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Discover the captivating story of T4C Development and its determined team striving to redefine the gaming experience.

Join us as we shape the future of The 4th Coming together, with significant enhancements and a modern vision, while preserving the classic spirit that has captivated players for years.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and join us on this exciting adventure!

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Important Announcement

⚠️ Warning ⚠️: Abomination will be shut down and wiped on 07/26/2024. πŸ—“οΈ

πŸ”œ We will post more information about the new settings and release date at a later time. Stay tuned for updates! πŸ”§πŸ†•

Thank you for your understanding, and see you soon for more news! πŸš€

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Exciting Development News!

Since mid-January 2024, we have enthusiastically resumed the development of T4C! The project no longer has a specific name, as abbreviations of all kinds are now unnecessary. πŸš€

To follow the project's progress, there is only one URL to remember: https://dev.t4c.com/. 🌐

πŸ› οΈ Over the past few months, we have worked intensively on the client to make it much more stable than before, and many bugs have been fixed. However, further corrections will also require significant modifications to the server.

✨ That's why we have decided to release the first version of the client in development within a few weeks, so players can benefit from the latest fixes.

πŸ§ͺ Next, Abomination will become a public test server where the next versions of the game in development will be updated in real-time (this will likely involve wipes from time to time). The Abomination server will also be adjusted for simplified settings: faster leveling, fewer item losses, etc.

This will allow players to progress quickly and report any remaining issues so we can resolve them as much as possible.

🎨 After this crucial phase, we will start exploring possibilities for the graphics engine and implementing new visual content. But all these new features will be added once the game is finally stable.

πŸ™ We greatly thank all the participants in the numerous tests. Your help is invaluable in improving the game! πŸ’ͺ

Join us and follow our journey! 🌟

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Significant Progress in Client Development: Stability Improvements and

Hello everyone,

We are excited to share significant progress on our client development. As of now, only a handful of warnings remain in the code (~130), with the majority having been addressed through an extensive rewrite of the functionalities.

These efforts aim to maximize the stability of our client. Test results show notable improvements, indicating that we are moving in the right direction, although we have not yet achieved complete satisfaction.

We remain committed to continuing our work to ensure an optimal user experience.

Crashes appear to have been resolved, and we hope that the newly conducted tests on this version of the client will confirm that lags after long, intensive gaming sessions (over 2 hours) no longer occur.

Thank you for your continued support and patience during this development period.

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Progress Update

Three weeks ago, we informed you of a 15-day extension for client testing. We have successfully met this deadline, as one week ago, we initiated the tests with a larger team of testers.

This team has fully committed to their work and has identified bugs, thereby contributing to the enhancement of the product quality.

As I write these lines, there are still some minor corrections to be made to the DDAs, as well as the most concerning issue: the infamous black screen. The random nature of this bug, along with the difficulty in reproducing it, makes the debugging process very complex. The team is fully focused on this matter. We do not want to repeat past mistakes and prefer to address known issues before seeking validation from Dialsoft for the client release.

The bugs that will persist at the moment are those related to the server, which will be the team's next priority. However, before making any server code changes, we need to ensure that all server operating teams can continue to function with the work we are undertaking. We will dedicate time to assist the teams in this migration without hindering their development.

We will strive to keep you informed more regularly about the progress of the various projects.

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T4C Next renamed

In order to definitively clarify the old projects and avoid any confusion among the Discord members, the name T4C Next is being removed. It will simply be replaced by T4C.

The presence of names such as T4C-Dev, T4C Next, T4C Mouse, T4C Mestoph, MT4C, ... is completely unnecessary and prone to confusion among the members.

It is not uncommon to notice that some members of this Discord server confuse the old projects or less serious projects with what is currently underway.

The T4C Next website will also be renamed shortly. Regarding the domain, I have asked Mouse to create dev.t4c.com and next.t4c.com will remain as a redirection to dev.t4c.com.

As a reminder, the old projects have been abandoned. The purpose of the project is to modernize the T4C game and to have all the necessary tools for the various innovations that will be integrated into the game in the future.

So... Farewell T4C Next and Long Live T4C!

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Testing Progress, Stability Concerns, and Personal Insights

Testing Period and Status Update

The 15-day testing period will end on Sunday. Here's a brief progress update: Since Mestoph's latest fixes, testers have exclusively been using AlthΓ©a with this new client. Feedback has been positive, and very few new bugs have been reported. The last reported bug dates back to Monday.

Stability and Extension of the Testing Period

However, a stability issue persists: a client crash whose cause is difficult to identify. Testers are intensifying their efforts to pinpoint the causes of this crash. This issue forces us to postpone the originally scheduled end date of the test to Sunday. We prefer to extend this testing period by 15 days to address these remaining known issues.

A Personal Message

For this first publication on my behalf, I wanted to address you with a slightly more personal message. Most of you may not know me or have never heard of this pseudonym. I used to be a player on GOA (like many others) on Feyd-Ehlan, where I had some excellent moments. Like many, I was captivated by the richness of the game, and although the graphics weren't spectacularly 3D, the gameplay and building possibilities remain unique in the realm of video games.

This gaming experience inspired me to make it my profession, and here I am, a developer for a few years now. A few years ago, nostalgia for T4C led me to wander around MΓ©moria and then Neerya. What drives me today is to develop and improve things. Given that the development team prioritizes total transparency, I wanted to do the same. I had already tried to contribute to T4C in 2004/2005, but unfortunately, the experience I had with the team in place at the time didn't allow me to bring what I had hoped for. I'm not judging anyone by saying this; I'm simply sharing my feelings.

For a few weeks now, I've come across this updated website and the posts of a developer whom I knew by reputation. Their enthusiasm and the sharing of ongoing work have instilled in me a real passion for this project, led by a team that starts from scratch and doesn't just think about its own promotion. I contacted them via private message, we were able to exchange, and today I'm given the chance to prove myself to help this amazing team and the server development teams.

You may not realize the amount of work that has been done by the development team over the past few weeks. The foundations have been revisited on the client to start afresh. For example, a bug with checkboxes revealed code issues that required an 80% recoding to ensure everything now works correctly and optimally (within the limits of the graphics engine, of course). We commit to keeping you informed of the progress of the work as often as possible.

See you soon!

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Bug Tracker

We're pleased to announce that a new bug tracker has been launched.

For those of you experiencing difficulties with using a bug tracker, you can still use the tickets.

Visit the following link to access the new bug tracker: Here

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T4C Next welcomes Cetrix!

T4C Next staff happily welcome Cetrix to the team !

We look forward to working with Cetrix as we bring about the next generation of T4C!

He will bring his experience to help us for T4C ! Stay tuned guys!

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v1.80 is now live on Abomination & 4th Saga!

4th Saga and Abomination are now updated to v1.80 by T4C Next!
Neerya and Realmud will follow as soon as possible.

Soon, we will give you french and english installer here for v1.80 if you want a fresh install. But you can just wait update on your server and just start with webpatch. It would work too.

If you want to ask for bug fix, you can do it on our discord >> channel : support-report-bugs-here or you can use forum too here: T4C Next Chapter – bugs forum.

Stay tuned for more details!

Thanks you,

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New forum!

Welcome to our new forum! After a private use for T4C Next Team / Developpers and Servers HGM, we decided to open it to public.

We created for now 2 forums. We will give you more if needed for the future.

You can find the button link to the forum on the header.

Use it as more as you can. No team gave you this possibility before us!

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New gallery page

Welcome to our new gallery page! We will drop all our movies on it.

A screenshot page will come soon too. Stay tuned!

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We are now official!

From now, 05/19/2020, T4C Next is now open to public viewing!

Stay tuned and take a look at our work from time to time. We will patch the lives servers as soon as possible with some bugs fixes and some new features.

On the client, only the logo will change for now, while we keep working on the new client.

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T4C Next welcomes Pixel!

The T4C Next team happily welcomes Pixel to the team.

He will work on our bug tracker and test our new features / bug fixes.

We look forward to working with Pixel as we bring about the next generation of T4C!

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T4C Next welcomes Genie!

The T4C Next team happily welcomes Genie to the team!

Genie will be working with us to ensure client and server security.

(He will continue to work on Neerya as developper).

We look forward to working with Genie as we bring about the next generation of T4C!

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All systems go!

Dialsoft is proud to announce the next stage in T4C Development! T4C Next is on its way!

Stay tuned for exciting news directly from the development team working on this project!

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