Fix Bishop Crowbanner's flip-flop between sickness and health now lasts on average a third of the time it was before.

Fix On-hit karma modifications for Balork, Edgar, Shadeen, Dorken Rotsmell, Jarko & Mhorgwloth have been removed because they were abusive. They now only give karma rewards/penalties upon dying.

Fix Proofread all NPCs & texts on Arakas.

Fix Weapon exhaust increased by 12.5% all across. The effect is not readily perceptible.

Fix When attempting to equip an item that cannot be equipped, the game now gives the message "You cannot equip such items."

Fix GM items removed from the normal items listing & teleportation scrolls have been incorporated in the game-op DLL section.

Fix Updated T4C Server Manual, section 14.4.3 on Stoneheim.

Fix Added section on Karma Levels (adjectives) under 14.5 in the T4C Server Manual.

Fix Dropping/popping an item near top and left map edges made server crash.

Fix A packet rarely sent by the server could make the character disappear and stop the mouse from working in the client.

Fix Willpower and Luck removed from database loading/saving.

Fix Removed all luck effects.

Fix When Xanth (NPC) takes the tightly wrapped scrolls in his backpack, he now takes all of them, not just one.

Fix Crash when exiting the game shortly after using First Aid.

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v1.06 (October 6th, 1999)


Fix When a player was killed in PvP and the death packet was lost, a client crash would occur if the attacking player kept on attacking the "dead" player.

Fix Ctrl-left click to re-cast the last spell did not work anymore this is fixed.

Fix Corrected T4C Players Manual to give correct requirements for the skill Armor Penetration.

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v1.05 (September 29th, 1999)


Fix Client lag fixed.

Fix <Shift> key no longer useful in combat (to attack without moving).

Fix Corrected music problem in Raven's Dust's crypt.

Fix Black tiles removed/corrected.

Fix Graphics smoothing corrected (wherever applicable).

Fix Clickable area of the safe in Silversky has been corrected.

Fix Double-clicking on an item in the sell box now properly sells the item before closing the box. The backpack no longer opens after a transaction.

Fix Entrance of caverns under Anrak Brownbark's house has been fixed.

Fix Fighting a new monster immediately after killing another one was sometimes not working right (it does now).

Fix When teleporting, if music was set to "0", it would start playing again anyway.

Fix There was an occasional and inadvertent swapping of the PAGES ON/OFF feature.


New SUMMON ITEM <item> ON <user>. Documented in server documentation.

New SET <user>'S SKILLPOINTS/STATPOINTS TO <value>. Documented in server manual.

New SET <user>'S <component> to [+/-] <value>. The optional [+/-] indicates an increase/decrease in points to be applied to the component. Also works for the shout delay. Documented in T4C Server docs.

Fix Added warning in T4C Server manual (Appendix on spells) regarding GMs who summon unsupported spells through their IDs. These spells can cause problems in the game and were not included in the list of valid spells for good reasons.

Fix Monsters fighting other monsters were not auto-deleted.

Fix Grudish Earchewer is no longer attacked by his fellow orcs.

Fix Celestina Waterbreeze's code now allows users with high karma to go through the Royal Key #6 quest without hinderance.

Fix Successful game-op commands confirmed by a "Done" system message.

Fix Paging doubled received and pageoff messages.

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v1.04 (September 16th, 1999)


New User-friendly feature gives you the opportunity to send various info files (*.log, *.GP, operating system, user name, server name etc.) upon entering the game if a crash or problem occured during your last game session.

Fix Willpower and Luck are both removed from character creation and from the user interface (Ctrl-S).

Fix Willpower & Luck points in excess of 10 (for each attribute) are returned to you as attribute points you can spend them normally.

Fix Modifications to the Pick Lock, Peek & Rob skills to compensate disappearance of Willpower & Luck. Pick Lock reqs are now Lvl 12/Agi 40. Peek reqs are now Lvl 5/Agi 30. Rob reqs are now Lvl 17/Agi 50.

Fix Trainers Shadow (Lighthaven), Lyria (Arakas) and Baldric Silverknife (Raven's Dust) have been modified to accomodate the removal of Luck from the game.

Fix Items Ring of Chance, Pendant of Luck and Amulet of Ironwill will become obsolete (they were boosting attributes that no longer exist). For a short period, they will have a full resale value as compensation for their upcoming deletion. If you have such an item, sell it before we destroy it.

Fix Players' Manual edited to reflect the removal of Willpower and Luck from the game.

Fix Graphical bugs fixed (black squares, wrong/missing graphics, etc.).

Fix Minor blocking corrections done where necessary.

Fix Music zones properly implemented on Raven's Dust.

Fix Added spells listing in Players' Manual.

Fix The safe in Silversky castle was moved slightly so it isn't hidden by the castle's walls.

Fix Improvement to lag detection features provides additional data: network icon flashes briefly if your ping is bad.

Fix Targetting on brown rat has been slightly adjusted for improved accuracy.

Fix Bank robbery quest fixed.

Fix The price of healing potions wasn't correctly set. You would have seen a price of 100 on the screen, but 125 gold pieces were actually deducted from your pouch. The correct price listed is now 125 gold pieces.

Fix The resell values for the mana potions and mana elixirs have been slightly increased.

Fix Some lag issues have been resolved.

Fix Fine Steel Scimitar +2 has been fixed.


New Merged patch server documentation & ultimate guild leader guide with server documentation.

Fix Server documentation edited to reflect removal of Willpower and Luck.

Fix T4CDBUPD.EXE automatically removes Willpower and Luck from the game. Note that as a precaution, the Willpower & Luck columns are not removed from the database, but rather temporarily set to zero (they will be permanently removed in a later version). If you have scripts that refer to these columns, you may want to adjust/remove them accordingly.

Fix If client detects that player is 10 tiles away from where he should be, user is "teleported" to the correct location.

Fix Removed mummy, goblins & undead bat pods near Lighthaven cemetery to reduce spam-induced lag in that area.

Fix A modification on Monsignore Damien makes it easier to follow the evil quest after receiving the Silver Feather from Shadeen. (He hints that you should "kill shadeen".)

Fix Modified Idas, Edden, Mordrick Warstone and the Safe an incorrect operator in a time-check operation was causing quest errors.

Fix Fine Steel Scimitar +2 did not have an attack bonus, like +1 and +3 did. Now corrected.

Fix After emailing each T4CServerGP.OUT, it is renamed to T4CServer.YYYYMMDD.OUT, where YYYY is the year, MM is the month and DD is the day. This prevents the crash email from growing.

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v1.03a (September 7th, 1999)


New Weapon speed is affected by the character's AGI (Agility).

Fix Damage cause by monsters' spell has been slightly reduced.

Fix AC spells now use Int & Wis, so they should increase slightly for mages.

Fix Selling did not work properly for certain item types.


New Server documentation now includes a short summary of the storyline for each island.

New Karma modifications are logged in PCEDIT.LOG.

New Game-op command REMOVE/RESTORE <user>'S PAGES (documented). If a user's pages are revoked, his shouts will also be off.

New Game-op command REMOVE SPELL <spell> FROM <user> (documented).

New VIEW <user>'S AC (documented).

New SUMMON ITEM <item> [AT x, y, world] (documented) now allows game-ops to summon items at a specified location rather than inside their own backpacks.

Fix The Jade ring of sorcery was actually boosting the player's water resistance instead of water power.

Fix All Armor boost spells (Protection, Barrier and Stone Skin) now use a stat-based formula instead of a level-based formula to determine the value of boosts. This may reduce the AC of warriors by a few points, but it is more fair to the mages.

Fix All the monster spells were too strong they have been lowered a little (125% of their original strength instead of 150%).

Fix Increased odds of monsters dropping flask of goblin blood.

Fix Karma "caps" per island revised to simplify the code and ensure that the island limitations (-100 to +100 on Arakas, -200 to +200 on Raven's Dust, etc.) are enforced.

Fix Numerous glitches fixed in Black Market quest. Should be transparent for users who have already done the quest.

Fix User-specified realm now overridden by the realm specified in the server control panel (RADIUS feature).

Fix Some server crashes have been fixed.

Fix High INT requirement (INT >= 35 through Marsac Cred NPC) has been removed so that characters doing the Evil Quest may access Raven's Dust fairly compared to the characters doing the Good Quest.

Fix Zhakar's Quest was defective (too easy). A ">=" was replaced by a ">" sign, thus restoring the proper sequence of the quest.

Fix T4CDBUPD.EXE unequipped the characters but did not remove the boosts on the characters (resulting in double bonuses and penalties), forcing the characters to equip, unequip and re-equip their equipment. This has been resolved.

Fix T4CDBUPD.EXE couldn't remove columns on SQL servers. The ODBC commands to remove these columns did not work on SQL servers, possibly due to authentication difficulties the new T4CDBUPD.EXE now asks for the name and password of the database each time it is run.

Fix NPC Malaar did not respond to "guidance" (highlighted word). Word "donation" while talking about Theodore now highlighted.

Fix Monsignore Damien required a token to prove that the player had killed Shadeen, but that token was non-existant in the game (now it is).

Fix The mini-boss Dead Bolt used to drop some pieces of plate mail armor. This was a mistake. We've modified Dead Bolt and he will NO LONGER drop all these plate items. (However, there is still a slight chance that he will drop some plate boots).

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v1.03 (August 25th, 1999)


New Network & connectivity icons (lower right of screen) help debugging lag issues.

New System message appears when karma goes up or down (doesn't say how much, just that it does).

Fix Music could make the client crash.

Fix Some map bugs have been corrected.

Fix Some lag issues have been resolved.


New Users must now be at least level 25 to go to Raven's Dust (should not affect those who have access already legally).

New Server sends online user quantity to global server.

New GM speech system message color using SYSMSG command (documented).

New IP address shown in OnlineUsers table.

New Upon database connection failure, T4C will shutdown and send an email to the administrator contact email address.

New Server documentation updated (now includes an index!).

New QUERY ITEM DESCRIPTION game-op command (documented only works on items that have a description).

Fix Menark now gives hints to Theopold's riddles (for a price).

Fix Server will boot up twice faster than before.

Fix Removed useless columns from PlayingCharacters table in players database.

Fix Modified Black Market Quest (can't bring diamond to be forgiven guards attack when talked to).

Fix Cuthana herb can no longer be dropped/sold/etc.

Fix All monster spells have increased in strength by 50%.

Fix All monster resistances have increased by 25%.

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v1.02 (August 12th, 1999)


Fix Various graphics problems (walls, smoothing, monsters, etc) at various coordinates.

Fix Message "unnamed object" when clicking on an empty chest.

Fix Zhakar's speech.

Fix Turn Undead spell now does progressive damage.

Fix Backpack full (when receiving quest items).

Fix Hardened leather armor was still dropping as random loot item.

Fix Double-clicking difficulties.

Fix Errors in attributes when characters created at location 0,0,0.

Fix MOTD word wrap problems.

Fix Leather Belt of Survival could not be equipped.

Fix Ring of the Initiate could not be equipped.

Fix Hitting the mouse button was faster than holding it when attacking.

Fix Monsters did not turn around when casting spells.

Fix Head bobbing with ringmail helmet.


New Two servers can now share the same database.

New Idle move on Wasp and Kraanian Flyer.

Fix Various NPC speech problems.

Fix Chests will now give gold.

Fix Equipped non-droppable objects should no longer be dropped when dying.

Fix Radial spell effects should no longer pierce walls.

Fix Zhakar's creature wasn't being summoned properly.

Fix Removed remnants of Baldric's shop.

Fix Well now located in correct cave.

Fix Organic Wastes on third level of first dungeon.

Fix Dorken Rotsmell spawned more than once.

Fix Bishop Crowbanner said he was ill, but wasn't.

Fix Could not talk with King Theodore properly.

Fix Hard to get Feather, Vial of Spider Venom & Sword of Fury.

Fix Could not get Scroll of Enchantment from Marsac Cred.

Fix No Gleaming Shard in the game.

Fix General update of server documentation.

Fix Haden NPC spawned in more than 1 location.

Fix Reduced amount of monster pods.

Fix Picking locks on locked chests did not give gold.

Fix Shadeen did not properly acknowledge when the player had poisoned Crowbanner.

Fix Theodore did not acknowledge that the user went through the audience quest.

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v1.01 (July 26th, 1999)


New Sundials should tell time when you click on them. They will not work during the night for obvious reasons.

New Weapons can now deal exhaust.

New An exhaustion message is sent when a player is more than 2 seconds walking exhausted.

New New weapon system and new weapons have been created and implemented in the game. NPCs, chests and monsters have been updated accordingly.

New New armor (including shields) system and new armors have been created and implemented in the game. NPCs, chests and monsters have been updated accordingly.

New Female Puppet with sounds

Fix Only one backpack update is sent when buying multiple items.

Fix The Rob skill can no longer be used in a safe haven.

Fix Blackblood has a pod and will respawn a while after he is slain.

Fix Smoothing problems around houses and road in all islands.

Fix Selling type on Large shield.

Fix Scarab protector can be equipped.

Fix King Theodore XIII was not spawning due to blocking. He also no longer sleepwalks.

Fix Samuel now gives a Scarab Protector (waist position) instead of scarab of protection

Fix Modified Rhodar Heatforge's Goblin Slayer. He will now ask you to slay at least 500 goblins before he'll sell you the sword.

Fix Removed the Link between Brownbark and Anrak. Anrak is no longer Brownbark's son.

Fix Several graphics bugs fixed.

Fix Improved keywords responses on NPCs

Fix Monster magical resistance adjusted.

Fix Monster spells fixed.

Fix Spellbook problems fixed.

Fix Clickable area improved (when walking and attacking).

Fix Hard to drop items.

Fix Many typos fixed.

Fix Weight check added to "rob" command.

Fix Brightness (Black Screen) fixed.

Fix XP bar problem when over level 100.

Fix First aid is now self only.

Fix Dead mobs still attacking when dead.

Fix CTRL-C stays on (don't have to turn it off and on again).

Fix The pelt didn't have an appearance of pelt.

Fix Zhakar's creation should spawn correctly.

Fix Added check on Safe to prevent Gold and XP exploit

Fix The Orcish Arch Mage no longer has the appearance of an Atrocity.

Fix The Portal should no longer be attacked by Minotaurs.

Fix The kraanian milipede no longer drop the bugged chests.

Fix It is now possible to exit the Lost Dungeon by using the new Minotaur Portal.

Fix Temporarily removed ALL the signs in the map. New "talking" signs caused problems.

Fix All Goblin and Atrocity mini-bosses have a new appearance.

Fix Added all new item appearances in the database. 

Fix The Nature's Garb has been fixed.

Fix Brother Kiran, Fali and some other NPCs of the 1st island should no longer speak in gender specific-terms.

Fix NPCs that give XP should now trigger level up when needed.

Fix Dodge penalty on armor now works.

Fix Shops/trainers now allow >64k gold prices.

Fix NPC/Creature popping should now work correctly.

Fix All elemental resistances and powers should now work properly.

Fix Scarab Protector no longer has the appearance of necklace.

Fix Drunk in Windhowl no longer a vendor.

Fix Brownbark should be able to speak normally now that the Flag bug is fixed.

Fix The Plate Leggings can now be dropped on the ground.

Fix Highlight bug on Reynen Aspicdart.

Fix Menark will teleport you directly to the prison when he 'summons' the guards.

Fix Rondy is now able to fight without going into invisible mode.

Fix The box of jewels should look like a box now.

Fix Grimish's minor quest now gives a reward.

Fix Removed the old brown blocks in the grey dungeon.

Fix Added more intuitive keywords to lead users to Mordrick's quest.

Fix Map modifications:

  • The torches in the dungeon have been updated.

  • There is now an alternate bridge near Lighthaven.

  • All reported bugs should now be fixed.

Fix Modified Grimish and Doremas's quest so that it is more intuitive.

Fix Reduced the amount of monster pods in the Lost Dungeon, under the castle of Bane, in the Cave of Specters.

Fix All NPCs that weren't spawning due to blocking.

Fix The orcish arch mage quest should be fixed.

Fix Keep the patch server in memory when using a proxy server.

Fix The quest involving Zhakar should be fixed.

Fix The black market (WindHowl on NPC Ttayh Mark) has been re- designed.

Fix In MOTD, exceedingly long strings (40+ characters) could generate an error message.

Fix The price for the Book of Warfare has been increased to 15,000 gold pieces. This fixes the gold bug exploit where one user would buy a Book of Warfare, exchange it for a Blade of Sharpness and  sell it for a higher price.

Fix Giant wasp idle when attacking

Fix The Turn Undead spell has been revised. Power of spell now based on average WIS points purchased per level.

Fix Modified Adriana's speech so that her quest is more intuitive.

Fix Monster modifications:

  • The Silver Axe and Bludgeon weapons deal a little more damage against undead monsters.

  • The Goblin Slayer sword deals a little more damage against  goblins.- 

  • Removed the dead fishes on monsters.

  • We have done a huge clean-up in the monster listing.

  • Removed some kraanian pods near water and gave them the  poison arrow spell.

  • Added alot of mini-bosses. (see the mini-bosses listing)

  • Some monsters and NPCs now have the appearance of the old  player appearances.

Fix Skeleton warriors and skeleton guardians shouldn't fight between each other anymore.

Fix Removed cemetery fences and replaced them with wooden fences. This should take care of all the black squares.

Bug Gray Mage -- Cannot attack them without CTRL-C


New ID Goblin Bomberman. It can do a suicide-type explosion.

New Some GM Items have been added: These are for GM only. They shouldn't be given to players!

  • GM Barrel

  • GM Silver Ring of Engagement

  • GM Gold Ring of Engagement

  • GM Diamond Ring of Engagement

  • GM Collar of submission

  • GM Shimmering Orb of darkness

  • GM Chastity belt

  • GM Druss's briber of souls

  • GM Rognar's two-handed sword of gore

  • GM Necroscope's staff of impending death

  • GM Percival's Vorpal blade

  • GM Frostbane

  • GM Purrrblade

  • GM Fire camp

  • GM Vampire Axe

  • GM Godly potion of healing

  • GM Soulstealer

New Gameops can now set a 'pseudoname' which will only appear in game.

New T4C now authenticates against the OnlineUsers table in the character's database. This allows multiple servers to share the same database and makes sure an account is only logged on once per database.

New Added the teleportation scrolls on NPC Boreas (Silversky) and NPC Yolak (Windhowl).

New Added NoDrop/NoRob/NoGive on all Royal Keys and some important Quest items.

New Created new scrolls of teleportation that cannot be dropped.

New Created the following GameOp scrolls that can be dropped. **USE WITH CAUTION**-

  • GM Scroll of Lighthaven

  • GM Scroll of Windhowl

  • GM Scroll of Silversky

New SET <user>'S NAME now totally bound to server naming conventions (gameop or not). Look at the SET <user>'S PSEUDONAME command for unruled naming.

New A gameop can now remove a player's right to attack other players. See REMOVE <user>'S RIGHT TO PVP

New Gameop ONLY spell Vaporize (10210) allows removing objects or NPCs from the game. Its usage is logged in the Gameop log file.

New T4CShell app can now wipe accounts. USE WITH CAUTION.

New Gameops can now easily emulate monsters via the EMULATE MONSTER <mob> gameop command.

New SQLConnect errors/info now only logged with debug lvl2 enabled.

New GOD_NO_MONSTERS flag now prevents monsters from attacking a god.

New Players talking to NPCs now logged in the online text log.

New New NPCs have been added:

  • Xanth

  • Dafyd

  • Seban

  • Karahn

  • Rawlin

  • Haden

  • Well

  • Sundial

  • Safe

  • Cuthana Chest

  • Minotaur Portal-

New Monsters:

  • Name --> Appearance --> Power Factor

  • Graax --> Atrocity -->  -->   Level 12

  • Guurk -->  -->  Atrocity -->  Level 12

  • Scar-face Razek --> Brigand --> Level 13

  • Ruk the miner --> Goblin --> Level 15

  • Mrish Yellowblood --> Goblin --> Level 18

  • Trish Yellowblood --> Goblin --> Level 19

  • Fugar the smelly --> Goblin --> Level 20

  • Roshnak Tul --> Orc --> Level 23

  • Bugar Pouchsnatcher --> Blackguard --> Level 28

  • Eye-Patched Qardos --> Blackguard --> Level 30

  • Quelet Hon the thirsty --> Skeleton --> Level 35

  • Grudish Earchewer --> Orc --> Level 35

  • Liedric Throatcutter --> Nightblade --> Level 37

  • Blaarg Toemangler --> Orc --> Level 38

  • Bend Hayjes the rotten --> Mummy --> Level 38

  • Thadoss the moaner --> Zombie --> Level 39

  • Hurbag Nailripper --> Orc --> Level 42

  • Grott --> Troll --> Level 40

New SET <users>'S KARMA TO and VIEW <users>'S KARMA

New Additional minor/medium Quests have been added to both Raven's Dust and Stoneheim. The Evil and Good Storyline Quests are completed as well.

New Created the folllowing magical items

  • Ring of accuracy-

  • Minotaur's clan ring

  • Crude orcish necklace

  • Onyx ring 

  • Wristband of ogre strength

  • Bloodstone necklace

  • Moonstone ring

  • Bloodstone ring

  • Girdle of courage

  • Talisman of Prot. from Evil

  • Buckle of picklocks

  • Leather belt of survival

New Potions & scrolls have been implemented in the game. The chests, NPCs and monsters have been updated to support the new potions.

  • Potion of greater healing- -> Potion of healing- Potion of healing- -> Potion of light healing *

  • Light healing potion

  • Healing potion

  • Serious healing potion

  • Critical healing potion

  • Deific healing potion

  • Mana elixir

  • Manastone

  • Mana prism

  • Scroll of stone skin

  • Scroll of earthen strength

  • Scroll of sanctuary

Fix Characters name in alphabetical order when using SQL.

Fix Credits field deducted correctly.

Fix Remote user authentication key now fully supported

Fix Radius accounting packet now include a NAS port ID.

Fix Map modifications:

  • The torches in the dungeon have been updated.

  • There is now an alternate bridge near Lighthaven.

  • All reported bugs should now be fixed.

  • Added doors to Stoneheim.

Fix Vampire Bats now drop wings.

Fix Added keyword "Zzartgax" on Zhakar.

Fix VOPsec debug logs now activated with with checkbox (in control panel app).

Fix SET <user>'S NAME now updates the OnlineUsers table and name in shouts.

Fix VOPSec.LOG is now in the Logs paths.

Fix T4C now supports sending keys to Radius server that do not support WG keys.

Fix Gameops setting stats to 0 could provoke divide-by-zero exceptions.

Fix Gameop commands SET SKILL, GIVE SPELL and GIVE SKILL now correctly restricted to only those who have the rightful gameop flags.

Fix Monster death sometimes leaked dead monsters.

Fix Massive re-compile (07-21) to support all the modifications to the Object/Monster/Blocking map of all three Worlds.

Fix Level now sent with stat query packets.

Fix Spell backlash could cause infinite recursion loops (overflowing the stack).

Fix Map Bug fixing at hundreds of coordinates.

Fix The Elvenbane was actually healing Shadeen instead of killing her hence broking the Quest at that point.

Fix Text string too long in Shadeen's Begin because of a BREAK statement. Reduced the line's length.

Fix Items that have an asterisk (*) next to their name (see Server Manual Items Listing) are marked for destruction in a future release. Users are encouraged to sell or destroy these items. GMs must *NOT* distribute these items to anybody.

Fix Faulty GiveFlag on Haden that caused the Quest to be broken at this point.

Fix Bugs after the release of RD on the Alpha server. Did not keep track of all the MAP bugs we've fixed or did a touch-up.

Fix ALL defective coordinates reported.

Bug Using a summon chest in backpack crashes the server.

Bug There is NO Delay on the First Aid.

Bug If an SQL datasource shuts down while T4C is alive, or is down before T4C starts up, T4C will not be able to reconnect to it when the source becomes live again. (Not a problem with Access databases.)

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v1.00 - BASE RELEASE (May 11th, 1999)

Note Official game release (out of beta).

Note Internally, v1.00 is known as v0.60. This discrepancy will be fixed with the next version.

Fix With Access, the server could stop saving the characters in some conditions

Fix Logging in VOPSEC.LOG was disabled. It can now be enabled by toggling level 2 debugging in the configuration panel.

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v0.59rc (April 26th, 1999)

New Can now use an item according to its general appearance (greatly improves macros).

New Fields now explicitly specified when fetching user information from an ODBC data source, allowing extra fields to be added without disturbing T4C.

New Configuration options that do not require a server shutdown now have a * besides them in the server's control panel application.

Fix F2 & F3 keys should now work perfectly.

Fix Removing GOD_DEVELOPPER flag should no longer remove all flags after it.

Fix T4C Watch started with NET START should no longer stop after ~10 seconds.

Fix Correct vnow displayed in server's dialog box.

Fix Tab-stop in T4C Setup control panel application now correct.

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v0.58rc (April 20th, 1999)

New GOD_DEVELOPPER flag now allows viewing damage dealt/received and XPs gained.

Fix No more global crashes using shouts/pages.

Fix Removed the server's second socket (11678), introduced in v0.52, since it broke the proxy setups

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v0.57rc (April 16th, 1999 - Internal release only)

Fix Invisible god no longer becomes visible after attacking.

Fix Not logging debug information no longer makes the server crash.

Fix If ODBC server stops and restarts, T4C should now be able to reconnect normally.

Fix True attack/dodge now sent when training.

Fix True attack/dodge now displayed when using the view user's attack/dodge commands.

Fix Minor modification in the Old Hermit Quest: The users must first meet the Old Hermit before Mirak Nira will give you the Quest for the goblins. Also, the Old Hermit's bye now works properly.

Fix Quests of Sigfried and Rolph have a timer to indicate to the user roughly when the Quest will be available.

Fix Numerous typos and minor NPC glitches have been fixed. (highlight bugs, bank minor bug, etc..)

Fix Arrow keys should now work properly.

Fix <Ctrl> key to cast last spell works fine again.

Fix Should not longer receive multiple messages indicating that the monster does not have any gold (just one message).

Fix F2 & F3 now have a buffer so that multiple key hits eventually result in as many potions drank, even with lag.

Fix Extremely rare monster targetting bug resolved.

Bug Expect same old problems with alt-tab.

Bug Shouting and paging can be used to crash receiving clients.

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v0.56rc (April 14th, 1999)

New Page system now prevents page flooding.

New Added thread boosting gameop commands (for GOD_DEVELOPPERs).

New Sending and receiving sockets can now bind on different IP/ports.

New Possibility to select a 'Remote' and 'Local' WG key.

New There's a license agreement, please read it.

Fix The Bank in LightHaven (on NPC Mithrand) is now fully operational.

Fix The Old Hermit's "bye" keyword now works properly.

Fix Some quest bugs have been fixed.

Fix A few typos have been fixed and some out-of-context text strings have been removed (or modified) for clarity's sake.

Fix Set player name now thouroughly verifies name syntax and duplicate names.

Fix Server should no longer crash when receiving a one byte packet.

Fix Crash in monster spells.

Fix Deadlock in AsyncRQFUNC_PutPlayerInGame \w UseDeathLock.

Fix Crash in Players::LoadAccount()

Fix The weapon on your character won't disappear when attacking left or right.

Fix Better packet system (uses less bandwith).

Fix You can now get objects without receiving the "invalid object" message.

Fix You can now press ''' repeadetly without fearing your character will moonwalk or cause your computer to crash.

Fix When attacking a monster while someone else casts a spell on him, you no longer attack in a random direction.

Fix You can no longer make a monster invisible by casting on him.

Fix Better handling and message for the Dead Monster Standing bug.

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v0.55 (April 7th, 1999 - Internal release only)

Fix Fewer "dead monster moving" occurences.

Fix No more explosions when trying to get an object.

Fix No more loss of connection for no apparent reason.

Fix Characters no longer give an additional strike when monster is dead.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 12:43 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.54 (April 6th, 1999 - Internal release only)

New Internal communication module boosted up, performs much better.

New Secondary Radius IP/Port fallback (conforming to Radius RFC).

New Proxy & Firewall support (documented in Player's Manual).

Fix Incoming duplicated packets now junked approprietly.

Fix VOPSec deadlocks should not occur anymore.

Fix Crash with level > 200 in SimpleMonster::OnHit().

Fix Client no longer freezes when connection is lost during "Loading, please wait" screen.

Fix Upon crashing, a box now gives the reason for the crash.

Fix Name of skeleton now appears *ABOVE* its head.

Fix Paging someone with no text tells the target user "<name> paged you" instead of USER ID NOT FOUND.

Fix Using <shift> and <ctrl> when attacking a user no longer crashes the client.

Fix In the past, attacking non-moving monsters and killing them did not display the attack move it does now.

Fix Typing text with multiple quotation marks no longer indents the text.

Fix Starting a sentence with a semi-colon () no longer prevents the message from being displayed.

Fix No more double or quad packets.

Fix Shouting with a string of periods (.....) no longer crashes all the clients currently online.

Fix Upon entering the game, objects no longer appear and disappear in sequence.

Fix Brigthness adjustments now work better.

Fix No more dead-monster-moving-attacking-getting up.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 12:42 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.53 (March 29th, 1999 - Internal release only)

New The following actions have been set to single-clicking instead of double-clicking: picking up objects, talking to NPCs and using objects (doors, chests, etc.). This does not include objects inside the backpack.

New Targetting lock-on is now optional (off by default). Option may be toggled in the escape menu.

Fix Monsters explosion problem partially fixed.

Fix Doors should no longer disappear for no apparent reason.

Fix Text should always appear atop a character's head when typed.

Fix Increased packet security for the "use" packet. This should fix several problems such as doors not opening, potions not drinking on command, etc..

Fix Players should no longer stay frozen after dying or teleporting.

Fix Invisible attacking monsters and players should no longer occur.

Fix Players are easier to target with healing spells.

Fix Increased targetting stability while holding CTRL to target a unit with spells.

Fix Changed shout message color for improved visibility.

Fix Initial quest letter no longer appears whenever a player teleports with 0 experience points.

Fix After killing a monster, starting to walk is now correct.

Fix Paging another user with a long line of text without any spaces no longer causes the client to crash.

Fix Moving and "farting" monsters/players are now fixed.

Fix Problem that would cause series of explosions when entering the game or teleporting.

Fix Dragging the mouse from a monster to another player no longer causes the player to attack him while not being in combat mode.

Fix improved PVP check for spell-casting. Some problems remain, but there should be considerably less.

Fix Changing the brightness in the escape menu instantly updates the screen with the new settings instead of 20-30 seconds later.

Fix Player characters should no longer start walking toward a monster when attempting to flee or cast a spell.

Fix Clicking on a door to open it from afar should now always work.

Fix Escape menu will now only open when no other box is active in the screen. If the escape key is pressed and another box remains active, it will be closed.

Fix "Creating character, please wait..." message now added in place of a black screen in the character creation process.

Fix Players can no longer make monsters explode from a distance.

Fix Players and monsters fighting each other no longer move to and from one tile adjacent to their fighting position.

Fix The spellbook now supports more than 4 pages of spells.

Fix Changed the visual effect for missing or out-of-sync objects due to confusion with spell effects.

Bug Skeleton's name appears under its feet.

Bug When paging someone with no text, it tells the target user "USER ID NOT FOUND."

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v0.52 (March 12th, 1999)

Fix A player can no longer get another player (problem in v49).

Fix Targetting improvement. If the PC has locked on a monster and a player is on top of the monster, the PC still attacks the monster, even if the PC is highlighted.

Fix When casting using the Ctrl key in melee, the PC now casts the last spell.

Fix Backpack is now centered upon popping up.

Fix People no longer appear naked when someone teleports in their area.

Fix If ISP.PCX file is missing or corrupted, the client no longer crashes.

Fix When attacking and holding the mouse button, the character no longer moves unless you release the button or move the cursor over a new opponent.

Design Notes

  • Most teleportation spots have been fixed on Raven's Dust.

Note The cavern entrance at 862,1864,0 appears to be an error. It has been removed on our map but it hasn't been updated.

  • Giant Wasp and Death Stinger now drops "wasp's wax" used in a Quest on Raven's Dust.

  • You can now visit the preliminary design of Volkara's town at (190,715,0) The NPCs have not been included yet, though. 

  • Numerous Quests have been added to Raven's Dust.

  • NPCs have been added to Raven's Dust.

    • King Theodore

    • (dead king) Theopold

    • Reynen Aspicdart

    • Bishop Crowbanner

Fix Bug that prevented some NPCs to deliver damages when attacking.

  • Numerous map bugs have been fixed in all three planes. Notably, the labyrinth in the 1st island has been fixed.

  • Caverns in Raven's Dust have been reviewed to remove most of the map bugs. Vircom's Alpha Testers are currently working on finding the remaining bugs.

  • Faulty chests on Raven's Dust have been re-located.

  • All the areas within Raven's Dust have been filled with monsters and mini-bosses.

  • NPC Corsair Magere has been renamed to Corsair Theowald in Raven's Dust.

  • Monsters' difficulty in Raven's Dust have been reviewed.

    • Delwobble now has a PF of 35

    • Death Chosen now has a PF of 40

    • Broken One now has a PF of 41

    • Vampire Bat now has a PF of 38

    • Acid Slime now has a PF of 36

    • Dead Bolt now has a PF of 55

    • Death Jester now has a PF of 39

    • Nightbreed now has a PF of 24

    • Demon Tree now has a PF (power factor) of 22

    • Blackguard now has a PF of 23

    • Flesh Eater now has a PF of 29

    • Sandworm now has a PF of 28

    • Rogue mage has a PF of 23

  • Added some minor mini-bosses in the 1st island such as Count Hemogoblin (goblin vampire), T-Bone the skeleton, etc..

  • The invasion of goblins in the 1st island relies on NPCs instead of normal monsters so they do not disappear immediately after being summoned. The quest's difficulty has also been slightly increased.

  • Monster pods have been removed near the main bosses in both islands to prevent lag.

  • The wall in the Castle of the King on Raven's Dust has been removed and allows access to the Castle's left wing.

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v0.50 (March 5th, 1999 - Internal release only)

Fix With modem play, doors now appear at the right place.

Fix Monster sliding has been fixed.

Fix Healing using the <ctrl> key works better.

Fix Fewer explosions.

Fix Pages and shouts no longer crash the client.

Fix HP display crash-related bug fixed.

Fix You can now get items which are under other units.

Fix Improved item fetching and usage.

Fix Stacked items now updated when PC moving away.

Bug When using Ctrl key to cast at short range, the PC attacks in melee instead of casting a spell.

Bug When someone enters an area, other people appear as naked until they move or micro-lag stops.

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v0.49 (March 2nd, 1999 - Internal release only)

New Putting # in from of a gameop command will forbid it from displaying (if an error is found in the command).

New Gameop commands allow gameop to become invisible in the user listing.

New GOD_TRUE_INVISIBILITY god flag allows gods to become fully invisible in game.

Fix You can now get items which are under other units.

Fix Improved item fetching and usage.

Fix Stacked items now updated when moving away.

Fix Dead monsters should stay dead (problem with spell instilled items).

Fix Monster no longer have explosive diarrhea.

Bug Some items/Player Characters/Monsters explode spontaneously during the game.

Bug Some pages and shouts can crash everyone's client.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 12:29 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.48 (March 2nd, 1999 - Internal release only)

New Added OnAttackHit spell hook and object spell triggers effects.

New OnlineUsers table added to user database. Lists currently online users.

New Super user will automatically get a set of gameop flags when logging on.

New T4C now only supports encrypted language files (.elng)

Fix Casting a spell on the dragon should no longer make it stop talking.

Fix Non-default radius accounting and authentication ports now supported.

Fix Sysop commands now take character case into account.

Fix You receive 'x' gold pieces! message when entering game should no longer appear.

Fix The amount of gold pieces should now always appear on piles of gold.

Fix Items with OnAttack instilled spells should no longer give twice death rewards.

Fix Paging now prioritizes using 'exact name'.

Fix Spells now show up when issuing a VIEW <user>'S SPELLS god command.

Fix Super user account now immune to squelch/silence/zap/lockout/remove gameop flags.

Fix Added license option 0001 (10 user limit).

Fix Targetting of all items revised.

Fix Improved spell targetting of monsters/players when they are close to one another.

Fix Dead Monster Standing has been resolved.

Fix Distance attacks from monsters has been fixed.

Fix It's now possible to cast spells on Balork.

Fix Spell targetting priority has been improved.

Fix Offensive spells can no longer affect the caster (suicide spell).

Fix Casting a spell on the dragon should no longer make it stop talking.

Fix You receive 'x' gold pieces! message when entering game should no longer appear.

Fix The amount of gold pieces should now always appear on piles of gold.

Fix Paging now prioritizes using 'exact name'.

Bug Monsters explode all the time!

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v0.47 (February 22nd, 1999)

Fix NPC Jarko would make the client crash

Fix Damage vs undead for healing spell removed since line-of-sight was no longer required (ie. could attack from behind wall/fence)

Fix Spell casted on wrong unit types no longer deduct damage.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 12:28 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.46 (Internal release only)

New God command "QUERY user'S POS" for querying a user's position

New Debugging information when a user casts a spell.

New Added performance counters for specific packet types and general networking.

New Non-self targetting type.

New Updated VOPSEC to implement RADIUS accounting (not tested yet)

Fix Quest items now given even if backpack full.

Fix Monster bosses shouldn't dissappear anymore when moving too far from their hive.

Fix Cannot equip two items of same type at same time.

Fix Better messages when not meeting reqs equipping an item.

Fix NPCs no longer leave their houses in Lighthaven.

Fix Targetting improved for attack spells (only attack monsters, unless you use Ctrl-C to be in PvP).

Fix Improved monster synchronization (less monster zooming).

Fix Monsters no longer become invisible.

Fix PCs can no longer inadvertently attack other PCs Ctrl-C is mandatory to attack other players.

Fix Monsters/NPCs with "gray mage" appearances can now be attacked.

Fix Dragon's outline has been fixed.

Fix Non-projectile spells (such as healing) no longer require line of sight.

Fix When the client crashes, the server should receive a message from the client to disconnect the character and avoid death by ghosting.

Fix All music decompression bugs have been fixed.

Tst Movement packet have been cut in half.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 12:16 View(s): 12 - Answer(s): 0
v0.45 (Internal release only)

New Movement system for monsters is better synchronized with the server.

New Monsters don't zoom, but they can charge (attack while running toward the victim).

New Added alpha-testing credits for highly dedicated testers (thanks!)

New Created many additional items/monsters/quests/NPCs for Raven's Dust (NOT AVAILABLE YET).

New On Arakas, new NPC created (Lance Silversmith).

New Arakas has a few new quests.

New Overarcing storyline completed on Arakas.

New Lighthaven is now completely no-PVP.

Fix Poison spell no longer crashes the client.

Fix Crashes shortly after entering the game are gone.

Fix "Staples" in caverns & Jarko's dungeon are gone.

Fix New torch graphics for dungeon walls.

Fix Chest in cavern walls have been fixed.

Fix Spells/Skills requirements are now totally ACCURATE!!!

Fix Targetting for spells has been improved.

Fix Spam/shouting problem has been fixed.

Fix When creating and cancelling a character, it no longer messes up the screen. (Beholder Bug)

Fix Proxy now supported.

Fix Distance attacks are fixed.

Fix Dead monster standing fixed (again)

Fix Help screen no longer crashes when exiting the game.

Fix Some objects hard to pick have been fixed. If you encounter objects that still have this problem, report them to

Fix The puppet should no longer be naked after teleporting.

Fix Music decompression no longer crashes the client if it can't be done properly, and gives an error message.

Fix Map bugs (smoothing, blocks in the way, etc.) fixed.

Bug When you have all the requirements for a spell or skill but not the skill points to buy it, the answer from the trainer is "okay, let's go."

Bug Cavern corners are still potentially messed up.

Design Notes

  • Character edits in NPCs (Jean):

    • Kalastor

    • Edgar

  • Fixes (ITC)

    • Orc Guardian's clan has been fixed.

    • Magical Snake's clan has been fixed.

    • Spells on Illusion Weaver added.

    • Reynen's chest (Rusted Key -> Rusted key)

    • Doom Guard Pod now pops monsters.

    • Theodore's brothers can not longer be attacked by other monsters

    • in the area. They will also defend themselves normally if threatened.

  • Character edits in Raven's Dust (ITC)

    • PM Theisser

    • Rondy

    • Brother #12 (had wrong coordinates)

  • Character edits in Lighthaven (ITC)

    • Geena

    • Murmuntag

    • Kalastor

  • Created a items that were missing in the server for compilation (ITC)

    • Potion of Ether

    • Cuthana Herb

  • Character edits in Arakas (Francis):

    • Dunikus Hornwind

    • Yrian Earthsong

  • Character edits in Lighthaven (Francis):

    • Araknor

    • Kilhiam

    • Lothan

    • Moonrock

    • Uranos

    • Twin Shovanis

    • Iraltok

  • Character edits in Windhowl (Francis):

    • Liurn Clar

    • Marsac Cred

  • Character edits in Raven's Dust (Francis):

    • Belagan

    • Nafuhr Bloodhammer

  • Converted Spell Teacher code for internationalization (Francis)

  • Updated NPC Trainer Info Sheet. (Francis)

  • Officially entered the Twelve Dead Princes (Brother1-12).

Note TOUGH puzzle (I hope). (Jean)

  • Quest for the Stolen Cutlass is completed. (ITC)
      NB: Pirate's Cutlass is an item that CANNOT be equiped and should stay that way.

  • Character Edits in Raven's Dust (ITC):

    • Captain Ironleg (quest)

    • Baldric Silverknife (quest)

  • Created additional flag (ITC):




  • The Three planes have been compiled into the Database. (ITC) 02/09/99

    • Temples are all Safe Havens.

    • The entire Town of LightHaven is a Safe Haven.

  • Created Jean's items. (ITC)

    • Royal Key 2

    • Royal Key 3

    • Royal Key 4

    • Royal Key 5

    • Royal Key 6

    • Letter to Jamar

    • Letter to Kalir

    • Book of Warfare

  • Mostly finished Royal Key #6 Quest (need "magic well" NPC) (Jean)

  • Character Edits in Raven's Dust (Jean):

    • Tobias

    • Celestina Waterbreeze

    • Mordrick Warstone

  • Reduced the amount of Pods around Zhakar's Tower and removed the Kraanian Workers from the 1st Level because of the monster lag it created. (ITC)

  • Created additional flag (Jean):



  • Monster Pods have been distributed in areas where they were missing. Middle section of Ravenwood, Prison under the Castle of Theodore XIII, Forest in front of Cave of Fear and Northern section of Ravenwood. (ITC)

  • 10 Chest Groups have been created (one locked with stone key) and have been distributed on all 3 planes. (ITC)

  • Monsters and NPC Bosses on Raven's Dust now drop items. (ITC)

  • Created new items: Skull cap, BloodThirst, Scarab of Protection, Stone Key, Orcish shield, Emerald Ring. (ITC)

  • The Dungeon under the Castle of King Theodore XIII has been modified into a small prison. Correctly linked to the world. (ITC)

  • Finished Royal Key #5 quest (Jean)

  • Character Edits in Raven's Dust (Francis):

    • Taliron (pasted price list)

    • Kiadus (pasted price list)

    • Rhodar Heatforge (pasted price list)

Fix the Scroll of Windhowl and Scroll of Silversky (Francis)

  • Finished Royal Key #4 quest (Jean)

  • Character Edits in Raven's Dust (Jean):

    • Thea

    • Bane Blackblood

    • Kalir

    • Jamar

    • Morindin Arrowmist

  • Character Edits in Arakas (Jean):

    • Liurn Clar

    • Moonrock

  • 38 faulty chests have been relocated. (supposed to be all fixed now) (ITC)

  • Completed the mob filling of the Lost Dungeon. (ITC)

Fix two cavern entrance, fixed a faulty teleport that prevented (ITC) users from coming back from Jarko's cave, Brownbark's cave no longer in the middle of the sea.

  • Filled Lord Bane's dungeon with monsters. (ITC) (Nightblade, Rogue Mages, Blackguards)

  • Filled the Crypt of the Specters (3 Levels) (ITC) (Flesh Eater, Wererat, Bandaged Horror, Skeleton Warlock, Shieking Horror)

  • Filled the Cave of Fear with monsters. (ITC) (Wererat, Vampire Bat, Death Chosen, Broken One)

  • Added the (cheap) smoothing fix on Raven's Dust. (ITC)

  • Spells have been distributed on the monsters and NPCs. (ITC + Francis)

  • Filled Cave of Illusions (ITC) (Illusion Weaver, Nightblade, Nightbreed)
      NB: Illusion Weaver summons 'fake' Illusion Weavers and Griroeshs)

  • Created a test NPC named PM for both lottery games. (ITC)

  • Added Goblin Quest (Invasion+Fever)

  • Character edits in Arakas (ITC):

    • Halam

    • Geena

    • Kalastor

    • Mushn

    • Murmuntag

    • The Lurker

    • (Dorken Rotsmell is the NPC monster)

  • New monsters: Bandaged Horror, Skeleton Warlock, Death Chosen, (ITC) Broken One, Vampire Bat, Illusion Weaver.

  • Finished Royal Key #3 quest (Jean)

  • Added file "NPC Trainer Info Sheet" in Designer Notes folder (Francis)

  • Character edits in Raven's Dust (Jean):

    • Terwin

    • Chamberlain Thomar

    • Elysana Blackrose

    • Zhakar

  • Created following flag(s) today (Jean):


  • Finished Royal Key #2 Quest (Jean)

  • Finished Royal Key #1 Quest (Jean)

  • Created following flags since 0.42b (Jean):












  • Character Edits/Creations in Lighthaven (Jean):

    • Lance Silversmith (new NPC)

    • Dragon

  • Character Edits/Creations in Raven's Dust (Jean):

    • Princess Delilah (new NPC)

    • Chamberlain Thomar (new NPC)

    • Twelve Dead Princes (12 new NPCs) Reynen Aspicdart (new NPC)
      Edits: Celydia + Adrelle + Belagan + Terwin

  • New Items (Jean):

    • Dagger of Wizardry

    • Cape of Protection

    • Scarab of Arcania

    • Blade of Sharpness

    • Reynen Chest

    • Reynen Key

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 11:02 View(s): 9 - Answer(s): 0
v0.44 (February 5th, 1999)

New T4C Watch now directly notified when server crashes.

New (Patch Server) Patches are logged inside patch server.

New Spell book has been centered

New Message displayed when fetching list of characters at logon

New New online help (on F1 key)

New Many new content (quests, NPCs & items) in Raven's dust

New Added a mini-jail at coord 2980,350,0 for nasty users

New Temple in Windhowl is now a safe haven free of pvp/pk

New Players can now choose which city they go to when they die (sanctuary)

Fix Specific spell targetting now active. (Target living, target object etc).

Fix T4C now supports accounts with quotes in their name.

Fix XP is updated when player dies.

Fix Music decompression with program like Norton Recycle Bin.

Fix Cloak & shield don't go through walls anymore

Fix CD music option can now differentiate between DATA and MUSIC CDs

Fix Torches on wall don't disappear anymore after a teleportation

Fix Doesn't crash while teleporting/switching dungeon

Fix Improved networking to recover from lost packets under load

Fix Darkfang, the dragon, was fixed

Fix Many NPCs & quest loop holes resolved

Fix Crashes should no longer occur during the 'Loading Please Wait' screen

Fix The AC bug that allowed users to cast (and re-cast) the protection spell on items is now fixed. (no more 400 AC bug)

Fix Small green spots in the houses have been fixed

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 10:53 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.43 (January 15th, 1999)

New Added sysop commands to edit elemental stats.

New Implemented collision checking when dropping an object.

New Ctrl-S now sends true stats apart from boosted stats.

New Lost connection detection w\ icmp.

New Added Light and Dark elements.

Fix Distant combat

Fix Chest send a 'too far' message when used from too far.

Fix HP outline updated when casting spell.

Fix Deleting a character updates the character list.

Fix Lighting updated when entering an area or when using radiance modifying spells.

Fix Character's sex is sent from client to server on character creation.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 10:52 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.34 to v0.42

Note Release notes not available

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 10:52 View(s): 5 - Answer(s): 0
v0.27b (December 8th, 1998)

New You can now control the Sound FX volume.

New You now ear a beep when paged.

New Now you can choose a Server by is name and not is domaine name.

New Hp/Mana/Xp now change color when it's decreasing.

Fix Clicking on a box (backpack, status) can no longer make the box dissapear.

Fix The - in the ESC box wasn't saving the music volume status.

Fix New Dungeon and Castle Wall.

Fix Picking object on the ground is now easy.

Fix The targetting system has been improved.

Fix The ESC menu now always appears when ESC is pressed.

Fix Skill can now be use.

Fix It's now possible to attack another player while he is casting a spell on himself.

Fix No problems with the ImageHLP.dll

Fix T4C Now support Left-handed mouse.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 10:51 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.25b (December 1st, 1998)

New The patch.exe file verifies all files are not corrupted before patching them.

New It is now possible to have multiple versions of the T4C client on multiple operating systems without causing conflicts (versions 0.25b and higher)

Fix Manifest now checks if a file is read-only before starting a patch.

Fix If a user's page option is off, anyone sending a page to that person now receives an unavailability message.

Fix The client now does memory allocation rather than checking free space on the hard disk; the error messages are also more user-friendly than before if a problem occurs.

Fix Multiple decompression of music now resolved (0.24b).

Fix Large packets don't cause crashes or freezes anymore (0.24b)

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 10:50 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.24b (November 30th, 1998)

Fix BKSOD (Black Knight Screen O' Death) freeze has been partially resolved.

Fix Missing file at install has been resolved and should reduce the amount of C++ runtime exceptions users are experiencing with the client.

Fix Black rectangle shadow problem resolved (from 0.23b).

Bug Music gets decompressed one more time after the patch.

Bug Transmission of large data packets can make the client freeze and/or crash.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 10:50 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.22b (November 28th, 1998)

New Some static objects (trees, fountains, etc.) now have shadows.

New This version have more debug informations, you may experience more lag, more harddisk access. This is necessary in order to fix all the freezing you are experiencing. Those debug info will be removed as soon as possible.

Fix Mouse cursor doesn't flicker anymore.

Fix A more accurate "hard disk left space checking" was implemented.

Fix Cursor now stays in finger form instead of a sword when overlapped with a monster and a system box (backpack, equipment, etc)

Bug Shadows are sometimes causing black rectangle to appear.

Bug Some freezes still occur at the (ex-) Black Knight screen ("BKSOD freeze")

Bug A file isn't created during the installation and leads to a C++ runtime exception.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 10:49 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.21b (November 26th, 1998)

Fix Highlighted text can now be recognized at night.

Fix Looping at patch 19 to 20 resolved.

Fix The "cancel" button of the "connect box" has been fixed.

Fix The "double-volume" error in the escape box has been corrected.

Fix The effect of "self" spells now works.

Fix Spells that appeared out of nowhere have now been fixed.

Fix Pages when multiple similar names exist now works fine. The syntax is now /"first name" <text>. The normal syntax applies as before for single names.

Fix The client now checks for sufficient hard disk space before performing operations.

Bug Monsters seem to attack from a distance. Also, There is still a zooming monster problem.

Bug Some freezing may occur after character death (naked, no movement, can exit game).

Bug The client freezes during the game from time to time.

Bug The client may freeze during the "Please wait while loading" screen at the beginning.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 10:49 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.20b (November 23rd, 1998)

New 2 new music tracks.

New Connect boxed revamped.

New Gold can be separated and dropped.

Fix Escape Box redrawn and corrected.

Fix Use skill has been fixed.

Fix Black Knight Screen of Death further fixed (and replaced by new art).

Fix Server no longer crashes in Stone of Life quest

Fix Server no longer crashes when 2-handed weapons are unequipped.

Bug Volume is written twice in the (revamped) Escape Box.

Bug Looping occurs for some users when loading 19to20.rtp (patch 19 to 20).

Bug The "Connecting to patch server" box is missing the top line of the "cancel" button.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 10:49 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.19b (November 22nd, 1998)

Fix Major backward patching problem fixed.

Bug "Use" button on skills occasionally defective.

Bug The effect of "self" spells doesn't work.

Bug Paging doesn't work if there are multiple similar names.

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 10:48 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.18b (November 20th, 1998)

Fix Patching no longer goes into a loop (15to16).

Fix Black Knight freeze resolved.

Fix Naked puppet bug fixed.

Fix Account fields corrected in connect box.

Fix Some (if not all) of the random connection losses have been fixed.

Fix Cancel button bug (0.17b) has been fixed.

Bug Backward patching needs to be fixed.

Bug If there isn't enough space on the hard disk, the client may crash (C++ runtime exception).

Posted by The Team On 2024-02-09 at 10:48 View(s): 1 - Answer(s): 0
v0.17b (November 18th, 1998)

Fix Monsters's animation now displays attack normally.

Fix Chainmail clone problem fixed.

Fix Slash & gurgle bug fixed.

Fix Sell items bug fixed.

Bug Client freezes at Black Knight screen.

Bug At first glance, immobile puppets appear naked on the screen.

Bug Choppy music on lower-end machines.

Bug Connect box contains two "account" fields.

Bug Random connection losses.

Bug Cancel button in connect box makes client crash.

Bug Patch from 16 to 17 sometimes goes into a loop.

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v0.16b (November 18th, 1998)

New Puppet system is now implemented. Only the male puppet is available right now.

Fix Call Lightning Bug is fixed.

Fix Sell Item bug is fixed (old bug).

Fix Character appearance switching fixed.

Fix Some C++ runtime errors have been fixed.

Fix Music decompression bug fixed.

Fix Auto-patch now detects for available space on user's hard disk.

Bug Monsters look like the don't attack (animation problem).

Bug Human arms overlap chainmail arms (chainmail clone problem).

Bug Sound effect problem (slash & gurgle bug).

Bug Selling items makes server crash.

Bug Server crashes in the Stone of Life quest.

Bug Unequipping 2-handed weapons crashes server.

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v0.15b (November 17th, 1998)

Fix Patch can be installed if music hasn't been decompressed.

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New Music is now working (4 tracks).

Fix Crashes have been reduced.

Fix Menus have been changed and improved (mouse support).

Fix Question Male/Female asked at character creation (doesn't affect puppet & appearance yet).

Fix Patch client has been improved (better dialog boxes) and gives more messages to users.

Fix Patch client now accepts downward patching (version 14 to 13, for instance, although that's not available yet).

Fix Patch client makes successive patches (no longer requires exiting the client for every patch).

Fix Major crash bug fixed in server.

Fix Install now grays out server in "locked" licensees versions of the client.

Bug Male/Female data isn't saved to server (to be fixed in version 0.15b).

Bug Some sound effects may be missing.

Bug Auto-patch doesn't detect for available space on the user's hard disk.

Bug Music decompresses every time the game is started.

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Fix Some client crashes have been improved (horse problem).

Fix The client now fetches the patches from the server listed in the servlist.txt file.

Bug Some crashes remain in the dungeons.

Bug Characters create a character, get an appearance, and can re-enter the game with another appearance later on.

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New Character creation has been redone.

New Monsters can now cast spells.

Fix Several bugs that caused the client to crash have been resolved.

Fix Gameplay has been improved (again).

Fix Frame rate for the client has been improved.

Fix The experience chart has been changed.

Fix Auto-retaliate has been fixed.

Fix Some items are easier to pick up.

Fix Some outline problems have been fixed.

Bug Horses attack and cause client crashes. Avoid attacking horses.

Bug The client auto-patches to Vircom's site even if the servlist.txt file points somewhere else.

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New Graphics for Ctrl-L box have been changed/improved to fit with the other standard dialog box graphics.

Fix Training now works.

Fix Some of the bugs that caused the client to crash in the dungeon under the church in Lighthaven have been solved.

Fix Attacking the antelope no longer crashes the client.

Fix Clicking on brightness doesn't make the client crash anymore.

Bug Auto-retaliate affects the attacker and the partners indiscriminately.

Bug Some items are hard to pick up.

Bug Some item/monsters have inaccurate select outlines.

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New Additional debug and logging features to help resolve crashes.

Fix Thief & Priest have been fixed (character creation).

Fix Teleport from brigand cave fixed.

Fix Bridge graphics have been fixed.

Bug Client crashes unexpectedly, often in the dungeons under the church.

Bug "Dead Monster Standing" bug is back.

Bug Training doesn't work

Bug Attacking the antelope makes the client crash.

Bug Several patching & logging bugs prevent users from accessing the game.

Bug Clicking on the brightness button makes the client crash.

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New Packet transmission has been rewritten to eliminate packet loss. Should also eliminate several crashes and make the game more stable.

New Puppet has been implemented for game designers--if you see one, don't panic!

New More NPCs (including the online help Samaritans in each town), more quests, more storyline, more real estate, more monster graphics.

New You can now lose a percentage of your items when you die.

New New character creation interface partially implemented.

Fix Page now works for receivers whose name has two words or more.

Fix Mouse problem partially fixed.

Fix Torches and lighting effect improved.

Fix Solved part of the "black screen" problem when entering the game.

Fix Oversized packets don't make the game crash anymore.

Fix Dead Monster Standing gone.

Fix Alt-Tab works better.

Fix Language.txt file now auto-patches properly.

Fix Auto-retaliation (ctrl-c) activates when PC is attacked.

Fix Double-clicking on the character at character select doesn't crash the client anymore.

Fix Exiting the game no longer generates a crash report for crash monitoring programs.

Fix Double-clicking on a spell in the spell book now casts that spell.

Fix The auto-patch system doesn't crash if a new manual happens to be in the T4C folder.

Fix Monster diagonal movement now looks better.

Fix Cavern entrances are now easier to enter. Blocking inside the caverns has also been improved.

Fix Server's user cap can now be bypassed by privileged users.

Fix Dialog windows now light up the screen when opened at night, to help users read or locate items in their backpack.

Fix Right-clicking on the ESC Option Box doesn't crash the client anymore.

Fix Level Up problem fixed.

Bug Odd items may litter the land and the dungeons.

Bug Thief & Priest are swapped at character creation.

Bug Teleport from brigand camp teleports into water.

Bug Bridges look like fragments of castle walls (don't ask).

Bug Character creation only has partial mouse support.

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Fix Now that torches work properly, darkness in the dungeons has been reduced to reflect a more realistic environment.

Fix Monsters scream again when wounded

Fix Outline of monsters properly updated when they are hurt.

Fix Healing spells now work properly.

Fix Page now functions properly.

Fix The game must start with T4C.EXE. GAME.EXE no longer starts the client alone. PATCH.EXE no longer does it either.

Fix "Macro" button in spellbook no longer crashes the client.

Fix Right-clicking in a box doesn't crash/eject the client

Fix In a dark dungeon, the brightness returns to normal when a dialog box is open (such as the inventory). This is a temporary fix.

Fix Maximum brightness has been reduced to 7; higher values messed up the color palette.

Fix The "Save password" feature doesn't bug anymore. This requires a reset of some of the users's passwords.

Fix MOTD no longer contains garbage at the end of the text.

Fix Stats mix-up has been corrected.

Bug Page doesn't work for receivers with two-word names (ex: "Lord X").

Bug Double-clicking on the character at character select screen causes client to crash.

Bug Exiting the game generated a crash report for crash monitoring software (First Aid, for instance).

Bug Double-clicking on a spell in the spell book doesn't cast that spell.

Bug Downloading a new manual from the web and installing it in the T4C directory causes the auto-patch to crash.

Bug The software doesn't always tell the user when he's gone up a level.

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Note To connect, make sure you select the right server in the connect box: Use your old account name and your old password.

Note The font " Be______.ttf" must be removed from your system prior to the installation of this software. Your operating system instruction manual should provide you with the appropriate command to remove this font.

New MOTD now active.

New Page/shout toggle now active in the <esc> option menu.

New Triangle in NPC texts now indicates that the text continues beyond what is currently displayed.

Fix Computer rejection no longer occurs if (after using alt-tab) user is busy for a long time outside the game.

Fix Error messages during connection have been improved.

Fix Mana bar now updates automatically. No longer requires ctrl-S

Fix Monsters now make their sound effect when they are attacked.

Fix More error messages available in the game (connection with server lost, etc.).

Fix Negative XP black bar now displays.

Fix No more client crash with zap

Fix No more doubling of the frame rate in some cases

Fix NPC speeches that are longer than 3 lines now end with a small triangle to indicate that the text continues.

Fix One of the multiple random crashes has been resolved.

Fix Page bug fixed.

Fix Players in negative XPs (below the XPs required for the level they're at) can now gain XPs from hitting monsters.

Fix Shout can no longer be done if shout toggle is at off. Gives error message to the user. Same thing with page.

Fix Smoothing of the borders between shore and water done.

Fix The cast button now works in the spellbook.

Fix When holding ctrl, left-clicking casts the last spell without moving (formerly done by pressing simultaneously shift + F3).

Bug No sound when monsters are wounded.

Bug Brightness in high values messes up the color palette.

Bug Some passwords are not properly saved with the "Save password" feature.

Bug The darkness in dungeons prevents users from searching their backpack to find the torch that will give them the light they need.

Bug Four stats have been inverted between the creation menu and the Ctrl-S panel in the game.

Bug Users who downloaded version 5.04b cannot see the triangle (mentioned below) in the NPC texts.

Bug Healing spells make surrounding clients crash (but not the client itself).

Bug Right-clicking in a box can make the client crash or terminate unexpectedly.

Bug Page doesn't work as planned.

Bug "Macro" button in the spellbook makes the client crash if the spellbook is empty.

Bug MOTD contains some garbage at the end of the text.

Bug Users can start the game with the file GAME.EXE, which bypasses the auto-patch feature.

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New Additional quests.

New Downward version compatibility, so that clients that are of a later version than the server can retrograde to an earlier, more compatible version.

New Spells added: Fire Dart, Flaming Arrow, Fire Bolt, Fireball, Poison, Ice Shard, Poison Arrow, Ice Bolt, Dust Devil, Lightning Bolt, Word of Recall, Call Lightning, Heal Light, Heal Serious, Heal Critical and Stone Shard).

New Some NPCs can now teach spells to players.

New Mana can be regenerated.

Fix Auto-patch feature further improved.

Bug Negative XP bar does not show on the display.

Bug When in negative XP, a character no longer receives XPs when hitting a monster. They only get XPs from killing the monster.

Bug Monsters do not make noise when attacked.

Bug The buttons in the spellbook do not work

Bug The +/- buttons in the buy/sell dialog boxes do not do anything yet.

Bug The health/mana/experience bars are not always refreshed properly; use ctrl-s frequently to ensure that they are.

Bug The outline of monsters hit by spells is not updated when they take magical damage; hit them manually to artificially update it.

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Fix Auto-patch feature improved.

Fix Map blocking has been fixed.

Fix Double-clicking on the spellbook no longer causes crashes.

Fix Items in the backpack can now be identified with a right-click.

Fix Jarko's corpse has been fixed.

Fix The F4 fireball discharge no longer occurs.

Bug The auto-patch feature doesn't work as planned.

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New Paging is available (syntax: /<name> <message>).

New Rudimentary auto-patch feature implemented.

New Some spells have been implemented visually, but cannot be used by players.

New Several new graphics have been implemented, such as water, but edges with shores haven't been smoothed yet.

Fix The corpse is empty" bug has been fixed.

Fix Multiple clicking on chests doesn't yield additional items anymore.

Fix Shouting now displays up to five successive lines of shouts/pages.

Fix Some new dialog boxes have been changed to a lighter color, making them more legible.

Fix Some of the client crashes have been fixed.

Fix System messages (chests and others) now appear at the bottom of the screen and scroll up, preventing the overlapping problem encountered previously.

Fix The alt-tab command works fine on Windows NT 4.0, but still has problems with other platforms.

Fix The gameplay has been improved to reduce excessive movement and to improve selection of items and enemies.

Fix The monsters's death animation is complete and uninterrupted.

Fix The status bars are now permanently displayed on the screen and there is no more need to press the spacebar to call them.

Fix The stutter bug has been partially resolved, although it still occurs occasionally.

Bug A discrepancy in the map causes blocking to occur in the middle of flat, open areas.

Bug A rare bug allows the same account to connect twice, and the shadow character follows the main one for a while before re-merging with it.

Bug Double-clicking on the spellbook sometimes causes crashes.

Bug Items in the backpack cannot display their names when clicked.

Bug Jarko's corpse needs to be retouched.

Bug Sell dialog box doesn't pop up when there are too many items in the backpack.

Bug The client crashes if the player is zapped by the server or by a game-op.

Bug The F4 key discharges a fireball effect.

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Note This version has no spells or skills (except some combat skills).

Note No auto-patch feature yet.

Note No music has been implemented yet.

Note No ranged weapons yet.

Note No puppets yet.

Note No shadows yet.

Note No macros yet.

Bug Chests/doors can be picked up.

Bug Green dialog boxes are hard to read, especially at night.

Bug Multiple chest messages sometimes overlap.

Bug Multiple clicking on chests yields additional items, even before respawn.

Bug Potions of mana heal HP instead of magic points since magic is not available yet.

Bug Purchasing bulk items can cause the client to crash, but still performs the transaction.

Bug Rapid clicking on chickens and other foods can result in complete healing of a character.

Bug Selecting objects behind NPCs is sometimes difficult.

Bug Several computers can experience crashes upon startup.

Bug Shouting works, paging doesn't.

Bug Some dead monsters remain standing (incomplete death animation sequence).

Bug Some monsters appear to zoom to attack players.

Bug Some torches have not been put on dungeon walls.

Bug Stutter bug flashes text and flips character randomly in some situations.

Bug The <J>oke command is still there, but has no jokes to tell.

Bug The alt-tab command is defective on all platforms.

Bug The client is prone to random crashes.

Bug The dragon is cut by a vertical green line when selected and partially out of the screen (left).

Bug The mouse does not work on some computers.

Bug The movement of player characters is sometimes excessive; the character can move for several seconds before stopping, even if the user does nothing.

Bug The positions of items in backpack are not saved.

Bug There are problems with boosted stats; removing Item A modifies stats as if Items A and B had been removed.

Bug There are some blocking problems in the dungeons and around cave entrances.

Bug When clicking on a corpse near an empty chest, the message "The corpse is empty" appears.

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