v1.81 revision 4 – Official Dialsoft Release

Bugs fix from v1.81 rev3 and new features.

v1.81 - rev4
  • 2 years ago Add You can now double-click an item to move it from your inventory to your personal, guild and family chest, or the other way around ;
  • 2 years ago Add Added shift-click on all actions to prevent unintended movement ;
  • 2 years ago Add Double-clicking an equipped item will unequip it ;
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed the horizontal resize cursor for the chat log window ;
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed damage over time to not deal damage in safe haven ;
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed spells on ground with ctrl held (now repeat cast as intended) ;
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed crash at the end of the loading screen ;
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed list chests gold update when withdrawing all the gold ;
  • 2 years ago Update Stun Blow's chances of success are now tied to a linear correlation between your level and your target's level, instead of a hard ;
  • 2 years ago Update You can now double click directly on the gold display to withdraw it ;
  • 2 years ago Update Shift-clicking to melee attack will prevent you from moving if the target moves ;
  • 2 years ago Update Increased max gold (int 64bits) ;
  • 2 years ago Update Useless items like chairs won't appear on the minimap anymore ;
  • 2 years ago Update XP percentage now displays 2 decimals ;
  • 2 years ago Update Group members have a lower priority, and cannot be targetted if combat mode (ctrl-c) is activated ;
  • 2 years ago Removed Removed blue markers on the minimap for spells and arrows ;
  • 2 years ago Removed Removed some useless stuff that was bloating the client size.


  1. i see 28 people on I have been trying to get on and can’t. It updates but wont down load; i have seen different people get and log off for couple hours know.
    any help would be appreciated .

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